Monday, August 18, 2008

JBlogger F2F Fest

Neighboring Ya'aqov of nearby Tapuach blogged a blog explaining why he's passing up on the chance to f2f at the NBN Jblogging event. There are lots of things that we agree about, but this isn't one of them. Here's the comment I sent:

Ya'aqov, you'll be missed. But it's not a requirement to attend...
Now, I don't do facebook to make friends; I prefer f2f. And I like the idea of f2f-ing with some jbloggers. I'm sure that some will be friendly and some will snub me, but nu, that's not new.
And I also don't agree with everything on the program, but big deal. I'm not paying for it.
Nothing's perfect. Nobody's perfect.
And I guess that if you're not there, I'll probably be the most radical right wing jblogger there. Can I take pride in that? And if you had been coming then I'd just be the most radical right wing female jblogger there. But I'm probably the most radical right wing female jblogger there is. Do you agree with me on that?

I think that Ya'aqov contributes a lot to the world of jblogging, and I fully respect his decision not to attend. His post explaining why is so "Ya'aqov." It's intelligent, well thought out and comes to conclusions that are contrary to the majority.

I trust you'll read his post to find out his reasons.

At the conference, I'll, G-d willing, have sign-up forms for two of the three jblogger carnivals, the Kosher Cooking Carnival and the newly revived, by little frumhouse, JPIX. You may reserve your month in advance, to get the one you want, by contacting us now. KCC is the third week of the month and JPIX is the first. And of course please send in your posts to both carnivals, KCC and JPIX.


Pesky Settler said...

Oooooh, JPIX, I'll totally want to keep informed about that.

Batya said...

Pesky, just send in the links to our posts. I must admit that nothing beats the views from Maale Levona.

Esser Agaroth said...


Bayta, thank for your kind and thoughtful words.

I have been trying to down play where I live, so that no one from the conference will organize a lynching, and come hunt me down! But that's OK.

No, Batya, I'm afraid you're not the most radical right wing blogger out there, and not even the most radical right wing female blogger out there. (I email you privately.)

Sorry. :-(

Going to the conference? Maybe.

Batya said...

A female jblogger more extreme than me? Hard to believe!

Ya'aqov, rest assured that any joblogger who'd want to "hunt" you down, wouldn't dare go to our neck of the woods.

Esser Agaroth said...

True. S/he wouldn't come out alive.

...cuz we're so crazy in Tapu'ah.

( eyes rolling )

This place has filled up with mamlachtim so fast my head is spinning.

That's the real way the gov't plans to take us down.

Right wing blogger name has been emailed to you.

Batya said...

Hold the fort!