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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Israel Attacked by Hamas 2023/5784, War Musings #5 Hamas is Worse Than The Nazis


As many now say, Hamas is worse than the Nazis were, because the Nazis tried to hide what they did, but but Hamas brags about it. The State of Israel is trying very hard to show the world the truth, but an incomprehensible amount of people, including academics and media, have completely closed their minds to the truth. Also, Dennis Prager and his guest, Dinesh D’Souza,  discuss and prove it. 

The terrorists of Hamas don't pretend to be civilized and cultured. In many cases, they took their victims' and hostages' cellphones to photograph their cruelty and then sent the pictures and movies out on the social media, on the victims' very own personal accounts.

Hamas terrorists aren't freedom fighters! They're out to murder all Israelis, destroy the country and they don't give a hoot how many of their own family die as collateral damage. 

It's worse than shocking how much support Hamas has in the western world, the world that claims to be civilized, freedom-loving and tolerant. OK, I guess they are tolerant when it comes to Arab terrorism against innocent Israelis and Jews.

The pet projects of the Left are somehow heavily coated with "Teflon" and simple facts can't penetrate.  Shockingly there are even Jews who consider Israel guilty. Last week's Jerusalem Post had a daily "life on the campus" op-ed by Jewish students abroad who while describing the heavily anti-Israel atmosphere always inserted a statement "admitting" that Israel was also guilty of crimes/discrimination against its Arabs sic.

Post World War Two for a few decades, there was a feeling that many Germans and their allies were embarrassed by the Nazi atrocities against Jews, and those who weren't tried to stay quiet. Considering the enormous pro-Hamas demonstrations around the world, we're facing very serious danger. You didn't see pro-Nazi demonstrations in the western world during WW2.

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