Monday, August 11, 2008

Downtown Jerusalem--Under Construction

Downtown Jerusalem is now a construction site. Whether the actual plan is good or bad will become irrelevant. The dug up streets and detoured buses are making life so difficult that no matter how good or bad the "vision" of the city planners is, once it's finished, it's bound to be a great improvement.

I guess it's like that chassidic story about the man who went to his rebbe to ask advice. He was blessed with a large family, and the house was just too small. First the rebbe told him to bring in his chicken, then his goat, then his cow and each time, the man went back to say, that the house was still too small. When all of their animals were living with them the rebbe gave new instructions:
"Take them out."

A short time later, the man rushed back to his rebbe thanking him:
"The house truly is much roomier now."

Jerusalem Under Construction 1

Under Construction 2


Leora said...

I have a few photos of Jerusalem traffic. Like driving in New York City on erev Thanksgiving. We returned our rental car, so we only experienced one half hour of our own driving in that too congested city. But the buses clog the roads, too, and we rode on those.

I have a construction photo, too, of a palatial-like Waldorf Astoria hotel ("The Palace") going up in the center of the city.

Good analogy, your story.

Batya said...

Most of my construction pictures are taken from the bus. It gives me a good angle.

I guess the construction of any train system within an existing city is a nightmare.