Hamas War

Friday, October 27, 2023

Israel Attacked by Hamas 2023/5784, War Musings #7 *Volunteers Needed to Sort Innocents from Terrorists


It may be a "sticky" job...

Israel is under a lot of pressure not to harm "innocent civilians" sic in Gaza, so our government has been sending warnings before bombing. Personally, I think it's a dumb and wasteful way to run a war. Can we really trust the Gazans to sort themselves out accurately? 

The Gazan terrorists may be immoral, perverse and cruel, but it doesn't look like they're stupid. Some terrorists may not want to die, and then they may escape with the innocent civilians leaving empty buildings and then wasting our precious bombs.

Another problem, which some news/Arab experts have alluded to is that the terrorists are abandoning the innocent or non-terrorists in the buildings while they leave and enjoy all the "treats" the world has been sending them.

Because of all the above, I hope that those who really care about making sure that innocent sic Gazans are saved and the terrorists are targeted will be responsible for sorting them out. If not, they only have themselves to blame.

*satire, though I wish that those who worry so much about the possible "innocent civilians" in Gaza would go there and sort everything out.


Len said...

My sentiments exactly. But also, who is innocent in Gaza? A Hamas terrorist used an Israeli cell phone to boast about killing Israelis and his parents praised him. The Gazans elected Hamas to be their leaders knowing their charter called for the elimination of Israel

Anonymous said...

I am Goyim, follow only Hashem.

Yesterday, came across this, wonderful brave guy, (in my thinking, after hearing him), and I found him so uplifting.

Has anyone in Israel heard of him, he seems so sincere, Gd bless him.

He stands for the rights of Jews and for their homeland - Eretz Israel.


Heard his life story too. He seems very sincere.


Batya said...

Len, exactly. As if anyone would survive the task. It's an evil society.

skala, the guy has been in the media before, brave to speak out.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this.

I respect him.

He stands for truth, even when he is not a Jew.

God bless him, and all others like him. Amen.



You may post this or not... up to you Batya.
i respect him..
May Hashem hear all prayers of everyone, even non-Jews. Amen

Batya said...

It's a good speech. I hope he's sincere, since I'm such a cynic.
We need lots of prayers, especially that Gd give our leaders true wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Shalom Batya,

I am sure he is sincere.

By the by, I am aware of a lot of non-Jews who are praying for Israel, and the Jews Gd given rights to their land.

And they are not trying to convert as some Christians tend to do, in Israel and all over the world.
Even among christians, there are sincere ones and those with motives, that 'their' religion is the true one, and they have to convert all peoples. i laugh at that.

Gd bless you Batya and yours, and all of Am Israel, Amen v'Amen.


Batya said...

We need friends to speak out