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Saturday, September 29, 2007

March to Jerusalem!

Tomorrow, Sunday's the day....

Succot, Chol HaMoed
September 30, 2007

To march from Shiloh to Jerusalem!

9am Shiloh Cemetery-- We leave from Avihu's grave
Shiloh Junction--The main road
Memorial at Waadi Charamiya
Givat Asaf-- the T Junction to Beit El, (busses)
Ammunition Hill, Jerusalem, for Special Program.

As in recent years, not all of the route will be hiked.
You can meet us at any section of the route.
Estimated time it will end is 6:30pm.

For information call
Orit, 0545-649-140 and 0525-666-687 or Natan 0524-317-333.
Hoping to see yo there!

Friday, September 28, 2007

The End of an Era

Shapira is known principally for his uncompromising opposition to any territorial compromises, even within the context of a peace agreement. He called on soldiers to refuse orders to aid in the dismantling of Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip and in Northern Samaria during 2005's disengagement. (click for entire article)

Former chief Ashkenazi rabbi Abraham Shapira dies at 96
Shapira was one of top adjudicators of Jewish law among members of religious Zionist movement.

U.S. Rice's Agenda

The United States has a very specific aim when it comes to the Middle East.

I'll give you a hint... It's not promoting a secure Israel. As far as the United States' State Department and Secretary of State is concerned, the most important thing is to establish a Palestinian State.

So beware, don't trust them. It may make me sound rather paranoid to say this, but we really don't have any true allies. Never forget that "even paranoids can have enemies."

Honestly, I'm not paranoid. I'm not psychotic; I'm not delusional, like all of those who keep claiming that by giving our precious Land to a bunch of terrorists we can have peace. I'm a pragmatist; I'm a realist.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach

Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Jewish Towns in Judea & Samaria

Here's the poster announcing that 5 new Jewish communities will be established, G-d willing, in Judea and Samaria. Now, a strange thing...

... at the forefront of those who today oppose the building of Jewish communities are those from Israel's Left, those who are supposedly the political descendants of David Ben Gurion.

Today I read a very interesting article by Yehuda Avner, a veteran Israeli diplomat who seems to have had known everyone involved with the early days of the State of Israel. His memories are the most fascinating history lessons.

He quoted Ben Gurion as saying:

..."Sir Arthur, we recognize that you have been trying to do your best. But your government must understand: Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. You can't switch it on and off just like that. Zionism is a revolution of Jewish history. And a revolution is like riding a bicycle. If you stop, you'll fall off. We must not stop. We must not fall off."

I am sure that if Ben Gurion was alive and well today, he, like the late Moshe Shamir, would have joined with those building Jewish communities in all of Eretz Yisrael. In 1967, Ben Gurion was old and his mind wasn't good. Many people spoke in his name. He was at a stage of senility when he tried to be agreeable. I remember someone visiting us who had just met with him. This person revealed to us the sorry state of Ben Gurion's mind.

Today's pioneers are the successors of those who build the kibbutizim before the State was established. It's a pity. It's dangerous for our security and survival that those who speak in Ben Gurion's name don't follow his Zionist spirit.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

History Repeats

Just like in the days of the British Mandate:

3 Land of Israel Loyalists Arrested for Planning New Towns

That says it all.
It's almost Succot, and I have a lot to do. I prefer getting more involved in the mitzvot of the HolyDay at the moment than getting aggravated about politics and the jailing of dissidents, who are really the most loyal and patriotic citizens of the country.

Y'hiye Tov, G-d willing, but it's up to us.

Chag Sameach

Natbag-- Do you know what that is?

Can you guess where or what Natbag is? It's the Hebrew initials for "Namal Teufa Ben Gurion." Well, it works better in Hebrew. I guess I can translate it as the "Ben Gurion Flying Port." Yes, I was there yesterday, after traveling from CBS. And what's that? The answer's in the highlighted "there."

I took the bus from "CBS," which no longer goes directly. I had to get off at "Airport City," an industrial zone. From there, I took a shuttle, got off at the last stop, went up some escalators and entered the huge arrivals hall.
Of course, I was early, very early.
Good thing I had my camera.
I hope I didn't invade anyone's privacy. I'll never forget the story about someone seeing the movie "Annie Hall," photographed in Manhattan, and noticing her husband, very chummy, with some "other woman." As I remember, it was the cause a their divorce.
The greatest thing I discovered there, was that there's a whole section of chairs for the waiting public. You can even see people coming in, ready to leave. Next time I have to meet somebody, I'll tell them that I'll be seated, and they should look in that direction.

Call them what they are: DISSIDENTS

I don't like the title of this Arutz 7 article:
Charges Against Anti-Expulsion Protesters to be Dropped

I don't think the term, "Anti-Expulsion Protesters," says what the protesters really are.
I don't think the term, "Anti-Expulsion Protesters,"will help human rights activists understand what is at stake.

Those who disagree with government policy are dissidents*!

*A dissident, broadly defined, is a person who actively opposes an established opinion, policy, or structure. The term can be used to refer to a number of types of dissidents, including political, social, and militant dissidents.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Please Pray for Rav Avraham Shapira Shlita

Rabbi Avraham Shapira, the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav and former Chief Rabbi of Israel, has been hospitalized due to deterioration in his health. Please daven [pray] for:

הרב] אברהם אלקנה [הכהן] בן הענע רייזל]

[Rav] AVRAHAM ELKANA [HaKohen] ben Henna Raizel

NOTE: Many hold that one should not include titles such as "Rav" or "HaKohen" when davening for healing, therefore I have bracketed those words.

for Hebrew readers, more here from Arutz Sheva, including a video. English coverage is here.

The Sin of the Attack on the Altalena Continues

Just a few days ago, the Jewish People fasted and prayed to G-d, begging forgiveness for their sins. At least some Jews did.

Others, davka, those who fly the flag of "superior morality" have never admitted the grave sins they still perpetuate against fellow Jews.

Over a generation ago, Ben Gurion, Yitzchak Rabin and other leaders of the emerging State Of Israel not only attacked to kill fellow Jews on the Altalena, enthusiastic patriotic Jews who only wanted to fight for the good of the state, but their political inheritors are continuing in their war against the most loyal Israelis.

We embarked on our voyage
To suffer and fight for you.
We brought you revolutionary courage
And an arms-ship to liberate you.

For years in Europe
We toiled without pause
To bring you Altalena,
The fruit of our labors.

And how you received us!
We'll never forget!
Of brothers-in-arms we dreamt,
But encountered the cannon blast.

And although they sank Altalena,
Raise your heads high, soldiers.
To the whole of Eretz Yisrael,
We remain forever loyal.

A poem by Rafael Khirs, who was on the Altalena. It was translated in an excellent, must-read article by Sarah Honig in the Jerusalem Post.

The Israeli Government, now led by Ehud Olmert is perpetuating the sin. At the same time that he is promising the bulk of historical, Biblical Israel to our enemies, those whose entire aim is to destroy us, G-d forbid, and at the same time that he is freeing convicted Arab terrorists, Jewish dissidents are being kept in jail.

"Nothing's new," as King Solomon repeated in Kohelet, Ecclesiastes. We're in "the time of" King Saul, who wasted his energies persecuting David, instead of destroying Amalek, the true enemy of the Jewish People. Finally, G-d ordered Samuel the Prophet to depose him and make David the King.

Yes, since "nothing's new," we will rule in the end, and that is what frightens the Left the most. Someday, they will have to pay for their sins.

Chag Succot Sameach

Have a Joyous Succot

Harachaman Hu Yakim et Sukat David Hanofalet

May The Merciful One Raise Up David's Fallen Kingdom

Monday, September 24, 2007

A "Creature" Over Jaffa Street

What is that giant thing, looming up there in Jerusalem?
Is it a marriage between tinker toys and an erector set?

Mofaz is just another overly ambitious politician

When Shaul Mofaz, former IDF commander, went into politics, some thought his military experience would make him a leader of the "right." The Mofaz family had even lived in Elkana, which is technically in the Shomron, for awhile.

But he ended up "centrist" at best and mostly agreed with whomever was his boss, even if it put him with the Left.

Now, he's nervous about Olmert's future,
so he's pretending to be on the "Right."

Believe me, I'm "Right" and that guy ain't. He just doesn't want to get caught in Olmert's "problems." Olmert's "coattails" may pull his political partners out of power and into disgrace.

The "end of the world?" Yossi Beilin, you don't scare me!

Yossi Beilin's trying scare tactics to force us to agree to whatever that US-sponsored Middle East "pharce" conference demands. Yossi Beilin is on the extreme Left of Israeli politics. He was one of the prime movers of the Oslo Accords. He's still barking up the same tree.

What makes people like him "run?"
Why are they immune from seeing the truth of their actions and theories?
Why is he so disengaged from reality?

Syria, peace?

US's Rice's "Peace" Conference is so stacked against Israel, that it's suicidal to attend. Of course that won't stop Israel. It didn't stop Israel, even during Yitzchak Shamir's time, from attending the Madrid Conference. And then when Arab terrorists shot up a bus from Shiloh and murdered the driver, Yitzchak Rofeh, and my neighbor, Rachella Druk, mother of seven young children, Shamir stayed put.

You can't make peace with people who want to annihilate you.

Rice hopes Syria, too, will attend US Mideast peace conference
Earlier, Mideast Quartet expresses support of Olmert-Abbas talks, "grave concern" over continued Palestinian rockets on Israeli towns.

'Chances of war with Syria still high'
IAF chief: "We need to be as sharp as a razor ahead of what might happen."

The Infamous Interview

According to ezzie, "Ahmadinejad on 60 Minutes", at least he was asked tough questions.

When Israeli TV interviews terrorists, the "journalists" act like best friends. They save their nasty looks and toughness for their "enemies," the Jewish patriots who love Eretz Yisrael.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ramon--Wakey, Wakey

Just to confirm Chaim Ramon's disengagement from reality... Remember, he thought the young female soldier was attracted to him and wanted a kiss, a real kiss, not a photo-op, or peck on the cheek. Yes, that same Chaim Ramon is telling the world that Israel is ready to give (G-d forbid!) some of its Capital City, Jerusalem to the Same Arabs who want to destroy it.

Well, the same time that his boss Olmert has pushed a troika, which doesn't include Ramon, on the government, Ramon has been trying to convince the Likud's Bibi Netanyahu to join the Government. At least Bibi has the brains to refuse, at least for now.

Politicians are in the business for power, and joining Olmert's Cabinet is like being in a traffic jam.

The Olmert Troika

Olmert has established a "ruling mini-cabinet" that would have the authority to revoke any previous cabinet decisions. His partners are Finance Minister Ronnie Bar-On and Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann.

Of course, he's explaining that it will just add "efficiency" to the over-sized cabinet, but its power is dangerous. And about "efficiency," nothing is more efficient than a dictatorship.

It, obviously, does not include representatives of his coalition partners. And, yes, they are furious. Let's see what they will do. Most of them are too greedy to vote against the government, because they don't want to lose out on their cushy ministerial salaries and future MK pensions.

"Machsom Watch" Endangers Israel!

Israel is in a fight for its very survival. Unfortunately, every single Arab and their foreign and local supporters may be hiding weapons. That includes "innocent-looking" pregnant women.

Just last week, we saw another example of how a pregnant Arab woman hid a weapons cache. Machsom Watch and similar groups insist that "polite requests" to check Arabs are required, as if the terrorists and their "mules" will just politely hand over explosives, weapons etc.

Terrorism isn't polite, nor is the aim of the Arab terrorists. As a pragmatist, I must distrust the Arabs. Don't you remember the Arab woman, who went to her doctor's appointment in the Israeli hospital armed with explosives, planning on blowing it up, to murder the doctor who had helped her and dozens of other innocents? Luckily she was caught at the border and didn't succeed in carrying out her plan.

We are at war, and the Machsom Watch and similar groups are supporting the enemy.

Starting with a Mitzvah!

It's customary to get started with a Mitzvah after Yom Kippur, when we've prayed to G-d to wipe our slates clean and forgive us for all of our sins. So after eating, I took a walk around my Shiloh neighborhood, armed with my trusty Canon 620.

Lots of people had gotten started building their succot,

or had at least brought the equipment to the house.

That's the way to start the year, with Mitzvot, yes, plenty to think about, I'd say.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Only in Israel, The country closed down for the day, plus!

One of the special things about living here in Israel is that Jewish Holidays are the National Holidays.

And the country closes down for Yom Kippur, even though not everyone obverses the day according to Jewish Law.

The fast has been over for over an hour, and it's hard to discover the news.

Even the Jerusalem Post has this as its banner:
Site updates will resume after Yom Kippur

I guess the staff has been given time to eat.
Baruch Hashem

Shavua Tov and soon it's Succot, so Chag Sameach, too!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Nadia's Report About Her Arrest

This is from Arutz 7:

Nadia Matar Released From Jail

by Ezra HaLevi

(IsraelNN.com) Nadia Matar, who head the Women in Green activists group, was arrested Wednesday evening after a peaceful protest outside Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's residence.

Matar was released late Thursday. The following are excerpts of Matar's account of what happened:

At the end of our Women in Green vigil, when most people had already gone home, I stayed with some 15 friends and activists who were going to help put back the placards and the flags into my car. Starting to walk to my car, friends saw policemen coming closer and closer to me. They immediately realized the police was trying to get me but were waiting for the supporters to leave. I am still moved to tears thinking about those wonderful friends who immediately surrounded me to protect me and said: we are not leaving before we make sure you are OK. A heavyset policeman told me: "Nadia, i demand you join me to the police station." I asked him why: "What did I do wrong?" He answered: "That we will discuss later. I order you to come with me to the police, otherwise we will take you by force. I told him I wanted to call a lawyer to discuss what my rights are.

I heard him shout: "Nadia, come with me right now otherwise you will be responsible for the violence that will happen here!"
walked back to Paris square, surrounded by my friends, sat down on the stone bench and started calling Honenu - all the time surrounded by wonderful friends and supporters. There I was, sitting on the stone bench, discussing the issue with the lawyer, surrounded by friends - but the police obviously had no patience to wait till I finish my phone call. I heard him shout: "Nadia, come with me right now otherwise you will be responsible for the
violence that will happen here!"

Immediately after saying that policemen started violently beating the women who were surrounding me to push their way through to get me. It was unbearable to see how they had no qualms beating and hitting older women and men. When they reached me they grabbed my arms and my legs, lifted me up like a sack of potatoes, shlepped me to the van in the most immodest way and threw me in the van. Being a religious woman I cover my head with a cap. in this violent commotion, my cap fell off so when I was in the van I raised myself, stuck my head out of the van and demanded to get my cap back. The policeman who was the driver barked at me saying: "Sit down right now." Another policewoman shouted: "Sit down right now or i will close the door on your head." I told them: "I will not sit down till you give me my hat," to no avail.

The driver policeman, whose name I found out later is Avi Nissan (ID #1114214) then grabbed my right wrist and twisted it in the most painful and violent way. The pain shot through my body. I was unable to stand and was thrown down on the seat-the door of the van shut. Then Michal Shofet, longtime Women in Green activist was pushed into the van too. I asked her why they arrested her. She told me that she was outside and witnessed the most brutal police behavior. When she saw that one woman had been pushed to the floor and looked as if she was fainting, she started shouting at the policeman demanding he stop hitting. That is when he grabbed her and pushed her into the van. She said that her arm was really hurting. When I told her how upset was that I had no head-covering, she gave me her orange scarf.

We arrived at the Moriah Police Station around 9:30pm. We were put in a large room with a table and asked to wait. The policemen who had all been involved in our arrest sat down and started writing their version of what
happened. It was unbelievable to see how they were talking to each other-obviously coordinating what they were going to write. It took them close to an hour and a half to write. Meanwhile some 10 supporters had arrived at the police station and were giving us support from outside. Once again I want to thank them. At some point a lawyer sent by Honenu arrived. It was Ephraim Katzir. Boy were we happy to see him! He was allowed to speak to us only for a few minutes. He told us that the police had decided we had to spend the night in jail and go to court the following day.

At around midnight Michal was taking in for questioning. My turn came around 1 in the morning. The officer called Avi Sutto, told me I was accused of:

1) "going wild after the order of dispersion" was given
2) participation in an illegal gathering
3) attacking policemen
4) disturbing policemen in duty
5) incitement to violence
6) blocking roads and blocking traffic

I asked him how come the list of lies and fabrications was so short. Maybe he wanted to add to the list: "accused of the murder of Jesus and Yitzhak Rabin? if you are already lying, make it a bit more interesting..." I told him. He did not like the fact that I was not fazed nor scared by his ridiculous questions, most of which I refused to answer saying that this was a political arrest and I wasn't going to lend a hand to this circus - I was accusing them of harassment, persecution, stifling dissent, police violence etc. When he asked what I had said and that I was accused of "incitement to violence' I decided to give this man a bit of Jewish history. I took out of my bag and started reading the entire quote of Ben Gurion. He did not like the fact that he had to write so much but I told him "You asked me what I said. This is what I said. Are you trying to tell me that Ben Gurion's words are incitement?"

Then, a little before 2:00 in the morning he said: "OK, now we will finish the interrogation by taking your fingerprints and a DNA sample." I told him that there was no way I was going to accept that. He told me that it is the law and that if I refused he would do it by force. I told him I demanded to call Honenu. I called Honenu (who have a advisor on call 24 hours a day - what a wonderful organization!). The advisor on call told me that if it was important for me to refuse to this demand, I should say that if the next day the judge would obligate me to do so - I would, but at this moment I refuse to give my fingerprints and the DNA. When I told that to the policeman he went wild. He started shouting that I was hutzpadik (impertinent), that I was receiving bad counseling and that he was going to grab my hand by force and get my fingerprints. I put my hands behind my back and told him that I did not care how much he was shouting, I was not going to give him my fingerprints.

At this point he called another policeman who took over the interrogation. This was a higher ranking officer by the name of Tommy Zaken. He was more of a mentsh and was more bothered by the fact that some prisoners had escaped. He was constantly on the walkie-talkie giving instructions to his guys what to do to catch the fugitives. He decided to let go of the fingerprints and told me that now they were going to bring Michal and me to the Russian Compound to spend the night. In the morning we would be brought in front of a judge who would decide whether to release us or whether to keep us in jail.

Having spent the night in jail at the Russian Compound many years ago, during the Rabin-Peres regime, I must say that the place has not changed much unfortunately. The only difference is that they seem to have painted
the walls since then and the traces of feces on the wall that were there years ago, have more or less been taken away. Now the walls are full of graffiti mostly in Arabic. There are also slogans in Hebrew to remind us many activists against the expulsion of Gush Katif have paid a visit to that jail.

Each prisoner gets a tooth brush, toothpaste, a bar of soap. Then we had to give our valuable personal belongings (money, Visa Card, cellphone etc..) to be put in the safe. After we were frisked to make sure we did not hide a
cellphone or weapon somewhere in our body! we were brought to a doctor who asked if we had anything to complain about. I told them my hand had been twisted and Michal, who was in terrible pain and her arm was fire red, asked to receive pain killers. Then we were brought to our cell. I asked if we could get a room with a view but somehow we did not get that...:) There are no windows in the cell.

The cell is tiny. Two stone bunk beds are the only "furniture". There is no place to really stand. One must stay in his bed. Behind a door is a toilet, sink and a shower. The officer had told us that cameras were filming the cell
but not the toilet .The main problem with the cell was that there was no air. It was just suffocating. We each got a mattress and two blankets. A Jewish woman in her fifties was in the cell. She did not talk much. The strong light stayed on the entire night making it impossible to sleep. Luckily they allowed me to take my siddur (prayer book) into the cell.

Trying to fall asleep, all I was thinking about was Jonathan Pollard. Here I had been in jail just for a few hours and I was already getting restless and bored and felt like walking the walls....how could Jonathan bear it? Twenty two years in jail. Twenty two years. Day and night. Day and night. And whatever conditions we were in, were probably luxury conditions compared to what Jonathan has. And despite all that Jonathan stays upbeat, full of optimism and love of Eretz Israel - giving us strength. I promised myself that the moment I would get out I would remind everyone to act on behalf of Jonathan's release, to pray for his health, and to do whatever we can to bring Jonathan home.

In the morning we received three slices of bread, a hard boiled egg, a spoonful of white cheese and half a yellow pepper. Michal and I could not eat for we simply had no air. We asked if they would let us have some air in the courtyard. Luckily they agreed and we spent from 8 in the morning till 12;30 noon in the courtyard, enjoying the fresh air. Never have I spent time thinking about the fact that we have to appreciate every day we can enjoy the fresh air of freedom. [...]

At 12:45 they opened the door and told us we were going to Court. They put handcuffs on us. I asked them, "If you already treat us like criminals - why not put us in leg irons?" The policeman lowered his eyes in embarrassment and said that this is what he was told to do.

Arriving at the courthouse we were welcomed warmly by many of our dear and loyal family members, friends and supporters who had been waiting in court since 10:30 in the morning because they were told by the police that we had to appear at 10:30. No doubt in our mind that they kept postponing the hearing hoping our supporters would leave, but no, our Women in Green friends are like family and they stayed till we arrived.

Appearing before judge Amnon Cohen, the police asked to release us on condition that we would not be allowed to approach Paris Square, the PM's residence or any government ministry in the country for the next six months.
In addition they demanded I give a DNA sample and fingerprints. [...]

Our lawyer Ephraim Katzir gave a moving and powerful talk explaining that this was a case of political persecution and that the judge could not give a hand to this crushing of dissent. No doubt that Katzir's talk influenced the
judge who gave his ruling: "I rule to free Nadia and Michal without any condition. I do obligate them to give their fingerprints, and Nadia has to, in addition, give a DNA sample."

They also took Michal's and my fingerprints. We both wrote on the page that we were doing this only because the Judge had obligated us to do so, but we still wanted to make clear that this was being done against our will.

We all felt very uplifted. Our lawyer had succeeded in convincing the judge no to agree to the bolchevik demand by the police to stop our right to demonstrate in front of government ministries. [...]

To sum up the 24 hours that had passed; it is clear to us that the police received instructions from above to scare us and silence us. The Olmert government is very upset that we are raising our heads and are already now screaming gevalt against the secret agreement being concocted between Olmert and Abbas. [...]

The Olmert Government has no mandate to give away the Land of Israel. The creation of a PLO state in Judea and Samaria and the division of Jerusalem, with the handing over of the Temple Mount to the PLO will endanger the very existence of the State of Israel. At our demonstration we made it clear that we will do everything in our power to prevent this from happening. [...]

May Hashem give us strength to fight our internal and external enemies and protect the Land of Israel, the People of Israel and the Torah of Israel.[...] One thing is for sure. If the Olmert government thinks they scared us with their violent bolshevik behavior, the exact opposite is the truth. We realize that we have touched a sensitive nerve. No arrests nor beatings will stop us. We will continue to fight for the Land , the People and the Torah of Israel. And if it is a crime to love the Land of Israel, then it is our honor to be arrested for such a "crime"!!

Christian Missionaries Allowed to Visit IDF Soldiers

Due to the quickly approaching Yom Kippur Festival-Fast, I don't have time to write about this, but I want to make it known. Not long ago, there were reports that Chabad and other groups, which bring Yiddishkeit, Judaism, to Jews, have been banned from IDF bases, so it's especially worrying that a Christian Missionary group has been promised access.

Here's the article from Arutz 7:

'Convert-or-Die' Minister to Lead Visit to IDF Army Base
by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) A Christian group led by a minister who teaches that ten million Jews are destined to be killed plans to visit an IDF base next week. A Jerusalem City Council member is trying to stop the visit.

The group leader is Richard Booker, a Christian minister and the Founder/Director of the Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies who will be participating in the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) Feast of Tabernacles extravaganza this coming Sukkot holiday. First, however, he will lead a tour of devoted followers on a tour of northern Israel - including a visit to an Israeli army base.

The tour's promotional literature states that during the visit, "we will have the opportunity to get acquainted with IDF soldiers and give gifts of encouragement." The visitors also plan to have lunch with the soldiers, and will proceed from there to "our adopted Children’s Center for the underprivileged. We will distribute warm winter outfits to the kids and help them build their sukkah."

Teachings by their leader, however, show a distinct dissonance between the love he shows the Jews and the fate he foresees for them. Booker has written about what he calls "The Jews' Final Holocaust," predicting what has been known as a "convert-or-die" scenario. At the end of days, he writes, "hundreds of thousands of Jews will have come to accept Jesus as their Messiah. This will come about through the preaching ministry of 144,000 Jewish evangelists whom God will call especially for the purpose of preaching the gospel during the tribulation period... The Antichrist will march his troops into Israel and for a short period of time will occupy Jerusalem. Every nation will support his retaliation against Israel for their disturbing world peace. The Antichrist will kill two-thirds of all the Jews. This could mean that up to ten million Jews will be killed..." (quoted from his book, Blow the Trumpet in Zion.)

Jerusalem City Council member Mina Fenton has written a letter of protest to IDF Chief Rabbi Brig.-Gen. Avi Ronsky about the planned visit. The letter states:
"On Sept. 25, a group of Christians led by Minister Richard Booker is scheduled to visit soldiers at a base in the Golan, Brigade 82. They say they will have a chance to 'get acquainted with IDF soldiers and give gifts of encouragement' - code-phrases with religious meaning... The phenomenon of Christian groups visiting army bases is, unfortunately, a common one. Of late, one group was caught actually distributing missionary literature. How can this happen? Are there no rules governing who is allowed to visit? Is there anyone in the military framework who checks and understands who the missionaries are? This is a very sensitive and dangerous issue. They feel freedom and strength; they come with money and gifts, and gates and doors open right up! This phenomenon must be stopped."

Anti-missionary activist Pastor Kenneth Rawson of New Jersey has written that the above teachings of Richard Booker and others are "Horrific! ... It is inconceivable that Evangelical Christians can look the Jewish people in the eye and tell them they are their friends, yet have such a deceptive diabolical agenda for them. This agenda is both unthinkable and unscriptural... How can these Evangelical Christians claim such friendship for Israel when their theology is so hateful to the Jews?"

ICEJ Media Director David Parsons told Arutz-7 in response that his organization "absolutely rejects any 'convert-or-die' theology; we do not believe this is God's way." He also said it was made clear to all Feast of Tabernacles participants that all forms of missionary activities are forbidden at the event.

Erev Yom Kippur-- Israeli Government Targets Dissidents

According to Israel Justice, the arrest of Nadia Matar, who afterwards was released, is apparently part of a plan to eliminate dissent. Olmert's Government has plans of not only giving the Arabs our Historical Homeland in Judea and Samaria, but parts of Jerusalem and other parts of pre-1967 Israel.

The Olmert-Ramon Plan offers the terrorists parts of pre-1967 Israel to "compensate them" for the ghettoized "settlement blocks" which would be somehow included in Israel's "territory." Nadia referred to that, saying that it went against Israeli Law, making the Kadima politicians traitors, deserving punishment of death.

Similar to the pre-Disengagement time, dissidence is becoming illegal in Israel, at least if Olmert gets his way.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why the Secret?

Nadia Matar, of Women in Green, was arrested last night!

I can't find it mentioned in the internet edition of the Jerusalem Post, nor ynet.
It took until afternoon until the English Arutz 7 posted about it, though their Hebrew site has TV footage of her speech and the police going after her.

I'm adding a link to the English Arutz TV report, which has an interview with Dafna Netanyahu, wife of Ido Netanyahu, Bibi's younger brother. This clip does not have Nadia's arrest, which appears at the end of the Hebrew report, linked in the previous paragraph.

In her speech at the demonstration she stated that it is against Israeli Law to hand over our Land to a foreign country, that according to Israeli Law it is treason and traitors are to be executed.

Then as the shofarim were blown to end the event, the police went after Nadia, a mother of six. It is horrid to see the violence to sound of the shofar.

Dozens of foreign journalists and other concerned people called the Israeli authorities to ask why Israel is arresting dissidents. Today Nadia was released, no charges filed, but she did spend the night in jail.

We must not be silent.

If this is a democracy, we have the right to voice our opinions.

And Nadia is correct. Olmert, Ramon and crew are breaking Israeli Law by offering our Land to the Arabs for an new terrorist state whose aim is to destroy us.

Why are there no civil rights for Jewish Israeli citizens who want to protect our country?

Gmar Chatima Tova

All Arab Terrorism is the Same

I just can't understand how people who are outraged and terrified by New York's 9-11 Arab terror attack can be so blase` about the Arab terror we face here in Israel.

Don't they understand that Bin Laden and the PLO and are the same? They're blood brothers, Siamese Twins. That's the truth!

Osama Bin Laden's greatest greatest support comes from the PLO, and the person pushing to give the PLO a state at the expense of Israeli Land and security is the US's Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.

Text: “Exclusive to Al Hayat Al Jadida”
Al Hayat Al Jadida, September 12, 2007

Palestinians see Twin Tower victims as Iraqis and Palestinians.
Text on left tower: Palestine

Text on right tower: Iraq

PA official daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept 12, 2003

Od Avihu Chai March to Jerusalem--Itinerary

From Shiloh to Jerusalem
A Living Memorial to Avihu Keinan, HaYa"D
Succot, 2007
Sunday, September 30
The 18th of Tshrei

  • 9am Shiloh Cemetery-- We leave from Avihu's grave
  • Shiloh Junction--The main road
  • Memorial at Waadi Charamiya
  • Ofra
  • Givat Asaf-- the T Junction to Beit El, (busses)
  • Ammunition Hill, Jerusalem, for Special Program.

As in recent years, not all of the route will be hiked. You can meet us at any section of the route.

Estimated time it will end is 6:30pm.

For more details call the office, 02-940-1111 or Orit, 0545-649-140 and 0525-666-687 or Natan 0524-317-333.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rice and Ramon-- What a Team...

What is Peres Really Saying?

Israeli President, Shimon Peres, now states that "land for peace" doesn't work.

OK, with that I've agreed all along, but what implications does it have for him?

I don't hear him saying that it's time to
officially annex and settle all of Eretz Yisrael. Do you?

I don't hear him saying that a
Palestinian State
will endanger the very existence of the State
of Israel. Do you?

I don't hear him saying that he apologizes for
all of his previous policies, Oslo, etc. Do you?

Peres, it's almost Yom Kippur. Time to come "clean."

Erev Tavshilim, Cooking on Chag for Shabbat

This year's Rosh Hashannah was a strange situation according to Jewish Law.

Three days long....
Now two of those days were Rosh Hashannah, but each day is considered a "different" and unconnected Holiday. That means that we can't cook from day one to day two. When I say "cook" I mean "warm up food," too. So unless you have a fully functioning for Holiday stove/oven, there won't be enough time to heat up much food to any really warm or bacteria-killing temperature before it's time to eat. Yes, we can't start until we light candles again. And we can't light candles until it's dark and stars are out.

That's one of the reasons, I usually choose the second night's menu from food which doesn't need much heating, like fish. Also, the idea of eating so many meat meals, makes my stomach feel like a bunch of bowling balls. We also eat our "Shehechiyanu fruit" then. That's the first time a new fruit of the season is eaten, so we can say the Shehechiyanu prayer on it. We need a reason for that prayer on the second day of Rosh Hashannah.

But, if we do Erev Tavshilin before the first day's Holiday begins we can cook for Shabbat which is immediately after the second day.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Our custom is to use a roll and hard boiled egg.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Join the March to Jerusalem!

Aliyah l'Regel
The Great Succot Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

The Avihu Chai

March to Jerusalem

From Shiloh

You can meet us

on the way

or in Jerusalem!

Sunday of Succot

September 30, 2007

Avihu Keinan, of Shiloh, was killed in a badly planned army action. He was one of Israel's top combat soldiers, but he wasn't even given a chance to defend himself. Due to the perverse morality imposed on the army, the soldiers were forced to endanger themselves unnecessarily, to prevent any possible harm to Arabs. Because of that, Avihu was killed, just before Rosh Hashannah, four years ago.

Upon hearing the terrible news, they type of news every parent dreads, Avihu's father Moshe pledged to march to Jerusalem and confront the President of the State of Israel.

So that Succot, two and a half weeks after Avihu was killed, we, neighbors, men, women, teens and toddlers in strollers, joined Moshe. We marched to Jerusalem. We marched, unprotected, where many fear to travel, even in bullet-proof vehicles.

A Succah was set up across from the President's Residence, and Jews from all over the world, including other bereaved parents and rabbis and politicians came to see him. He was also invited to meet with the President.

Every Succot since then, we have been marching from Shiloh to Jerusalem. People from all over join us. You can, too.

In total honesty, I must say that it is an amazing feeling to be back on the roads in Eretz Yisrael, hiking as free men. This is our Land. We can only possess it by walking it.

For more information about the exact route and program call the office, 02-940-1111 or Orit, 0545-649-140 and 0525-666-687 or Natan 0524-317-333.

Arieh Eldad in the News

Whenever I'm asked if there's an Israeli politician I trust and support, I always mention MK Dr. Arieh Eldad MD. Honestly, he's the only one I can recommend.
It's very sad that he has had to leave his job as world class plastic surgeon, whose specialty is burn victims, in order to try to heal our Nation and People. G-d willing his skills and talents in facilitating the healthy growth of new skin will be transferred to his new, and much more difficult, profession as Israeli political and national leader.
Recently, he was one of the three Knesset Members who had planned to go to visit the Jews in Chomesh. They ended up postponing their trip, because the government wouldn't allow journalists to accompany them.
In order to read more about what he thinks, here's an article he wrote for Arutz 7.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Olmert Eyes Syria, G-d help us!

Aren't things bad enough with Olmert trying to give our precious Historic Homeland, Judea and Samaria, to the terrorists?

Now, like those quick-handed tricksters, he's looking for "gifts" to give to Syria.

I have the perfect idea. Let's give them the perfect present...
Tie it into the perfect package...
Olmert and Peres
Barak would make a nice bow

Leadership-- Be a Head not a Tail

There are all sorts of traditions when it comes to the "head" placed on the Rosh Hashannah Table. Some people use a fish head, others a sheep's and others a different animal.

As an unrepentant out of the box thinker, I prefer something more creative.

My children grew up seeing a different head every year, since each year has its own challenges and raw materials.

There are no set answers to life's problems, so I suggest that you take a fresh look at things to be a true head, not a tail.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Can there really be peace?

Better question:
What is peace?
Can it be bought?

Taking a look at World History, we can see that "peace" has only been achieved after a war in which one side wins and wins big. The other surrenders and is willing to make peace. They're pragmatists. They have no choice.

The victorious side makes it clear that they'll hit even harder if the losers "try anything."

We, Israel, had that very chance in 1967. We were supposed to declare ourselves the victors and warn the Arabs that if they resumed the terrorism which had plagued the first nineteen years of the State of Israel, then their cities would be destroyed, and they'd be refugees in one of the three countries which had attacked Israel, Syria, Egypt or Jordan.

We were supposed to have immediately begun settling our Historic Homeland.
We were supposed to have immediately begun organized Jewish Prayers on Har HaBayit and then built a new Beit HaMikdash.
Actually, that's how Jordan's King Hussein understood it. He fought the terrorists, and he didn't join Egypt and Syria in the Yom Kippur War.

We had PEACE IN OUR HANDS, and then we gave the Key to Har HaBayit, the Temple Mount, to the Arabs, and we lost our chance for Peace. But then G-d was merciful, and in 1973, on Yom Kippur, the Arabs attacked again. A miracle happened, an even bigger miracle than in 1967, because we weren't prepared, not militarily, not psychologically, not spiritually. World Jewry weren't praying for us an entire month before the war began. It wasn't 1967, when the Arab leaders declared that they were going to drive us into the sea.

It was a regular Yom Kippur, and then suddenly bus drivers were called up, emergency. And then there was a siren, early afternoon, all over the country. Everyone went into emergency, war mode. Radios were turned on, and the men, reserve solders, listened for their codes to be broadcast, and suddenly, most of the male population, those in their twenties, thirties and early forties, of Israel were in their military uniforms and traveling to their bases, instead of wearing their white shirts and sitting in synagogue. They prayed and they fought, and G-d gave us a great miracle.

We crossed the canal and defeated the Egyptians, and we entered Syria and defeated them, too.
But again, it was rejected by Israel. We had PEACE IN OUR HANDS.

The same Israeli leadership which shot at Jews on the Altalena and handed over their fellow Jews to the British rejected True Peace.

The Israeli Government, cheered on by the Israeli media and "intellectuals," think that they can "buy peace" for Land.

The ordinary Israeli knows that something is wrong, but they have been trained to obey orders.
Do you remember the hue and cry just over two years ago, when Israeli solders were faced with the orders to exile, transfer innocent Jews from their homes?
They were told by the great moralists:
Obey orders! Follow the Laws legally and democratically passed in the Knesset!

Do you remember the hue and cry just a few weeks ago, when Israeli soldiers were ordered to throw Jewish families out of their home in Hebron?
They were told by the great moralists:
Obey orders! Follow the Laws legally and democratically passed in
the Knesset!

Those moralists would have told Yehuda HaMaccabee to be a "good Greek."
What's so moral about that?

There are times when we must follow our conscience and look for the moral compass inside of us. There are times we must take risks or we won't survive.

Avraham took his son to sacrifice, and Yitzchak lived. And we descend from them.

It is now just after Rosh Hashannah, and Yom Kippur is less than a week away. We must obey G-d's Laws and G-d's morality. Remember, because Avraham did so, Yitzchak survived and we exist today.

Gmar Chatimah Tovah

ערום Erum, Not "Naked"

Even for Hebrew speakers, there's a problem understanding the Biblical/original definition of Hebrew words and terms. It seems like original meanings have been lost or distorted. One of them is the adjective ערום , erum, a word which appears in Bereishit, Genesis, and then in few other Biblical books. My Biblical quotations are from here.

It is used to describe the snake.
א וְהַנָּחָשׁ, הָיָה עָרוּם, מִכֹּל חַיַּת הַשָּׂדֶה
1 Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field...

And a few lines later, it describes how Adam and Eve felt after eating from ֵעֵץ, הַדַּעַת טוֹב וָרָע "The tree of the knowledge of good and evil."

ז וַתִּפָּקַחְנָה, עֵינֵי שְׁנֵיהֶם, וַיֵּדְעוּ, כִּי עֵירֻמִּם הֵם
7 And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked;

Now what does clever, crafty, sly or devious have to do with "naked?"

I think that the word has a different meaning, "tempting," "capable of sin." I'd say that after eating the fruit, Adam and Eve's innocence was lost. Their eyes suddenly opened to the realization that they were attracted to each other's bodies. And at the same time they knew that they could attract others with their bodies. They suddenly realized that their bodies had a power to tempt people do evil. That's why they felt it necessary to cover them. They were ashamed before G-d.

Today the word "erum" is used to mean naked. I wonder how long that has been. In Mishle, Proverbs, and Job the word is used to mean "crafty." It just doesn't make sense that the word, used so few times in the Bible, can have two different meanings.

I keep looking for the best English adjective to translate "erum" as it is used in Bereishit. Maybe it's "irresistibly sexy?" Adam and Eve then, in their "innocence" tried to hide it, since they couldn't deal with the power. They were uncomfortable with the emotions it produced.

A Dvar Torah for Berieshit.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Honestly, they haven't a clue!

The most unnerving thing about the present Israeli Government is that they even admit that they have no idea how to solve the security situation.

  • We need a new, a better government here in Israel,
  • one that isn't tired!
  • One with spirit and
  • the firm belief that our needs are the only needs which must be taken into account.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Olmert's Plan to Destroy Israel

News here is filled with news of the agreement Olmert is making with the terrorists. He plans on signing it before the country has any say about it, before the people know what's in it.

Olmert hopes that he'll accomplish a fait accomplis and will bulldoze it through the Israeli Government.

Israel would not be a viable country if Olmert's agreement is activated. It's that simple. Olmert must be stopped.

Olmert wants to destroy Jewish towns, homes, schools and businesses.

Olmert wants to also give land which has been in Israel's possession since 1948 to the terrorists.

Olmert is conducting himself as a dictator, not as a leader of a democratically elected government.

Olmert must be stopped!

Batya Medad, Shiloh
The Eve of Rosh Hashannah, 5768
Shannah Yoter Tovah--A Better Year, G-d willing
Gmar Chatimah Tovah--May you be inscribed in The Book of Life

Powerful Breakthrough on Capitol Hill!! by Brigitte Gabriel

Powerful Breakthrough on Capitol Hill!!
Members of Congress Listen in Stunned Silence to Brigitte Gabriel’s Message
Pledge to Work With Us to Fight Islamofascism

Dear Robert & Chris,
Being on Capitol Hill yesterday was a remarkable experience. As Stephanie, my assistant, and I pulled into the Capitol under heavy security, we looked around in utter amazement as heavily armed SWAT teams with their fully loaded M16s stood with hands on triggers ready to fire, covering the Capitol and its surrounding streets. You would expect to see this in Israel — but not in the United States. It is a chilling sign of the times we live in and a harsh reminder that we are at war with Islamofascists who are bent on killing us.
My presentation on Capitol Hill was one of the most important presentations I have ever given. The room filled quickly after the 9-11 ceremony on the steps of the Capitol. I began speaking at 7:30 PM. You could hear a pin drop as Members of Congress sat there stunned, listening to the details I was sharing.
There were no journalists, no cameras, and no CSPAN. With the doors shut I let the truth fly. I was more candid than I have ever been in any public presentation. I knew I had only one chance to drive the point home to these influential representatives who head up and sit on committees making decisions about our country that impact our safety and our future. I spoke as if my life hung in the balance. By the time I was done speaking and finished another hour answering questions, I was standing in the company of brothers and sisters who share the same concerns for the welfare of our nation, our children and our grandchildren.
It was obvious my message was like a breath of fresh air. Our representatives hear from CAIR, Moveon.org and similar organizations, but as many of them told me, there is no one, there is no other organization on the Hill with the message I brought to them on your behalf. One Congressman told me he’s been trying, since 1987, to convey the kind of information I covered, but, in his words, “I have never come close to the level of success you achieve.” To hear the message I delivered and to know there are all of you in their districts with these concerns energized these representatives more than ever to do the job they were sent to Congress to do.
The members who attended were so moved and so motivated that they want to organize a major meeting to have me present to the entire body of Congress, House and Senate, Republicans and Democrats. They are going to reach out to their colleagues who were not at yesterday’s briefing and urge them to get involved as well.
Yesterday’s presentation was the beginning of a partnership between ACT and our elected officials — those who are interested and are listening. They welcomed us to bring issues to their attention, to become more involved in writing bills and resolutions to protect our country and its citizens. This was the beginning of many meetings to come. We are no longer working on the outside and hoping they hear us. We are working with them, hand in hand on the inside.
One of the highlights of last night was meeting Congressman Steve Pearce of New Mexico (http://pearce.house.gov/) who introduced the John Doe bill which we helped pass. He sends every one of you his thanks and appreciation for the calls and emails you made to Congress to help pass his bill. I thanked him for being a vigilant and courageous representative protecting the American people. I promised him and everyone in the room, that we at ACT and ACT for America will work with them and support them in writing and presenting bills that will protect our country and our freedoms.
As I reflect on the success of our meeting I am convinced we can tackle not one issue, but many issues. We are now organizing the same type of meeting on the Senate side. Senators could not attend yesterday’s presentation because of congressional protocol. This is why General Petraeus today is repeating his same speech to the Senate.
Please write and thank Congressman McCotter (http://mccotter.house.gov/) and Congressman Saxton (http://www.house.gov/saxton) for facilitating this meeting and organizing it. These two people are some of our nation’s best and brightest serving our country and “we the people.”
I especially want to thank you, our members, for standing with me and supporting our team financially. You are the ones who made it possible for us to mail copies of my book BECAUSE THEY HATE to every elected official in our government. It was this effort that opened their eyes. Many members yesterday said that my book is sitting on their night stand or sitting on their desks. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for playing your part in making our efforts possible.
I will be emailing you the list of names of the attendees at yesterday’s briefing and the committees they serve on so you may write them and thank them for attending. Thanking them is as important as your calls urging them to attend. They told me they hear from people on many issues – taxes, immigration, health care – but NOT on national security. Our elected officials need to hear from you.
To continue supporting our efforts and enabling us to do the important work we do please make a financial contribution today. Click here to donate.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Brigitte Gabriel
American Congress for TruthP.O. Box 6884Virginia Beach, VA 23456mailto:23456member@americancongressfortruth.org

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Go all the way!

Stop whispering!
Take off your gloves and do everything in your power to get Olmert, Peres and crew out of power!

What are we all going to say when we meet Our Maker, G-d Almighty, HaKodesh Baruch Hu, when He asks us how we allowed the State of Israel to be destroyed and the Jewish People all over the world to be endangered?

I'm tired of polite letters, behind the scenes mechanizations and worried words, whether political speeches, editorials or just between friends.

Our ancient history and artifacts are being bulldozed and destroyed.

Our precious Land is being offered to terrorists.

Don't think that you'll be safer in Scarsdale than Shiloh, Great Neck than Giloh, London than Lod, or Auckland than Otniel.

No international forces will jump in to save us. They'd rather just add an annex to their fancy Holocaust Museums.

Yisrael, B'tach B'Hashem!
The Jewish people Must Put its Faith in G-d's Security Forces
And We are the Soldiers, All of Us
Wherever we are, Whoever we are
We have a job to do for The Jewish People

Monday, September 10, 2007

From IMRA: Peace Now Leader: our strategy not to reveal true goals

I consider this an important message:

Peace Now Leader: our strategy not to reveal true goals

Excerpts from an interview with Tzali Reshef by Ari Shavit - Ha'aretz
Magazine - 8 November 2002

IMRA: This item is being distributed again as it provides important insight
into the modus operandi of Chaim Ramon, the man behind the current
netogiations between PM Olmert and PA leader Mahmoud Abbas.

For the article click the title under the IMRA logo.