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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Natbag-- Do you know what that is?

Can you guess where or what Natbag is? It's the Hebrew initials for "Namal Teufa Ben Gurion." Well, it works better in Hebrew. I guess I can translate it as the "Ben Gurion Flying Port." Yes, I was there yesterday, after traveling from CBS. And what's that? The answer's in the highlighted "there."

I took the bus from "CBS," which no longer goes directly. I had to get off at "Airport City," an industrial zone. From there, I took a shuttle, got off at the last stop, went up some escalators and entered the huge arrivals hall.
Of course, I was early, very early.
Good thing I had my camera.
I hope I didn't invade anyone's privacy. I'll never forget the story about someone seeing the movie "Annie Hall," photographed in Manhattan, and noticing her husband, very chummy, with some "other woman." As I remember, it was the cause a their divorce.
The greatest thing I discovered there, was that there's a whole section of chairs for the waiting public. You can even see people coming in, ready to leave. Next time I have to meet somebody, I'll tell them that I'll be seated, and they should look in that direction.

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