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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Israeli Democracy? Justice? Are You Confused?

Let's start with the easy stuff.

What's Democracy?

I decided to "printscreen" what professor google says about democracy,
so you can trust that I didn't edit/distort the meaning

There's nothing about Right/Left or Conservative/Liberal. It's in the numbers.

Democracy is broadly understood to mean ‘rule by the people’. In practice, it is often defined as people choosing their leaders in free and fair elections. 

Our World in Data

Democracy means that the country's leadership isn't decided in the street.

There are elections.

A democratic government is not chosen by who makes the loudest, most annoying and dangerous demonstrations. Nor does it give priority to people shouting in the street over legal elections.

Now, back to what has been going on in Israel. In the past half a decade plus, we've had multiple elections that ended without a new ruling coalition, and we haven't had a coalition/government that lasted its full term. 

Political parties which had dominated and ruled during the first few decades of the country no longer receive enough votes to be in the Knesset or if they are in, they are anorexic shadows of what they once were. This has been difficult for their supporters to accept. They and their parents, and in some cases grandparents, never liked the Netanyahu family, and they like the Revisionist founders of Herut/Likud even less. This is what is behind the irrational hatred of Binyamin Netanyahu. Remember that the demonstrations had actually begun during Netanyahu's previous terms as Prime Minister. 

We can't ignore the trials against Netanyahu. Even though years and much too much money have been invested in trying to convict him, the chances are nil. That's because they're trumped up charges, to put it mildly. Please ignore the unintended pun. If Bibi was really guilty of corruption, then it wouldn't have been hard to convict him, since the judges don't like him. 

To sum it up, the "anyone but Bibi" movement, along with the anti-Judicial Reform has nothing to do with his competence or honesty. It's the fading Left's attempt to override democratic elections and rule by street mobs with the help of the Leftist Supreme Court Judges.

Yes, the truth is that the opposition are those who are antidemocracy!

Monday, September 4, 2023

About That Golda Movie and American Friendship sic


photo taken in Yad Veshem
בכל דור ודור
In every generation

I understand that many viewers think it's like a documentary. 

We had made aliyah three years before the war and were living in Bayit Vegan at the time. 

It didn't take me long to be very suspicious of the Americans, especially Kissinger. Time has only strengthened these feelings. 

Does the movie show Golda asking Kissinger why the Americans told Israel that there was nothing to worry about, when there had been unusual activity on the Egyptian front? She should have asked Kissinger, and she shouldn't have been so naïve as to trust him. 

Nixon sent him, knowing that Kissinger could easily con the Israelis. This is what I've suspected ever since the war was going on. 

Around thirty years ago, an old friend called from the states and told me that a friend of hers had been in the American Army in 1973. That August he was stationed in Germany and they were suddenly confined to base. Later on they were given desert equipment, still confined to base. Only after Israel miraculously and unexpectedly defeated the Arabs, their status changed. That really made me think that something stank.

Bruce Brill's book, Deceit of an Ally, only confirmed my suspicions. I highly recommend that you read Brill's book, his memoirs of the the Yom Kippur War while working for American National Security Agency (NSA.) 

Every time I hear an Israeli Government official or some commentator blithely state that America is Israel's closest ally, friend, etcetera, all I can think is with friends like that we don't need enemies.

I remember the 1967 Six Days War well and have studied Israel's earlier history. It's very clear that our greatest victories were without any human or diplomatic help. It was very obvious and clear to me in 1967 that The USA was happy to stay on the sidelines, dumb--meaning mute--not saying a word against the countries trying to destroy Israel. And in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War, the USA was trying to create a military stalemate and get Israel to beg to become a protectorate. Kissinger was then slated to be the first "caretaker," military governor or whatever they or he had been planning to call the position. 

And about recent decades, please don't tell me that America gives Israel "aid." It gives Israel BUY IN AMERICA shopping coupons. which strengthen (subsidizes) American military industries and cripples/restricts Israel's. There are all sorts of "strings" connected to these gifts. The IDF Israel Defense Forces has become a sort of drug addict, addicted and dependent on these American products instead of producing and marketing our own. Even worse, our brilliant technology is used by the Americans which they use to control us.

Please think about it. Maybe I sound crazy, but as it's said:

Even paranoids can have enemies!