Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gush Katif -- Not an Isolated Incident

Gush Katif is part of a general phenomenon which cannot be shrugged off. National suicide by the ruling powers and a general "get the Jews" policy continues. The general maliciousness in Israeli society is frightening. The bullying police, who hit first and ask questions later, are symptoms picked up by the lowest common denominator without awareness of where they are getting it. It is our job to think and understand.
The elites have tried time and time again to stop us. The Rabin govt. tried to freeze settlement, the Jewish (?) Agency does everything it can to increase non-Jewish aliya and discourage religious Jews from immigrating. Back in the days of Ben-Gurion people were blacklisted from employment if they belonged to the wrong party or instisted on religious education for their kids.We also know what they did to Rav Uzi Meshulam for investigating and protesting what was done to the Yemenites. Gush Katif is part of the tradition of the powers that be playing hardball with those who dare to compete with the establishment economically.
The Gush was a powerhouse in agriculture. The kibbutzim, even as they fail, cannot be allowed to have serious competition. Back in 1974 Yehoshua Ben-Zion z"l, a religious, right wing Jew, ran a bank, the Israel-British Bank, which dared to compete with the banking elite. Trumped up charges were laid against him and he went to prison. The branches of the bank were given to Bank Hapoalim.
When the elite's offspring are numbered zero, one or two, when they avoid army service or leave the country, the handwriting is on the wall. We the Jews are a danger to their power. That is to say, we would be if we would only get our act together in terms of leadership, but that is another shmooze entirely. They see that there is nothing that will stop the transfer of power to Torah nationalist Jews in Eretz Yisrael in the long run. There are clearly those in the establishment who would rather there be no state of Israel than to allow this to happen Not every power-broker or leftist thinks this way. Some are more decent. But the people who sank the Altalena, applied the scissors to the peyot of Yemenite children and stole and stole again are still around.
We can't afford to live in a land of make-believe and continue second-rate religious-sector politics as usual. Dreaming is not enough. Concrete planning is necessary in the economic sector, the political sector, the media sector, the information systems sector. Hashem helps those who help themselves. Otherwise the sideshow of police chasing kids on the hills will stay a sideshow until it is too late.

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