Friday, August 8, 2008

Nothing More Important On The News

I listen to the English IBA Radio News every morning at 6:30am when on the computer. Just a minute ago, there was a short item of such minor importance, I can't figure out how or why it was included. It must be a very slow news day.

Just before they announced the "Three Years After Disengagement" even sponsored by Young Israel in Jerusalem and even interviewed Anita Tucker. Then they told of a man who dropped dead when checking a plumbing problem. His death being blamed on "noxious gases" from the sewer.

And after that they said that "a five year old girl from Tira was burned when boiling water spilled on her in her home." I was in shock. This sort of domestic accident, unfortunately, happens all the time, putting it on the radio news shows a desperation for news items.

Considering the previous item, it must have been that they went through an MDA (Magen david Adom) listing.

It would have interested people more to have interviews with Israeli basketball legends about the late Ralph Klein who passed away yesterday.

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