Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reminds Me... But Then, Again...

There are many stories of elderly Jews who, do to poverty, inertia etc end of staying in the "old neighborhood," being the very last of the tribe. Their children, grandchildren and friends are terrified to visit such a dangerous place, but they feel safe.
"Why don't you move out? It's too dangerous here."
"It would be more dangerous in a new place. Everyone here knows me. They guard me."

That's what I first thought of when I read how Italy allowed the terrorists in, hoping that it would make them immune from attack. What normal person would endanger their own home? "Normal person" and terrorists are not the same. No "normal person" would use himself as a weapon to kill others and die in the process.

Simply put:
Don't make deals with the devil.
You never know what the final price will be.

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