Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't Take Them Back!

There was one very important part of Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu's talk at the International Jewish Bloggers Convention which disagree more than 100%.

Bibi Binyamin Netanyahu

It's the idea that the Likud should accept back the former Likud MK's and ministers who deserted it for Kadima. As far as I'm concerned they should be
blackballed from any political party. Labor should refuse to take back it's former MK's and ministers. Too many Israeli politicians think that their election to the Knesset is a personal appointment. It isn't. They were voted in with a list, or on a list to represent a specific political party. The position is not their personal dowry.

The establishment of the Kadima Party by Ariel Sharon as he was Prime Minister, elected on the Likud list was despicable. He was not elected to destroy Jewish communities and give our land to the Arab terrorists. He was elected on a strong right wing, hold the land platform. If he and his cohorts, like Olmert and Hanegbi had a "change of heart," they should have resigned from the Knesset and then tried to run in new elections as ordinary citizens. They were not elected as individuals.

Today Olmert has an outrageously low approval rating. Polls give very few seats to Kadima. Most of its MK's won't return to the Knesset. The people don't want them.

Bibi claimed that he needs the former Likud MK's back for their vote-attracting power, but they don't have any supporters. More people will vote for Likud sans the deserters than with. The Likud would look cleaner and more reliable if they tell Hanegbi, Mofaz etc to "eat the stew they cooked."


Anonymous said...

Would Bibi place the names of any of these Hellenist Kadima Traitors on the Likud list? If he even hints at this possibility, he must be thrown out of the party. It will be final proof that Bibi cannot be trusted to protect Eretz Yisrael.

Batya said...

Of course, that was his point. He tried to tell us that each was worth a certain amount of Likud votes which they had taken to Kadima. The blogger convention wasn't the place to argue it with him.

Anonymous said...


Batya said...

What's the point?

If you had sent me the part where Bibi talks about why he's willing to take back Kadima MK's, I'd be grateful. This just shows Bibi in a little verbal duel, very male, whoever you are.