Friday, March 14, 2008

What "Cease Fire?"

Over 20 Kassams pound w. Negev

Just a day or two ago, the media was filled with happy citizens of Sderot celebrating the opportunity to wander freely and let children play outside in playgrounds. The "lull" didn't last very long. Just long enough for the Arab terrorists to resume their attacks with added vigor.

Alan Dershowitz, the well-known lawyer writes that it is time for Israel to take off its gloves, since no law prevents us from defending ourselves:

Article 51 of the United Nations Charter guarantees its members "the inherent right to...individual self defense" against "an armed attack." In January 2006, Hamas was elected to govern the Palestinian Authority. After Israel ended its occupation of Gaza and removed all of its settlers, Hamas threw the Palestinian Authority out of the Gaza and assumed de facto as well as de jure control over the entire Gaza Strip. Its leaders then instructed its military wing to direct rockets at civilian targets in southern Israel. At first these rockets were Kassams with a relatively short range. Now they include Katyushas, which can reach Israel's large cities, including Ashkelon, with its population of 120,000 civilians. Hamas has officially declared that its policy is to develop or smuggle even longer range missiles capable of reaching Israel's largest city Tel Aviv and its lifeblood, Ben Gurion Airport. It has promised to keep aiming its missiles at civilian targets until the Jewish state is finally destroyed.

If this is not an "armed attack" under Article 51, then I don't know what is. The only argument against it being an armed attack is that rocketing civilian population centers, as Hamas is doing, is a war-crime. International law prohibits, even during a declared war, the deliberate targeting of civilians or the bombing of areas of civilian population centers with absolutely no military significance. But war-crimes may also constitute an armed attack: Hitler's invasion of Poland was both, as the Nuremberg Tribunal determined. If anything, an armed attack that is also a war crime justifies the right of self-defense even more than a mere armed attack. (complete article here)
What is preventing Israel from destroying the Arab terrorists??

And what is Israel doing instead? Humanitarian Assistance to Gaza Today What for? The civilians support the terrorists. Has anyone heard of any protests? No. That means that the Israeli government is supporting those who want us destroyed. We need a totally new government!! NOW!

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