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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav! Katrina! Watch Out For Those Germans!

It's three years after Katrina wrecked her havoc on New Orleans. Now her Cousin Gustav is on his way.

Maybe I missed it, but I don't remember reading that engineers built better dams or "flood blockers" for New Orleans. If I'm not mistaken, they just concentrated on the more superficial. So now, again, people are fleeing.
Three years ago, there was doubt that a flood could be all that bad, but now there's no doubt.
I'm pretty sure that it would take the bureaucrats more than three years to build a better protective system for the city, so I guess that whatever "rebuilding" which was done was a royal waste of money.
L'havdil, to differentiate, it's like all those plans for a super high replacement for New York's "twin towers," even though there are no rescue methods for people trapped in such high buildings, not matter how they're damaged, innocent fires or terrorist plane crash.
No surprise. Governments prefer sedation, rather than the hard truth.

A Humdinger

A Humdinger
By Sara Layah Shomron
Nitzan caravilla
The other day I got a ride into Nitzan by a visiting family looking for the "Nitzanim youth building." I suggested perhaps they want the kibbutz across the way? The back seat passenger gal asked me if I spoke English. The father had made yorida (emigrated from Israel) in 1984 (same year Yossi and I began our aliyah (ascend to Israel) and wanted to show his children places from his past. I then thought that perhaps he was referring to the Nitzan field school. They didn't think so but offered me a ride to "wherever I was headed."
I got in and told them I'd accompany them to where I thought they wanted to go. They, the late teenage-early twenty year gal Liora, twenty-something guy driver, and late 50's-early 60's man were a family visiting from New York.
As we approached the religious community of Nitzan (behind caravilla site and to which Neve Dekalim is extending) I instructed the driver to turn left and continue forward. The man thought to then turn right rather than continue forward as it looked familiar to him. The driver did as I instructed. "Yes, this is it!" the man exclaimed. The gal emphatically told me, "it was a good thing we picked you up or we would never have found it!"
I explained that behind them was a permanent site for those from the destroyed Neve Dekalim Gush Katif community that want to build here. The driver expressed surprise thinking not a single Gush Katif permanent site had made any progress let alone building. I pointed out the houses under construction and explained that some 70 families, including mine, are waiting for building permits... The driver offered to drive me back to the caravillas but I happily told him "thanks - but I can walk." He then asked if I was sure to which I said "it's no big deal" (I didn't want to take any time away from their family sharing).
I accompanied the family into the field school. As we walked I explained to Liora some of the historical significance adding explanatory markers are randomly placed around the site, and that a film is available inside for viewing The gal looked up and said, "Aba! We have a photo of you and Ima standing in front of this building!" I then told them I was happy to have been of help. As we parted the gal said, "Shabbat Shalom." As weird as it sounds I felt as though I was an angle on the road put there to direct them. I am strongly believe in hashgacha p'ratit,(Divine Providence) and firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.
On my walk back I suddenly felt a sting and saw a bee buzz away. I looked for the stinger, saw something that might have been it and removed it. I had never been bit by a bee before but as an allergic person knew I might be in trouble especially as my stung finger and hand immediately began to swell, become paralyzed and I had major pain. I cell-phoned home telling the children where I was and that if they didn't hear from me in five minutes to come with help to get me. I then cell-phoned our health clinic to find out if they were open - they were- and the perceptive receptionist asked me what was wrong. I quickly told her of my sting adding that I would be there in a few minutes. I promptly cell-phoned my children that I was just about at the health clinic.
The doctor wasn't in but nurse was. She told me to put the stung area under cold water and ice would help. I left the health clinic to find one of my children running up to me and saw two others walking in the direction from where I got stung.
We rushed home. One child got the freezer-pack out of the freezer. I immediately put my hand under running cold water while another child handed me an ice cube. I put my hand on the freezer-pack and ice cube on finger where I got stung. I then remembered from my Shiloh days working at the daycare facility that I was told by someone to put crushed garlic on a bee sting were someone to get stung. Strange what things we remember!
A couple weeks ago our local grocery store had a new item - frozen crushed garlic in a packet of some dozen or so small separate squares. I bought thinking I might use it - but hadn't until now. I applied it along with a combination of ice cubes, frozen ice-pack, cold water, a baking soda/water solution, and Benadryl gel. My hand remained itchy and swollen for two days.
"No good deed goes unpunished" a couple of people have responded upon hearing of this. I hate that expression - it's so not Jewish to me! I try to be of help to others whenever I can - not to receive any reward but because I believe it's the right thing to do. It's exciting to be a prt of "random acts of kindness;" increasing the amount of goodness in the world and part of tikun olam (fixing the world).

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mom Of 5 From PTA to US VP

John McCain, Republican nominee for US Presidency announced his choice for running mate. McCain chose Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.

By working her way up from PTA to governor, Palin has lots more hands on experience in governing than Obama.
Personally, I've always been bothered by the definition of the political labels, "liberal" and "conservative." A "liberal" is supposed to be the one not bound by convention and a "conservative" preserves the status quo. I don't see the American political parties as being defined in those ways. Each party is a supermarket of ideas. Obama took the safe, conservative solution to compensate for his weakness as a presidential candidate, while McCain showed himself more confident and daring.
It's interesting that the sum total of ages of each ticket is pretty much the same, making age less of an issue. My read on the age factor concerns the fact that Obama, almost twenty-five years younger than McCain, doesn't have any living parents, while McCain's mother is still alive.
It looks like McCain is really shaking things up. That's change; isn't it?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Start The Month Of Ellul Right

Our Rosh Chodesh Prayers
To G-d
At Tel Shiloh
Sunday, August 31, 9:45am

Shiloh, where Chana
prayed for a son
Samuel who would
take the Jewish People
to its next stage
to be a Kingdom

Tel Shiloh and

The Tabernacle Gallery & Coffee Shop

Open every day,

even if you can't join us on Sunday.

Call 02-994-4019

Teaching, Reasons I Just Left

It's no surprise for me to hear that Israel's teaching shortage is getting more and more serious. I'm one of those teachers who left this year.

Even though I'm of retirement age for a teacher, I started my pension plan late and actually have five more years to go. But I decided that my health was more important.

No, thank G-d, I'm not sick, but I had no doubt that one more year of having to hitchhike to and from work, standing in the searing sun and pouring rain, and my good health would be a distant memory. By the time I'd get to work, I was already dreading the trip back. No energy was left for my students.

I taught English as a Foreign Language, EFL. But in actuality, I taught all of the basic language skills, grammar, literature and composition. Few of my students were grounded with the foundation of their native tongue, Hebrew, so I had to teach nouns, and verbs, active and passive, reading comprehension skills, composition structure and more, much, much more.

The administration of the high school and its junior high didn't like hearing that the students weren't properly prepared. I felt sorry for these kids who were struggling, because even though the Hebrew term for elementary school is בית ספר יסודי , beit sefer yesodi, "foundation" school, these kids didn't receive the foundation of good education.

I just couldn't juggle my roles as teacher and diplomat, trying to deal with students, parents and administration, plus I'm a human being, too. I have a husband, children, grandchildren and elderly parents.

Some schools are better and some are worse. I also taught the weakest students in my school. In earlier years I really enjoyed it, but the recent students weren't cooperative. Teaching is interactive. I felt like I was serving tennis balls into the ocean.

Good luck to all those still in the system, students as well as teachers. Parents, don't trust that the staff knows what they're doing. Check things out. Be involved.

Mail Jewish?

There was once an email group about Jewish topics called Mail Jewish. It was run by Avi Feldblum. Sometimes we'd get a few digests per day, and then sometimes weeks or more went by without anything.

So, in the beginning, when we hadn't gotten any digests, we weren't worried, but then the months dragged on and on...

Recently, I've received a few emails from people:
"Do you know what happened to Avi Feldblum? Is he alive? Is he dead?"

So, I'm asking. Does anybody know?

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Could Get Worse For Obama

Biden is no magic cure for Obama's campaign. The polls are not encouraging. Each time they point out how well-qualified Biden is, Obama looks worse.

And don't forget, that the closer the day will come, lots of people will lose their enthusiasm for the first Black nominee. Sort of like those "civil rights activists of the 1950's and '60's who wanted the Blacks integrated, but not in their families. Sure they should be bussed to better schools, but not their kids' schools etc.

For others, the minute the novelty wears off and they look for the "meat" in the candidate and find him too anorexic. No, it's not because he's Black. They finally stopped supporting him because he's Black and then they saw that he's not qualified. One can be "pro-Black," or colorblind and still not think Barack Obama is suited to be elected US President this year.

Abie Nathan, As Mensch

Today's morning's news is filled with the death of Abie Nathan.

It would be easy to list all of the reasons I, as a proud pro-Jewish civil rights in Eretz Yisrael patriot, didn't like the late Abie Nathan. I'll leave that to others.

Chazal, our sages, teach us the importance of looking for the good in all, and besides having enjoyed the music his radio station broadcast every evening from 6:30-8pm, I have something else to say.

I once met Abie Nathan. It was in the late 1970's during one of his hunger strikes. My friend Rosaly had given me a call to come and counter-demonstrate. I joined her a a couple of others, all of us speaking foreign-accented Hebrew. One of Nathan's young groupies began to shout to all passers by:
"Don't listen to those ladies!. They're not

I confronted her.
"How can you call us not Israeli?"
"You're all new immigrants."
The conversation continued and she admitted that she had been brought to Israel by her parents when she was a baby.
"We're more Israeli, I countered, since we made the conscious decision to live here, and you didn't at all."

Her attitude really bothered me, and I had this feeling that considering Abie Nathan's story and idealism, though misguided, he may even agree with me. So I got up my courage, at the time I was just an ordinary young mother of three, and I entered his tent.

Abie Nathan was movie star handsome. There were bottles of mineral water near him, giving the impression that his hunger strike was more a natural health regime than a political protest. In those days, your ordinary Israeli didn't buy water.

I went straight to business:
"That young girl," and I pointed to her, since she had followed me in, "is shouting to passersby that my friends and I aren't Israeli, since we are immigrants. Do you agree with her?"
"No," he answered, and he told her very firmly to stop that shouting.

He was very gracious, and I thanked him.
Baruch Dayan Emet

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Reply To Gil Student

The least pleasant only unpleasant thing at the International Jewish Blogging Convention was Gil Student's words mocking the entire event, denying "community" with the heterogeneous crowd in the room and online. His tone and body language added to the insult. Yes, he has his fans who don't perceive him as I did.

Maybe I was a bit more sensitive, being that I had just had my two minutes on the mic to promote Jewish blog carnivals, and his words were replying to mine. Blog carnivals are "floating" internet magazines, the articles being blog posts. There are three:
Havel Havelim
Kosher Cooking Carnival

I used the term "community," since many on the panel had used it. All I did was to ask the "big" bloggers to promote (not host) the carnivals by mentioning them in their blogs. Carnivals are a good way to promote one's blog and get to know others and of course get more information and perspectives about various topics.

Gil's response was so negative, a real kick in the kishkes. Most of us came to the conference for a friendly networking event, not for controversy. To think that Gil traveled all that distance, hoping for something more exciting...

Apparently, I'm not the only one who was surprised by his attitude and he blogged about it. Here's my comment to his post:

Honestly, what else can we expect from a man who thinks you can "knit" yarmulkas?
And I'm really surprised that you put down a "kosher cooking blog" as something you wouldn't read. Kosher cooking is all about halacha, and the Kosher Cooking Carnival accepts and recruits posts about that crucial aspect. Maybe you just don't know what goes on in the kosher kitchen.
Gil, you went to the conference so you "could learn and contribute," but you admit in this post that you wanted to "stir the pot.
"Now, about "bein adam v'chareiro," you are very "selective" about whom you link here. Gila's good enough to mention, but you leave your readers ignorant of who she is, just giving an empty name. Davka J. K. Rowling rates a link, even though even it's easy to search to find out who she is.
I've been trying to be very careful in how I answer this. I think that you should have been more careful with your words at the conference.

Now that I've gotten this out of the way, I can get the house ready for the grandchildren's visit.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't Take Them Back!

There was one very important part of Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu's talk at the International Jewish Bloggers Convention which disagree more than 100%.

Bibi Binyamin Netanyahu

It's the idea that the Likud should accept back the former Likud MK's and ministers who deserted it for Kadima. As far as I'm concerned they should be
blackballed from any political party. Labor should refuse to take back it's former MK's and ministers. Too many Israeli politicians think that their election to the Knesset is a personal appointment. It isn't. They were voted in with a list, or on a list to represent a specific political party. The position is not their personal dowry.

The establishment of the Kadima Party by Ariel Sharon as he was Prime Minister, elected on the Likud list was despicable. He was not elected to destroy Jewish communities and give our land to the Arab terrorists. He was elected on a strong right wing, hold the land platform. If he and his cohorts, like Olmert and Hanegbi had a "change of heart," they should have resigned from the Knesset and then tried to run in new elections as ordinary citizens. They were not elected as individuals.

Today Olmert has an outrageously low approval rating. Polls give very few seats to Kadima. Most of its MK's won't return to the Knesset. The people don't want them.

Bibi claimed that he needs the former Likud MK's back for their vote-attracting power, but they don't have any supporters. More people will vote for Likud sans the deserters than with. The Likud would look cleaner and more reliable if they tell Hanegbi, Mofaz etc to "eat the stew they cooked."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Now, I'll Have Nightmares

Davka today, after many months of silence, our television was repaired. Nothing is by chance, according to Chaza"l, our sages. Did G-d really want me to watch that show?

All I did after turning off the computer before going to bed, at least that's what the plan was, was to check if there was TV reception. I had already used the set with the DVD-VCR. I had never set up a TV before and was very proud that I got Israel's Channel One and even fixed the color by playing with the antenna. Then a program started about Disengagement. I was curious and started to watch.

According to the JPost Billboard, it was:
The Real Story:
Emotional Maelstrom-
Looking at the emotional sound the the (sic) Disengagement.

Now, according to that, what do you think there would be? Of course I'll tell you. But first, guess a bit. Whose emotions? Evictees? Soldiers? Police? Outside demonstrators? The country at large?

Look at this picture? Who do you think is in it? What's the family?

No, it isn't an evicted family from Gush Katif or Northern Shomron. It's the policeman, davka a religious guy, and his family, responsible for the evacuation of Gush Katif. The entire aim of the program was to humanize the police and soldiers. It was only about their emotions, what wonderful patriotic, family loving people they are. Yes, we're talking about those who, with such dedication to the State of Israel, had no problem agreeing to destroy the homes and lives of thousands of innocent citizens.

It was a very well-made propaganda film. Music direction was brilliant. He/she/committee used lots of that calming "imagine you're on the beach and the sun is beating down on you, and you feel so mellow" type of music. Even before seeing this piece, I always got riled and antsy at that sort of relaxation session. Now I'll be even worse.

The police and soldiers were told, as the cameras rolled, that when the protesters shouted at them it was just a "brainwashing technique" to try to break them, but since they're well-trained and have each other, they will overcome those miss-informed people. There were lots and lots of cameras filming this, and the Foreign Ministry can't see the connection with Disengagement and Israel's image abroad.

We kept seeing the soldiers and police marching in such force. Why can't they be trained to destroy terrorists? All of that man-power and money to go against law-abiding citizens... and for what? Israel wasn't offered or promised anything in return.

Disengagement was a unilateral move. That's one-sided, no reason, nothing in return. OK, I shouldn't say that. A year later, the Arabs in Gaza and Lebanon went to war against Israel. Is that what Sharon and Olmert planned?

Gush Katif was destroyed for nothing. But emotions like mine and my friends who lost their homes weren't the emotions in the show. We only heard from the destroyers. They were proud to be part of it and sure it would be an important event in Israeli History.

I agree that it will be considered an important historic event, but not a good one. It will be considered one of the most, if not the most, ill-conceived acts of a sovereign power, the self-mutilation of its country. It will be considered the act of a totalitarian ruler. I hope all those involved dream of it day and night. Let it haunt their sleep and lives. Let they be sorry they took part, and may the nightmares only leave when they go to the people and apologize and apologize to G-d.

Let us all ask G-d for forgiveness, since we failed to protect Eretz Yisrael!

Not Too Late

... to see the Jewish Bloggers Convention. You can skip through it by moving the time dot, or whatever it's called. I must admit that I'm a fascinated hearing it again as I was the first time which was in person.

You can hear and see me at 01:50, sort of just before the middle. I'm after Carl (no that's not him pictured above) who is after Bibi Netanyahu. Bibi starts around 01:00, but if you don't have time for his entire session, a short speech then longish answers to questions, listen to what he says just before 01:30 about the History of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel.

Many of you have heard a lot about the conference, and now's your chance to hear it for yourself.

Young Jews, Study In Israel

One of the great myths weakening aliyah for decades is:

"It's better to get your education and some professional experience and save money abroad, first."

Chutz L'Aretz, Not-Israel, Jewish Communities are full of good Jews who listened to their parents, teachers and rabbis, too. Most gave up their youthful, naive, idealistic dreams of aliyah. A few even tried and ended up coming back.

For various reasons, we were in a rush to get to Israel, right after our 1970 wedding. We didn't buy any American furniture, didn't even use our entire "shipping allowance." We brought some books, clothes, non-electric kitchen supplies--like pots, dishes and cutlery, sheets, towels and that was it. My husband was a recent college graduate and I was a dropout.

Within a year of docking at Haifa Port, we were apartment owners. A simple apartment was within the budget of our immigrant mortgage and the wedding gifts, my mother told everybody to give us checks--"No tshatshkes, they're moving to Israel." We were also parents; I went straight from the hospital to our apartment with our firstborn.

We were lucky that our parents covered whatever loans we had for our education. In those days they were in the parents' names.

We became Israeli, picking up Hebrew and only knowing the Israeli ways of doing things.

Yes it was as easy as it sounds.

Friends who stayed abroad found their expenses competing with their savings while inflation here in Israel made mockery of the little they could squirrel away. It's not all that cheap to live in America (or wherever), and you get used to "the American way."

Doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants and nurses etc who are trained abroad still have to pass various exams here in Israel, learn Hebrew terminology and the language itself. Studying in Israel may be a little harder in the beginning, but once you get over the hump, it's lots easier than aliyah ten years or more later when you're dealing with a spouse and kids, who have their own problems.

And what about the great money myth? Today's American university students frequently finish their education owing tens of thousands of dollars. It used to be that banks were very tight with their money, only lending it to those with sufficient collateral. Now, lending is a business, big business, one of the causes for the present American recession. Telemarketers encourage loans to anyone. Credit cards offer lots of credit. Many college graduates need years to pay it all back, and some even find themselves bankrupt, because a college diploma doesn't guarantee prosperity.

If you really dream of living here in the Holy Land. If you're willing to be frugal, you can have an easier time in Israel. You'll learn Hebrew, get relevant training. You'll be part of society. Check it out!

Yasamniks for Yeshua and Rhinestone Cowboys for Jesus

Posted by Ellen W. Horowitz

Messianic Christians Thrive in Israel (so says CBN)

CBN (Pat Robertson's network, which is directed by CUFI executive board member Michael Little) has recently put out this
glowing report on "messianic Jews" in Israel

[Note: the site of the posting identifies itself as "Christian Zionist"]

The Jewish Cop and the Christian Missionary tie the knot

Some of you may recall my newsletter last year about a cute self proclaimed “missionary volunteer” for Christian Friends of Israel (CFI), who seduced a yasamnik and brought him to Jesus. Well, they were married in a messianic ceremony. The story behind this is intriguing…
Last year the Chief Rabbinate proscribed Jewish participation in the annual Christian Feast of the Tabernacles Convention and the Succot march - due to a missionary presence.

Witnesses reported that some missionaries were indeed proselytizing and working the streets during the parade, but nobody imagined that Yassamniks for Yeshua would put in a rather aggressive appearance , too.

A mild-mannered gentleman was distributing flyers, warning of missionaries, when three yassamniks confronted him and got a little pushy. He noted that the one pictured in the middle was especially “zealous” in his reaction.

As it turns out, his missionary girlfriend was on the beat with him.

Enter CFI missionary Erin's site and
scroll down, past all of those stunning wedding photos of the kallah, kisses, ketubah, kippa and tallis (there was no chupah, nor were the groom’s parents present), and you will see our cop baptized. Another lost Jewish soul, but it appears that we are left with one less brutal yasamnik to deal with - so you decide if it’s “good news” and if we should bless or curse this Judeo-Christian union.

The story doesn’t end here. The happy couple, Erin and Tomer, are starting a new site called
messianic defense.com - “a website in defense of persecuted Messianics in Israel”, and she has another site called “forced exile”, where deranged rapper for Jesus Aviad Cohen makes an appearance in the form of a talk-back.
And speaking of fading stars…

"Messianic Judaism" has gone Hollywood Chic

Reuters reports: Glen Campbell's new home in Malibu probably resembles the residences of many other successful musicians in the wealthy beach resort. The Baptist-raised country star, who says he once confused "menorah" with "manure," displays a Jewish candelabrum on the mantel, and a Hebrew book sits on the coffee table...the Rhinestone Cowboy soon breaks into a plaintive cry, "Jeee-esus ... Help me find my special place."

For two decades, the Campbells have been adherents of Messianic Judaism, a religious movement whose members regard themselves as committed Jews but are rejected by mainstream Jewish denominations as following an essentially evangelical Christian theology.
"It's Jews who believe that Christ is the risen savior," Campbell said. "I think it will all come around to that."
Pop-tart Lindsay Lohan is apparently contemplating conversion to Judaism in order to be closer to her girlfriend, DJ Samantha Ronson. According to the BANG Showbiz news service,
However, friends of the ‘Mean Girls’ actress have doubts about her intention to fully convert to the religion and think she is just doing it for attention. The source added to Life and Style Weekly magazine: “Two years ago it was Kabbalah. Last year it was Alcoholics Anonymous. She was into ‘peace’ for a while. Whatever is of the moment, that’s Lindsay. But the one thing it does show is her commitment to Sam. She could be any religion and Lindsay would be open to it.”
These stories kind of validate the statement made by Penina Taylor, the Director of Jews for Judaism in Jerusalem:

I would like to make a distinction between being drawn to Jewish things and being drawn to Judaism. Many Rabbis and Jewish leaders have mistakenly confused the two ideas, praising Christians for what is being considered a move towards Torah and away from the pagan roots of Roman Christianity, without realizing that the attraction is only towards Jewish things and not Judaism...
A Very Profitable Non-Profit

Yechiel Eckstein must be doing something right (or wrong?) A new Crain's survey at ChicagoBusiness.com has the Founder and President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) earning $832,753 in 2007 and lists him as the second highest paid non-profit executive in the Chicago area (doesn't he live in Jerusalem?). That's some raise, as Forbes Magazine had him raking in a paltry $381,517 at the end of 2004.

Depending on the climate, it appears Eckstein is either hot, cold, or lukewarm on the issue of attempts to evangelize his Jewish brethren. According to MinistryWatch.com, the official IFCJ policy on evangelizing is as follows: "IFCJ affirms the right and responsibility of evangelicals to share the Gospel. The organization neither endorses nor discourages such efforts".

Meanwhile Eckstein is running a series of radio commercials on Israeli stations, and even managed to get himself a major public relations plug in the form of a lengthy article in the JPost's "In Jerusalem" section. You need connections to get an article like that. Eckstein used to be a partners in the production of the Christian Edition of the Jerusalem Post, so I asked editor Gershom Gale if this was still the case. Gale responded, “No, Rabbi Eckstein and his IFCJ are no longer partners with The Jerusalem Post in the production of The Christian Edition, though the publication remains a natural friend and ally of his organization.”
Good friends and allies are hard to come by these days… Just ask Jerusalem City Coucilwoman, Mina Fenton...

It seems some Emunah women abandoned their good friend and ally after reading her criticism of Eckstein in the “In Jerusalem” article. They wrote two nasty letters to the editor in response. But they seemed to have forgotten that Fenton was the Chairperson of Emunah Jerusalem from 1996 -2001, and now serves as member of the boards of Emunah Jerusalem, Emunah Israel and World Emunah.

But what was really strange is that only a month ago Fenton addressed the missionary problem in a special seminar of Emunah Jerusalem and was joined by Penina Taylor, director of the Jerusalem branch of “Jews for Judaism”. The considerable audience of Emunah members present were impressed with the presentation, acknowledged the importance of the seminar and expressed the desire to help combat missionary activity in Israel. However, none of the signatories appearing on the letters to the editor were present at that seminar. Ya gotta wonder who put them up to it…
Property dispute:

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Jews and Christians are at odds over constructionon Mt. Zion:
An ancient monastery adjacent to where, according to Christian tradition, Jesus ate the Last Supper, has turned into a legal battleground for Catholics and Jews.
"The construction work going on at the site raises the suspicion that someone is trying to Judaize a Catholic site and prevent freedom of religious expression."

Well someone tried to” Judeo-Christianize “ it too….
About eight years ago Eckstein tried to purchase property on Mt Zion in the area of the Tomb of King David with the purpose of establishing a world evangelical headquarters and center. When Councilwoman Mina Fenton presented the late Avner Shaki – who held the property - with evidence of Eckstein’s intentions, Shaki scrambled to break the deal. In the meantime the Vatican has relentlessly kept up the pressure on Israel to relinquish control of the site of the purported Last Supper.
If the Diaspora Yeshiva and those who maintain and pray at Kings David’s Tomb on Mt. Zion had to, G-d forbid, choose between having their studies and prayers disrupted by Roman Catholic High Mass, Gregorian chants, or a chorus of spirited holy rollers bellowing “Hallelujah”, “Amen” and “Jeeesus”, what would they choose?
Travel Advisory: Beware of Israeli Hotel for Jesus

The following email warning was recently sent out by a Licensed Tour Guide from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism:
“I was put up in the Gilgal Hotel, 7 Rehov Ness Tziona, Tel Aviv, by the agent.
The hotel has Israeli flags, Israeli papers, mezuzot and even a sign for the Shabbat elevator.But the only reading material in the room was a Gideon's Bible. The wall murals all have messianic themes. In the dining room other guests were discussing how to win over Jews. When questioned the receptionist admitted that the hotel was owned by Evangalists and a quick Google showed that they are set up in Tel Aviv to win the Jews over.
Beware! Do not send groups there, tell your agent you refuse to stay there and let everyone know.”
Hagee’s gone missionary…again

After I reported that his name had been removed as an endorser of the virulent messianic organization Maoz Israel, Pastor John Hagee and his wife have reappeared as supporters of the Tel Aviv based mission which aggressively and openly proselytizes in Israel.
Setting the world on fire

Steven Strang, a prominent and problematic director of CUFI, who promotes messianic movements in Israel, gave an endorsement to last week’s mass prayer gathering that took place at Washington’s National Mall. “The Call” is the brainchild of the fiery and very animated Christian fundamentalist Lou Engle.
In May, TheCall went to Jerusalem for the first time, “where gentile and Jewish believers came together to pray for the spiritual eyes of Israel to be opened to their Messiah - Jesus.” And Pat Robertson’s CBN gave special coverage to the event. We really ought to thank President of CBN, CUFI”S Michael Little for this coverage (must see)
Of course, Binyeine Hauma opened their doors wide for this event.

For those of you who can’t get enough of this strange fire and strange worship in Israel, I have created a virtual pilgrimage tour for you (with special thanks to YouTube). Enjoy the trip.
Lou Engle-from TheCall in Jerusalem
Lou Engle on Mt. Carmel in Israel!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beware of Meir Shitrit

Shitrit is running for head of Kadima, and part of his platform is:
recognizing Syrian sovereignty over the Golan Heights

At least he's out in the open, admitting it now. We've had too many surprised here in Israel. At least Shitrit admits that he's willing to give the Golan away.

Did I Get This Straight?

According to the Obama staff: Biden's more qualified to be President of the United States than Obama.

From what I've been reading, the Obama staff are listing experience and advantages which Vice Presidential choice, Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., has over Barack Obama.

Biden is almost a full generation older than Obama and has decades more experience in the senate.

There seems to be a pattern in American politics.

  • John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson

  • Bush and Cheney

Those two quickly came to mind.

I just wonder if anyone really believed that Obama would get the nomination so easily. The man really has no experience, no track record. Sort of frightening.

If Israel Was A True Democracy...

...the politicians would be rushing to follow what the people want, like Panel poll: 67% Disengagement failure, 66%:29% Oppose disengagement in Judea and Samaria, instead of continuing with policies which so weaken our country that the State of Israel may not survive.

A Democracy is supposed to be the "will of the people," not of the media.

We have a very dangerous media here and most of the politicians are even worse.

There isn't even one political party I really trust nor anyone I'd like to be Prime Minister. As impressive as Bibi Netanyahu can be when speaking, he wasn't a successful Prime Minister. There's nobody else on the right. Oops, don't say "right" to Bibi, he likes to think of himself as center.

But our people would prefer someone who isn't playing games, someone who believes fully in our rights to be here and isn't willing to take risks, just to placate others.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Rebranding," Changing Israel's Image

When I went to the Jewish Bloggers Convention, I came prepared, with my crocheting. When I'm bored, I must have something to do. I only did it during one part, the Foreign Ministry's presentation.

Their research shows that ordinary people all over the world think of Israel as a dangerous, unfriendly place. That's why they've come up with promotion ideas like "bimbo on the beach." And now they have all these wishy-washy ideas, slick public relations, but none of them will change matters.

Foreigners think of Israel as dangerous, because Israel keeps asking the UN, US and Europe to defend it. The international force which promised to help after the "second Lebanon war" is considered an accomplishment by the government.

A country which needs foreign military support isn't safe. People aren't stupid. When we act like a strong friendly truly independent country, instead of a bunch of helpless nebichs, we'll be more attractive to the rest of the world.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Jewish Calendar -- The Big Picture

Just some short notes.

According to the Jewish Religion, we've completed our annual mourning the destruction of the Holy Temples. The mourning began with the daylight fast of the 17th of Tammuz, and then for three weeks, it gradually gains momentum and intensity, culminating in the 25 hour fast on the 9th of Av. During the Three Weeks, as they re known, we restrict joyous events, swimming for pleasure, cutting hair, wearing new clothes and laundering in a gradual process.

Then, the remainder of the month of Av is spent "comforted," and for that reason, the month is then called Menachem-Av. The following month, Ellul, is dedicated to personal repentance, tshuva, and only after that two and a half month spiritual process are we ready to begin the New Year, Rosh Hashannah, which doesn't start with a bang of drunken frenzy. There are more reflections and repentance, highlighted in the 25 hour fast and prayers of Yom Kippur.

Immediately after Yom Kippur, we begin building our temporary homes, Succot and then celebrate that week long holiday, which is immediately followed by Simchat Torah, celebrating the Torah and finishing the annual reading cycle.

And then the rains resume in Eretz Yisrael...

Days of liars, hypocrites and fools

Posted by Ellen W. Horowitz

Singing Singer’s Praises

As I had mentioned in my previous post, The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus will convene in Texas at the end of August where Jews and Evangelicals will usher in "The Days of Elijah" Conference.

Knowing that there would be a missionary and messianic presence at this event, I was a bit taken aback to see counter-missionary extraordinaire Tovia Singer's name featured on the conference flyer, and I expressed the hope that he use his platform at the event to call the powers-that-be to order (not the Christians, but our own people who run the Caucus). Tovia did far better than that...

He and Yedidya Atlas have opted out of the "Days of Elijahs" Conference. Tovia had presented the organizers with clear evidence of missionary actions and intentions on the part of scheduled participants CFI (Christian Friends of Israel) and Richard Booker, and he insisted that the invitation to those parties be withdrawn. Alternatively, Singer suggested that those missionary organizations involved in the conference disavow - in writing - efforts to evangelize Jews. Both options were rejected, so Tovia and Yedidya did the ethical, righteous, and Jewish thing and said, "no show".

Yedidya was scheduled to serve as Master of Ceremonies for the conference, and Tovia was to have been a featured speaker and have a live radio show from the event.

Let's hope that Tovia and Yedidya's actions serve as an outstanding example to the rest of our activists and leaders who have yet to see the light on this particular issue and conference (Elon, Haetzni, Baras, Reinstein, Rotem, Glaser, Leshem, Lipkin, etc…)

Days of liars, hypocrites and fools

Not only are some of the featured speakers of the Days of Elijah Conference active in messianic churches, which prey upon the Jews, but actual members of the Knesset Caucus are actively involved in evangelizing in Israel.

Never mind that ever since its inception, Caucus Director Josh Reinstein, and Chairman Benny Elon have maintained that…
“ The Christian Allies Caucus, a Knesset lobby group that aims to further ties between the Israeli government and the Christian world, refuses to work with the messianic Jewish community on the grounds that it actively seeks to convert Jews. ‘We believe they work against the interests of the State of Israel,’ caucus director Josh Reinstein explained.”
(Haaretz, June 10, 2006 Aliyah with a cat, a dog and Jesus)

We at the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus as well, do not hide our refusal to cooperate with Christians active in missionary work amongst Jews. (Benny Elon in the JPost)

That policy didn’t stop Knesset MK Elhanan Glaser from representing the Caucus and addressing a conference of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC).

Neither did it stop MK Rabbi Benny Elon from “invoking the presence of God” into the midst of a Messianic Jewish Restoration Conference in Jerusalem

Ahh… and excuse me, but Pastor David Decker is President of Covenant Alliances which is sponsoring The Days of Elijah Conference along with the Battalion of Deborah, and he is one of the granddaddy's of the messianic movement in Israel

Meanwhile The Founders and Directors of Christian Friends of Israel are charter members of the Caucus and are busy doing “outreach” work in Israel

It should be noted that after I issued a report on CFI about 10 days ago, the content of the “outreach” section of their site mysteriously disappeared.

But they forgot to remove the content on a mirror site

So get it a sampling while it lasts at Days of Harvest and the Mystery of God

Maybe that cute little CFI “missionary volunteer”, pictured on the left side of the CFI site screen, forgot to remove the content before she was “exiled” from the Jewish State. Of course, before that transpired she managed to bring a Yasamnik to Jesus and get him baptized and married.

Next update…
Yasamniks for Yeshua and Rhinestone Cowboys for Jesus

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu's appearance at the International Jewish Blogger Convention was very impressive. On TV you hear him in short soundbites. Yesterday Bibi, with us English-speaking jbloggers, was "unplugged."

Bibi Netanyahu

Now, I didn't say I was voting for him. I just said that he is impressive, has potential, knowledge etc. He seemed to be having a good time with us. Being that he's known as a "well-prepared performer," it's hard to really know how honest and spontaneous he was. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I consider acting talent a necessity for politicians.

Bibi claimed that he writes his blog, and that's why it's rarely updated:

Bibi Binyamin Netanyahu

"You need two things to maintain a blog, time or a ghost-writer, and I don't use a ghost-writer." Bibi, the blogger
Yes, he's always campaigning, so whatever he said to us had that behind it.

Bibi managed to explain some complicated technology in relatively simple terms, the way someone who actually understands it could say, unless it was totally memorized.

Bibi explained the pros and cons of various political systems and how and why they would be suitable or not suitable to Israel.

Bibi gave a history lecture which should be memorized by everyone involved in Israel's Foreign Relations Department and every history teacher in the country. It should be mandatory studies in all schools.

I've always thought that Netanyahu actually feels most comfortable with anglos, since his education is American, not Israeli.

Politically, my complaint about him is that he thinks he has to be a centrist to be elected. He's wrong. People feel the phoniness, the falsity. He intellectually knows that Right is right. If he would just go for it as an unabashed Right wing, civil libertarian, as a Jew in our Land, he would be elected by a landslide and he would be the leader we need.

Yes, that would make him a true leader, not a follower of the "middle," that empty hole in the bagel.

Bibi Netanyahu

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tossing Accusations in Kashrut

A few weeks ago, we were among the thousands who received an email with an extensive listing of certified kosher restaurants and the reasons why some are reliable and others aren't. I pored through the Hebrew, not easy.

The Jerusalem Post has an article on it, which doesn't get its kosher laws straight. For instance, they mixed up bishul goy, cooked by a non-Jew, with the laws concerning wine.

Orthodox Jewish law prohibits eating some foods cooked by gentiles so as to prevent the development of close relationships between Jews and non-Jews that could lead to intermarriage and assimilation.

The writer should have stuck with the interview and not tried to add extra things. Kosher food/cooking must be supervised all the time. So if your cooks and fire-lighters aren't Jewish, are there Jews in the kitchen at all? The report about one restaurant was very frightening. It said that the Arab workers had the rabbis terrified, so even though officially there are supervisors, they have no real active authority.

I wonder which restaurants Rabbi Eliyahu Schlesinger and Rabbi Benny Lau eat in. And I also wonder if they would continue eating there after paying surprise visits to the kitchen.

Straight Talk From Huckabee

Huckabee: Israel shouldn't swap land
Says such a solution for two-state "irrational;" and Palestinian state shouldn't be on top of Israeli land...

Is he running for President of the United States, 2012? Nowadays American politicians have to get early starts. For the presidency they usually start in the previous elections, sort of for practice. Obama was probably planning to be post-Hillary, but then surprised themselves (plural, since obviously his packagers are in charge--question-who are they?) and everyone else by pulling ahead.

American Congress, a two year position, is a constant campaign.

So, if American politicians are constantly campaigning, who's steering the ship? The staff, of course. So, if you want to know who's really in charge, check out who works for them.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olmert-Not a TGIF Kind of Guy

Not for Olmert. Friday doesn't seem like his favorite day. For weeks, it's the day he meets with the police, not as their boss, the Prime Minister, but as a suspect.

And this Friday, Olmert's supposed to resume his interrogation by the police. Now if he resigned--quit--he could be interrogated on other days.

Then Friday could be a fun day again for Ehud Olmert.

Reminds Me... But Then, Again...

There are many stories of elderly Jews who, do to poverty, inertia etc end of staying in the "old neighborhood," being the very last of the tribe. Their children, grandchildren and friends are terrified to visit such a dangerous place, but they feel safe.
"Why don't you move out? It's too dangerous here."
"It would be more dangerous in a new place. Everyone here knows me. They guard me."

That's what I first thought of when I read how Italy allowed the terrorists in, hoping that it would make them immune from attack. What normal person would endanger their own home? "Normal person" and terrorists are not the same. No "normal person" would use himself as a weapon to kill others and die in the process.

Simply put:
Don't make deals with the devil.
You never know what the final price will be.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I Live Here, NYT Editorial Writer, And You're Wrong!

The facts on the ground are my backyard, and my front yard, and the roads my neighbors and I travel. They're also where my children live and work and my family and friends.

Israel is my home, and your statement that "...a two-state solution with the Palestinians is vital for Israel’s security..." is utter and total shtuyot, nonsense. It's actually worse; it's the Big Lie.

An Arab terror state, whose raison d’être is the total destruction of Israel and the banishment of its Jewish citizens, can only be a danger to world peace. No, it's not a matter of patiently helping the Arabs through a "transition."

It's a perversely farcical oxymoron to state that there could be "secure borders" for Israel in such a set-up.

I don't know why I'm wasting my time writing this. The New York Times has editorials like this every few weeks. But I can't stay silent. The very survival of my country and my personal safety are at stake.

Interviewed on The Radio About Tel Shiloh

Last week, I was interviewed on the radio about my "project" in Tel Shiloh. For about half a year already, I've been encouraging women to visit Tel Shiloh, not as regular tourists, but as spiritual pilgrims.

Shiloh is an ancient site, rich is history. The highlight is when Chana prayed for a son who was to lead the Hebrew Tribes into a Jewish Kingdom. In today's terms, it could be considered a radical change in government system.

Today the Jewish People are in a similar malaise, and we need true leadership. Shiloh is the place to pray for it.

We also pray our private prayers. The next Prayer Gathering will be Sunday, August 31, 9:45am.

Tel Shiloh is open for visitors at all times. For more information call the Tourist Office, 02-994-4019.

There is also the Tabernacle Gallery Coffee Shop, where you can buy snacks and souvenirs. Groups can order meals.

My interview begins at the end of the first hour and continues into the second.

HOUR 1 Listen Now or Download

HOUR 2 Listen Now or Download