Monday, August 11, 2008

The Right Direction?

Double hat-tip to IMRA

My blogging about my imaginary political party is just an act of desperation. I'm just a grandmother, blogger and burnt-out EFL teacher. I blog about Zot Shelanu to give a broad and detailed "hint" to those who are wiling to devote their lives to being "politicians."

The Jerusalem Post now reports that the NRP-NU are trying to put together some sort of united Right wing traditional party. Considering that the people quoted are the same failed politicians whose careers began with the National Religious Party, I'm still afraid that it's their desperate attempt to salvage the NRP. I would be more relieved and trusting if Arieh Eldad had been quoted, too. He's the key to a broader group. The problems they've had in the past are rooted in the lack of good chemistry between them. The agreement they had made prior to the previous elections was horrible. They pushed him out, even though many voters and potential voters davka wanted Eldad and not the NRP type.

Considering the recent polls, it shows that properly packaged, a broad-based all Jew Right-wing party could do very well.

Greatest Threat Facing Israel

With regard to the greatest threat facing Israel
24% Arab countries including Iran
24% Corruption
22% Poverty
12% Terror attacks
07% Demographic issues

The KEEVOON poll also repeated a question from the poll they carried out in

Is Israel headed in the right or wrong direction?
2008 poll: Right 24% Wrong 60% Don't know 16%
2007 poll: Right 16% Wrong 74% Don't know 10%

IMHO, Zot Shelanu, or any party taking our platform, could do very well in the next Israeli elections.

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