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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Hamas/Gaza War Musings #20: Israel Needs New Esther and Mordechai, ASAP!

This is inspired by a challenge to compare the Biblical Purim story with today's situation concerning the Jewish People, The State of Israel and our war for survival. Which of today's Israeli and world leaders are like the five main characters, King Achashverosh, Haman, Vashti, Mordechai and Esther of the Purim story?

Fairly easily I was able to decide on the Persian King Achashverosh, who's very much controlled by his advisors and seems terrified or unwilling to move without the approval of his backers. Haman is also easy to name, and he, too, represents a coalition of supporters and advisors. Vashti took a bit more thought to decide on. She had her moment of fame and then was pushed off the stage. Only our two heroes are missing, Esther and Mordechai. Try as I can, I just don't see anyone or team showing the capabilities and daring needed to topple King Achashverosh and Haman.

Following are my three Purim characters of today.

  • King Achashverosh- Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu
  • Haman- US President Biden
  • Vashti- former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett
Of course if you disagree, I invite you to state your opinions in the comments. 

I'll start with Naftali Bennett as Vashti, since she's off stage very early on. Bennett after his great success in high-tech had been Netanyahu's chief of staff from 2006-8, until Bibi kept dampening Bennett's ambitions, jealous of his talents, and threw him out of the palace. A few years ago, Bennett did the impossible and crafted an unthinkable, even miraculous, coalition and became Israel's Prime Minister. In response, Netanyahu showed his antidemocratic fangs and did everything in his power to destroy Naftali Bennett. He succeeded, very much like Achashverosh's banishment of Vashti. Some Bible scholars say that Vashti was from the royal family and married down. The marriage is what gave Achashverosh the kingship.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been in this high office most of the past twenty years, which according to all logic means that he's responsible for the dangerous mess the State of Israel is in. Like the Biblical Achashverosh, he needs reminding... so far, he's still asleep at the wheel. Considering that Bibi was educated in the USA, he should be familiar with Harry Truman's motto: 
Instead of acting like a strong sovereign leader, Netanyahu likes to talk tough, but his policies are weak. And it's really embarrassing and dangerous for the State of Israel, that he seems so unsure and halting. The additional members of his "war cabinet," like King Achashverosh's advisors, seem even less competent. In Bibi's case, he brought in the same military men who built the defenses that failed on October 7, 2023. They're all covering their you-know-whats

American President Biden represents Haman, the enemy. Achashverosh trusts Haman, and gives him so much authority -including his ring for signing national orders. That reminds me of how Netanyahu is sharing our military secrets and plans with Biden and his staff. Bibi is consulting with them, as if we're all on the same "team," using Biden's terminology. 

How could Bibi do such a thing? What about our national security? The United States has been training and arming the same Arabs who have been attacking us!!! Don't forget that Chuck Schumer, Biden's stooge, announced to the world that the USA wants Netanyahu REPLACED! Biden confirmed it, and Bibi doesn't have the guts to pull our ambassador out of Washington. Doesn't he have any pride, national or personal? He even makes Achashverosh look good.

Think about it. Something is very wrong.

In the Purim story, early on we see Mordechai planting his orphaned relative, Esther, in Achashverosh's palace. Mordechai was a gutsy rebel. That's the Hebrew meaning of his name. The first three letters מרד mem, resh, daled are the root of mered, rebellion. That's why Haman hated him so. Haman knew well that Mordechai couldn't be controlled by Persian authorities. 

I have no idea if an Esther has already been planted someplace where she can turn the tables and bring us victory. Gd willing, she's there, and soon we'll see wonderful miracles. 

If Esther and Mordechai haven't yet started their tasks, Gd willing they'll start soon, ASAP or better yet YESTERDAY!


Sunday, March 17, 2024

Hamas/Gaza War Musings #19: Disgusting Condemnation by Biden and Schumer Expected, Because...Simple Math

Most Israelis are furious about the outrageously chutzpadik words of  US Senator Chuck Schumer, his unabashed interference in internal Israeli politics, which has been given full backing by US President Biden. Prime Minister Netanyahu, among others, are ranting that "we're not a banana republic" and other complaints.

But to be perfectly honest, Bibi's constant consultations with Biden, Blinken and other American officials during this dangerous war for our very survival made us looks weak and dependent. As a long-time Israeli, I felt embarrassed, and I'm not the only one. And worse than embarrassed, I felt endangered and then not surprised, as simple as 1+1=2, when the elected head of a country keeps taking advice from another country, he doesn't look like a strong, competent, sovereign leader, so why should he expect to be treated with respect?

Considering that the USA has never fought a war on its own territory for its very survival against terrorists who rape, decapitate etc, I don't see what expertise they have. And the minute Biden started talking about his plans for establishing "Palestine" sic in Israel after the war, Bibi should have cut off all contact. But that topic is for another war musing.

The truth is that the Democrats don't like Bibi and they never have. The Clintons loved Peres, and Obama couldn't even fake a smile when Bibi was in the same room. Biden has a ready smile, but it's fake. He knows the saying:

"You can get catch more flies with honey than vinegar.."

It makes Biden more dangerous, because people don't expect a knife in the back. And now Bibi got stabbed. 

Biden isn't the first American President to be involved with interfering in Israeli elections. Barack Obama's administration financially supported the "anyone but Bibi" crowd nine years ago. Follow the money... I have no doubt that American money has been supporting all of the anti- Bibi/Likud demonstrations which have plagued Israel for years. They've also been supporting the anti-Judicial Reform movement, even though the present Israeli judicial system goes against every fair proper justice principle American law demands. 

The only American President who has treated Israel with proper respect was Donald Trump, who couldn't/can't understand why American Jews continue to support the Democrats who have always treated Israel so poorly.

It's time for the State of Israel to cut its dependence on the United States. Every "gift" we get has strings attached which are really a noose. We get "shop in America only" shopping coupons. Other countries get actual money to spend wherever. These shopping coupons have weakened Israeli military industries. We could be exporting weapons all over the world. Instead we're begging the USA for more bombs. 

Enough is enough! Let's finally be a fully independent country. That's the only way we'll be safe and win this war. We don't need America! 

In 1967 we had no allies, and we won in six days. I remember it well. That's because Gd helped. Yes, simple math...

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Hamas/Gaza War Musings #18: Demand to Force Draft of Chareidim is to Break Coalition


I love this set of three mugs which picture/symbolize the range of Jewish Israelis from non-religious old time kibbutznikim to chareidim. Am Yisrael Chai! The People of Israel Lives! Yachad Ninatze'ach! Together Victorious!

One of the most beautiful and encouraging things I've seen in this horrifying war for the State of Israel's very survival has been the involvement of all sectors of Israeli society, and that does include chareidim. 

In the more than half a century I've lived in Israel, there has been a steady, quiet change in the involvement of chareidim with the rest of Israeli society. Today Israelis of all levels of Torah observance enjoy the services of various gmachim like Yad Sarah and first aid services established by chareidim. As strictly Shabbat observant chareidim are, those who are in first aid and emergency services keep their phones on 24/7, so they were among the first to try to rescue the dead and wounded in southern Israel on that nightmarish Simchat Torah on October 7, 2023. This was even before the army had gotten themselves organized. And, yes, if you're wondering, ambulance crews were murdered, too. 

Within days of the start of the war, Hamas trying to destroy Israel, many chareidim made their way to the IDF offices to sign up and join the army. Joining the army is a process, since recruits and volunteers must be assessed to see their abilities to find the most suitable unit. Newspapers and television news showed them lined up waiting their turn for assessment. It certainly made me feel good. And to make it clear, I'm not at all chareidi. It's not my cup of tea.

As this war has dragged on, one of the most comforting thing has been seeing the volunteerism in Israeli society. Yes, that includes chareidim among others coming to the hotels where Israelis who had to leave their homes were staying, and bringing them supplies, toys, doing people's laundry and more. Yachad Ninatzeach UNITED WE WIN!

So why did Defense Minister Yoav Gallant suddenly make a speech demanding an end to the army exemption for yeshiva students*? With his army experience he must certainly know that angry resentful people make for terrible soldiers! And why now, in the middle of a war for the country's survival would he want to shake up Israeli society in such a way?

No doubt Gallant wants to break up the coalition, which simply put is Likud plus dati leumi (national religious) and chareidi parties.

Considering that a sizable portion of Likud MKs are either religious or traditional, I guess Gallant feels like a fish out of water. Has he made a deal with another political party....? Considering Benny Gantz's unauthorized trip to the USA... something stinks for sure.

*Despite the exemption, chareidim do serve in the army in various roles, and numbers have been growing. 

Monday, March 4, 2024

Guest Post: The Intentional Silence re: Crimes Against Jewish Women by Hamas, October, 2023

Subject: The intentional silence of UN Women Geneva regarding the crimes against humanity perpetrated against Jewish women: brutal rapes, torture, kidnapping and murder that happened on Oct 7 2023, and thereafter in Israel and Gaza. 

Dear ladies of the UN Women’s European and Asian Organization and sister organizations,

I am contacting  your organization at the Geneva email address as I could find no other address for you. If you would please forward this letter to your sister organizations, it would kindly be appreciated 

The purpose of this letter is to ask why the EU Women European and Asian Organization, and sister organizations, remained radio silent for nearly two months after the October 7th massacre? Your embarrassingly late response was made on December 2, 2023.

Your international organization represents all women, and underage girls, regardless of race and creed; you are their megaphone for crimes they suffer now, and suffered. 

Your deafening silence, in my humble opinion, is open -in -your -face antisemitism/Jew hatred. I’m not at all surprised, since the UN has been most unfair in their many resolutions against Israel over the decades

I ask you now, where was your collective voice and outrage that day, and the  immediate days to follow? Not a word. No indignation? No concern whatsoever for your fellow sisters? I question your motivations It was, in my humble opinion, not a bureaucratic error. No, it was intentional. Crimes against women and young girls: the human trafficking, raping, murder, child pornography, sex slavery, child endangerment (selling children for sex) and  kidnappings are called crimes against humanity, as defined by the UN. 

Your organization analyzes and makes recommendations to assist female victims of sex crimes, such as those listed above. You have, for decades, addressed these horrific crimes. I must ask why not for Jewish women?

I recently went on your website and found dozens upon dozens of articles and in depth studies pertaining to atrocities suffered by women of all ages from various countries around the world. What I found most interesting , when pursuing one of your websites, was an extensive and detailed study about the effects of the war on Gazan women. There was a substantial collection of colorful photos, all documenting the carnage in northern Gaza. I then searched through many of recent online publications on the UN Women websites. What I discovered was upsetting-that there is not one study or in depth report on the events of Oct 7th, and thereafter 

That these online reports are published monthly gives me pause. The butchery and barbarism that occurred was no where to be found. I must have read 15 articles and websites. I was saddened and at the same time angered to learn that basically the lives of these women just don’t matter in your organization’s opinion. That Jewish women, who had been raped, mutilated, and some brutally murdered, some beheaded, in some cases burned, not addressed at all by your org. Is disturbing and insulting to those women. And to all of us.

Your agency receives hundreds of millions of dollars from the US. Over the past decade, billions have been donated. And it’s my tax dollars paying your salaries

The hostages are still in Gaza. What are your people doing about it? I see you doing zilch. There are still 14 women presently held by Hamas. Negotiations to release them thus far have been fruitless. Where are your demands to have them released? Again, all is quiet on the home front

Only when you were publicly embarrassed, and basically called out on the carpet by the hostage families, PM Netanyahu and President Biden, distinguished Jewish leaders, and hundred of Christian and Jewish communities, did you finally respond. And the statement given was generic and lackluster.   

Some of the hostages are now home with loved ones. But there are grave concerns that some women may have been impregnated. Imagine, if you will, having to make a “Sophie’s Choice” decision, whether to keep the baby or abort? Can you imagine the psychological damages these women now suffer, and the nightmarish memories they will carry for the rest of their lives. What if it had been your daughters, or family members? Imagine. 

I read that your organization has plans to conduct investigations of the women that were held in captivity. That you even question the testimonies of these survivors is disgusting and reprehensible. There have already been several investigations by Israeli and US agencies and journalists. Question: do you doubt their stories. 

As you know, there are hundreds of videos, made by Hamas that were published in the media. One particular Arab “Telegram” channel published the more graphic and grotesque imagery. One was of a woman’s severed breast being tossed about like a ping pong ball. There were photos of women’s bodies with mutilated sex organs. These Hamas monsters were heard laughing in their videos. 

The most widely publicized video clip is of a young woman being shoved into a white van, the back of her pants bloodied. One can only imagine what was done to her. Later, it was discovered she was beheaded. 

I remember, and still see on television, a scene with a beautiful, terrorized young woman, being carried off on a motorcycle to Gaza. I also remember an elderly woman , known as grandma, kidnapped, and riding towards Gaza in a jeep. I’m sure many of you saw these images too. They were reported on all major media ( BBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, Newsmax, New York Times , Guardian, US News and World Report, the Wall Street Journal, Jerusalem Post —international edition, and countless other news outlets. And still, you believe it necessary to conduct a separate investigation? Shame on you. 

I am a former member of an internationally recognized womens rights organization, NOW, who still unnervingly remain silent. I became a member way back when, in the early seventies. I have now cancelled my membership, and I will be sending them a similar letter. I will also pursue other notable women like Oprah, Michelle Obama, Barbara Streisand and well known so called women’s rights activists and influencers who have yet to speak out. You would think any decent woman with a heart would have something to say. Right?

I believe it is incumbent upon your organization, in order to redeem your now sullied reputation, to announce publicly your unequivocal support for Israel and their war to totally destroy Hamas and their terror machine. That means no end to the war until the job is finished. That means no ceasefires.

I will make a suggestion: from now on going forward, you will include in your many online journals and reports, the stories of the Jewish women who were brutally victimized, and include the many well established facts on the ground that have been compiled, as to what actually happened Oct. 7th and thereafter.

I do believe, in my heart of hearts, that you will simply laugh at, or ignore this letter. Nevertheless, as a proud Jewish woman and ardent Zionist, I feel it is my obligation and duty to speak up. I will not remain silent in the face of what happened to these women. Silence by the UN is disgraceful. It’s gross dishonesty and is moral bankruptcy. 
Shame on the UN. 



Deborah Bee 

Deborah Bee: I am a wife, mother, grandmother and freelance writer residing  in the US.  I am an ardent Zionist who firmly believes that Israel and Judea Samaria are the eternal homeland of the Jewish people, and will always be, God willing. 

Friday, March 1, 2024

Hamas/Gaza War Musings #17: Bibi, Who's Minding the Store?


Before I get started with this post, I really recommend that you watch listen to Caroline Glick. Here she's exposing important facts/truth about American Politics and some very fishy stuff about American interference in what's happening here in Israel, especially its connections with the Gazan Hamas terrorists and more. Get comfortable and listen, please. 

This morning's bad news, just hours after two innocent Jews were murdered by Arab terrorists a couple of miles from my house, is the shock that convicted Arab terrorists were released from jail. The Jerusalem Post article didn't give a number, but Arutz 7 said "dozens." Of course I have no idea.

What made the biggest impression on me was what was said on the radio that nobody is taking responsibility for the decision, especially Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu. Before the war, scandalous news was that prison directors had been assigning young females to the terrorist wing, and the women were raped. Something definitely stinks in that branch of the prisons, and I'm not talking about the loo.

The decision to release these terrorists is bad enough, but for me the lack of leadership and responsibility from the Prime Minister reminds me of all the stories about how our security forces pooh poohed reports of imminent Gaza Hamas attack, neither raising security, nor consulting with the PM. What's going on? Who's the boss? Something stinks for sure.

Heads should have rolled, as the expression goes. Lots of top "head" people in the defense establishment of Israel should have been fired and replaced with those out of the establishment. Netanyahu has not been acting as a strong leader. That's for sure, and it's very worrying.

Prime Minister Netanyahu's weakness is also apparent with his kowtowing to America's Biden, Blinken and other foreign leaders. 

Israel is all alone. The "advice," or to be more accurate DEMANDS of international leaders and bodies that we treat this war for Israel survival as a sports game. Why haven't we condemned the demands that we protect so-called "innocent" civilians? No doubt that If The WW2 Allies Had Fought Morally, Nazis and Japanese Would have Won... A simple NO! NEVER! would have stopped all the pressure. The "nicer" we are the more the pressure. 

We definitely should have demanded that the International Red Cross take a list of all of our missing and investigate who's alive, dead, injured, ill and missing. Israel should be the one making demands!!! Our Magen David Adom should have demanded to be part of the delegation with full protection. If these things hadn't been done, then we could have been totally justified in condemning the International Red Cross. 

I don't know what's really going on with Bibi, but ever since I heard him, in person, at the International Bloggers Conference in the summer of 2008, I lost my confidence in him. Then he told us that when he returns to the position as Prime Minister, he'd do it as a "centrist," and that's what he has been. Even now in the midst of this dangerous war for Israel's survival, he has sent our IDF soldiers to destroy new Jewish communities, and the army has practiced how to deal with various acts of Jewish terror, as if that's a reasonable possibility. But they weren't prepared for a multi-targeted invasion of southern Israel, which DID HAPPEN!

I don't accept any denials that "Bibi didn't know." Again I ask: Who's the boss?

US President Harry Truman is known to have said: The buck stops here! That's the type of leadership we need ASAP!

What do you think?