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Saturday, April 6, 2024

Hamas/Gaza War Musings #21: Bibi, If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen!!

This photo of PM Netanyahu was taken by me at the
First International Jewish Bloggers Conference in 2008.

The elephant in the room, giant, angry and potentially violent, is the fact that despite the mindless mantra we keep hearing, America is not Israel's greatest friend and ally. It's neither our friend nor ally. The true and most dangerous MISCONCEPTION, which Israelis call "conceptzia" is this faux friendship. Consecutive Israeli governments for well over half a century have been hypnotizing themselves with this mantra.

History has shown Americans to be deceitful, and Israeli officials are so desperate, like many damaged from abuse, they ignore the truth. Way back when, just over fifty years ago, during the Yom Kippur War I followed the news and felt that something was wrong in how America was trying to control Israel and force it into a "draw" as it fought for its existance on two fronts after dual surprise attacks. I didn't hear this voiced on the news or in the papers, but I felt it in my "kishkes." Then a few years later I met Bruce Brill and he told me his story. He had been employed by the NSA in 1973 and discovered that the USA knew well about the upcoming Arab attacks, but told Israel that nothing was happening. Bruce tells his story in Deceit of an Ally: A Memoir of Military Anti-Semitism, NSA’s Secret Jew Room and Yom Kippur War Treachery.

Here we are a full half a century later again fighting a war for our very survival, and again it's clear to me that there's American involvement. Why else would they have a detailed plan for "afterwards?" They have made it clear that they will establish a Palestinian State in Israel, and they are putting pressure on Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu to stop fighting ASAP. 

Unfortunately, Bibi seems terrified of calling a spade a spade and telling the Americans NO!! Instead he keeps buckling down and begging. 

Please don't say that we get "aid from the Americans." The truth is that we get shopping coupons to use in American military industries, and now Biden, (and his staff because it's no secret that his government is controlled by extreme Left anti-Israel ideologues,) has made it clear that if Israel doesn't follow American orders, no arms. Other counties and groups, like Ukraine and Gaza actually get money. Yes, the USA also supports Gaza. 

And about those weapons Israel is allowed to buy, some are Israeli inventions or "tweaks" aka improvements on the original American designs, which make them more effective. Also some of what we need from America are necessary parts for what we produce in Israel. And considering that Netanyahu has been Prime Minister for most of the past twenty years, he's the one responsible for this dependence.

It's also clear that Bibi had instructions from the USA about who can be in the War Cabinet, because these are the "military leaders" influenced/trained by the Americans. Ditto about what I said about Bibi's responsibility for the mess we're in having been Prime Minister for most of the past twenty years, the same can be said for those he added to the war cabinet. They controlled the IDF during that same time, Gallant, Gantz and Eizenkot. 

Why has Bibi agreed to the unprecedented feeding of the enemy during wartime? There's no chance that Hamas will ever surrender if their civilian backers are well-fed. That's the ABC of warfare. 

Why are we warning Gazans before we bomb? That's not how you win a war!

Does Bibi have the guts to fight to win? So far he doesn't show it. Words don't count, only actions!
Bibi, If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen!!


Anonymous said...

Well said Batya.

Also, if I am not mistaken, the Jews are a nation that dwell alone. Hashem is the one they must look to, and no one else, least of all the USA, or anyone else.

And Bibi, should keep food for his own people, not send food to those who like gaazee-ans come to kill Jews, who are Gd's Chosen.

Hashem help and keep you all safe in your homeland.

All others who are not Jews, should go back to their own countries. Which includes the christians, and other non-Jewish people.

Hashem bless and keep you all safe, under H-s protection. Amen.


Batya said...

a-nony, thank you very much. Gd won't step in to help while Bibi and all are worshipping the USA.

Netivotgirl said...

Bravo! Well written Batya. I have posted several times quoting the pasuk that the Jews are a nation that dwell alone: "עם לבדד ישכון." America is definitely not our ally and Biden is a snake. I do believe that we need armaments from abroad as we simply do not produce enough on our own. (A fact that is tragic.) Be'H may we hear besorot tovot. (The question is do we deserve Hashem's help when once again there is such strife and discord in Am Yisrael?) *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

He will impose US power into Gaza. Watch. The US invades what they see as banana republics. The US has taken over small nations that are weak for past 100 years.Biden is a team
Muslim. US govt has been penetrated by Muslims. He needs their vote and is throwing Israel under the bus.

הוא יטיל את כוח ארה"ב לתוך עזה. שעון. ארה"ב פולשת למה שהם רואים כרפובליקות בננות. ארה"ב השתלטה על מדינות קטנות שהן חלשות במשך 100 השנים האחרונות. ביידן הוא צוות
מוסלמי. לממשלת ארה"ב חדרו מוסלמים. הוא צריך את הקול שלהם וזורק את ישראל מתחת לאוטובוס.

Bibi has lost his will. Bending to Biden’s. They are going to impose a Oakestinian state. Biden will throw Israel u see the bus to be elected. His two state solution is Minnesota and Michigan.

I agree with every word of what you wrote Batya. I am praying and reading Tehillim 91 . ���������� Debby bee

Anonymous said...

The problem is systemic, and not just Bibi. Israeli political leadership needs a major pre-Pesach housecleaning.

Batya said...

Netivotgirl, I firmly believe that when we declare our total independence from American and stop praying to them, Gd will step in, and even our problematic Left will see the Hand of Gd. Those who are too blinded will leave the country.

a 7:00, Biden's plans are worse than that. The State Department has been busy planning on imposing a Palestinian state in Israel's heartland, in Biblical Israel, and they don't give a hoot about Israel. That's why none of them, not even "moderate Democrats" have condemned the "from the river to the sea" slogan.

a 7:09, yes, the tired spineless Likud MKs must retire and let the young take over.