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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shouldn't Adar Alef be Sh'vat Bet?

I'm not the only Israeli living in the Biblical Heartland, where our Jewish History and Religion developed who has been on a shikaydia alert, checking for those pink and white flowers on the almond trees. The trees are supposed to start blooming in the beginning of the Jewish Month of Shevat, but in years like this year, when there are two months of Adar, you don't have flowers in Shevat in Shiloh. Certainly not anything to sing about.

Before there was a fixed calendar, the new moons were announced when they were spotted from a mountain southeast of Shiloh, near today's Kochav Hashachar. If the end of Shvat seemed too middle of winter, and the winter hadn't been long enough, then there was a good chance that at the end of Adar, there would be another Adar. Today when my friends and I were down in Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh for our Rosh Chodesh Prayers, we discussed it. Many of us agree that especially since there now is a fixed calendar, and nobody is in suspense whether it is a leap (pregnant as it's said in Hebrew) year or not, I think two months of Shvat make more sense.

The trees and flowers today seem much more like Shvat than Adar.

If you look carefully, you'll see some flowers
Chodesh tov! May this month be filled with joy for all!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Guest Post: The Guy Who Never Watches a Movie -- Watches a Movie

More than one funny thing happened to me and my wife on the way to watch a movie. My wife Janet decided to give herself a fun outing. She saw on the the OU Israel Center Torah Tidbits that there was going to be a free video showing of the movie "Driving Miss Daisy" at the Israel Center on Tuesday. She was also going to go to a dance class at the Israel Center before it. Would I like to come to the movie with her and either come after the dance class or do something else in the city before it? Well, maybe. I had a scheduling problem. I had Skype events before and after it. Was there a way to solve it? Well, maybe.
The thing I tried to do to solve the problem didn't work out. I said, "Let me see if I can find this movie. So I googled it and -- voila -- http://www.moviesub.net/watch/driving-miss-daisy-1989/1684.html. A whole hour and 40 minutes, starring Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy with Dan Aykroyd. Produced in 1989, set in Atlanta in the changing South of the '50's. I suppose you have heard of it. It is about an elderly Southern Jewish woman and the bond with her African-American driver.  It rings TOTALLY true to life. If you haven't seen it, see it. If you once saw it, you have the link and you can watch it again. So we saw the movie without having to leave home.
Now here comes the next funny thing. My wife changes her plans. She reschedules a cosmetic treatment in the yishuv which was postponed because of lack of electricity in the place where it was supposed to happen. She prepares to go off to the treatment and then leave directly for Jerusalem to go to the dance class plus a number of errands. I pack her some sandwiches and put some things together and send her off. A few minutes later she walks back in. What happened? Again the electricity is off in the place where the cosmetic place and it is postponed once more. And THEN Janet notices a text message on her phone from last night that one of the assistants at the dentist where she fills in in Jerusalem is sick. So, all packed up, she goes off to the city, but to work and no dance class. Maybe next week. But we saw a great movie!

Antisemitism- Are we Paranoid or Pragmatic?

There are those of us who see and feel antisemitism as the underlying source of numerous/all acts against Israel and Jewish People all over the world.

And we also see many people who deny their antisemitism as antisemites. Their antipathy to Jews and Israel is so natural, ingrained and rationalized that they honestly don't realize the actual source.

  • Can the illogical disproportionately huge amount of United Nations and Security Council resolutions and papers against Israel have any source other than antisemitism? 
  • Can the unprecedentedly severe punishment and continued punishment of Jonathan Jay Pollard have any rationale besides antisemitism?
  • Can the acceptance by the world of Nazi Holocaust/extermination of European Jewry have any cause other than antisemitism? Please remember that the war against the Nazis was to stop its political takeover of Europe and Great Britain, not to stop the systematic murders. 
  • Can the Inquisition or the Crusaders invasion and pillaging of the Holy Land have any cause other than antisemitism?
  • Can the pressure on Israel to rollback its miraculous victory in the war for survival, June, 1967 Six Days War, be anything other than antisemitism?
I can go on and on. What examples can you think of? Please comment, thanks.

Monday, February 8, 2016

POTUS- Does It Really Make a Difference for Israel?

As you may know already, although I greatly enjoy "punditing" about American presidential politics and elections, I've never voted in American Elections even though I do have a legal right. There are two major reasons for this.

  • Having voted with my feet to live in Israel in the summer of 1970, just before what could have been my first chance to vote (at that time you needed to be 21) I've always felt that one should only vote in elections of the country one resides permanently.
  • Considering the twists and turns from election platform to actual policy all Presidents make and the consistently anti-Israel policy/ideology of the State Department, I just don't trust any candidate with my vote. It doesn't matter who wins, the policies will never be what I want from America.
We've all heard the promises and faux sympathy and understanding from presidential wannabes, and we've all heard beautifully written, crafted and professionally performed speeches by visiting candidates and POTUS'es, and everyone with half a brain should know by now that it's all a sham. It's as fake as the wizard in The Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy confronting the "wizard"
Passengers aboard the "St. Louis." These refugees from
 Nazi Germany were forced to return to Europe after both
Cuba and the US denied them refuge. May or June 1939.
Photo: US Holocaust Memorial Museum credit
For reasons beyond my comprehension, American Jews still think that being and supporting the Democratic Party is more Jewish than Yom Kippur in some fokokt belief that FDR saved them from Russian pogroms, even though it's well-known that he sent escaping Jews back to the Nazi gas chambers. So your typical American Jew is debating between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. 

Hillary rewarding Suha Arafat's
anti-Israel lies
Hillary's claims and speeches are so far removed from the truth she should get two Oscars, one for acting and the other for screenwriting. 

And then there are those who will vote for anyone born Jewish without reading the fine print, so they want Bernie Sanders. And they consider Sanders' time as a volunteer on an Israeli kibbutz over half a century ago to be proof of his pro-Israel bonafides. There's only one problem with that and it's a biggee. Besides the fact that Sanders' policies vis a vis Israel are to the Left (meaning more pro-Arab) than even Hillary's, the kibbutz he stayed at was Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’Amakim, one of the last to give up its worship of Stalin. Granted he has been understandingly silent about that in order to distance himself from that rather embarrassing detail. But it is a well-known fact that Sanders is on the far Left of the American political  spectrum. And in recent decades, the further Left the closer to the pro-Arab/Palestine sic manifesto.

I've been totally enjoying Donald Trump's trashing of the Republican machine, and quite a few people I respect and trust have told me in private (meaning I can't name them) conversation that they support him. Caroline Glick has come out in support of Senator Ted Cruz, if her opinion makes a difference to you.

In all honesty, I just don't know, because I don't trust anyone in politics. And there's one thing for sure, and that is the power of the State Department, which is very skilled at overriding the U. S. President. Besides Truman's demanding that the American U.N. delegate vote for a Jewish State, November 29, 1947, there haven't been many pro-Israel rebellions from the Oval Office. 

POTUS can encourage the State Department to go further Left, pro-Arab, but has one ever taken it to the Right when it comes to Israel?

What do you think? Comments welcome...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

"P.A." Arabs Clamor to Work in Israel!

For PA-Palestinian Authority Arabs who want good, relatively high-paid work, with good conditions, there are two options.

  1. Get a job in Israel!
  2. Work for an Israeli business in Judea/Samaria/Jordan Valley.
Other options for those who want more money:

  1. Be on the take of the PA-Palestinian Authority corruption!
  2. LEAVE HOME! Move to one of the rich Arab oil countries, or Australia, New Zealand etc. The Americas and Europe aren't in great shape right now and not enthusiastic about welcoming more Arabs/Muslims. And since most enlightened countries don't want more Arabs/Muslims and getting a piece of the "pie" is even more difficult, working for Israelis is high on the list and easiest to do. 

All the  claims that Arabs suffer when working in Israel or for Israeli companies in Judea/Samaria/Jordan Valley is just anti-Israel propaganda! I've been working with Arabs for over five years, and they love working for Israeli companies. They get better conditions, salaries etc. than they'd get if they worked for their fellow Arabs. 

And for those who have to go through the Israeli "border control," they do it the same as/along with Israelis. The inspectors aren't allowed to make two types of lanes, one for Arabs and the other for Jews. That's illegal. So, any delays are equally felt by Jews who live in Judea/Samaria/Jordan Valley and the Arabs who live nearby.

The Arabs pay the same as Jews in our stores and enjoy the same bargains. The only problem they have is their own PA-Palestinian Authority inspectors/police who frequently confiscate goods bought in stores like Rami Levi and Yafiz. That is what has been keeping them away. There used to be vans of Arabs coming for "shopping tours." Some were local Arabs who didn't have their own cars and others were tourists from Jordan and other Arab countries. Now we see much less of them. Their loss.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Myth of Israel's Foreign Allies

We have no real allies to "alienate," and we've never really had any to rely on.
Even as Israel loudly tangles with Sweden, the UN, and the US envoy, Netanyahu is quietly trying to 'muddle through' amid signs of eroding US diplomatic cover.Shrill wind from Israel: Does it risk alienating its allies?
This is one of the wackiest opinion pieces I've seen of late. It really bothers me that people who know bupkes about history are accepted as qualified to write in respected mainstream media all over. Besides Israel always going to the assistance of places in trouble, like the rescue experts going right now  to Taiwan, where there was just a massive earthquake, and the crew that helped in Haiti and numerous other places. And Israel doesn't first make the decision according to how friendly the country is or how "democratic" and "humanitarian" policies are there. Israelis just run to help those in need.

And back to the "allies." We had no foreign allies during our struggle for independence from the British who had davka be mandated by the League of Nations to facilitate the establishment of a Jewish State in what Hadrian had renamed, in an effort to rebrand the Land, "Palestine."

  • No country supported us.
  • No country threatened Great Britain that it will recognize the Jewish State whether GB withdraws or not.
  • No country treated our leaders as if they were head of a country until the War of Independence was well over.
  • A "yes" vote on November 29, 1947, in the United Nations was not the same as being an ally. 
And in the spring of 1967 when after weeks of threats by Egypt, that it was going to drive Israel into the sea and destroy it, did any foreign country take steps against Egypt? No! To make matters worse, the United Nations quickly withdrew the "peacekeeping forces" that had been placed there to protect Israel.

And in October, Yom Kippur, 1973, when Egypt and Syria attacked Israel, Israel had no allies! The United States played a game trying to create a stalemate of sorts. The USA and Egypt were allies, and they didn't want us to win and they didn't want us to be destroyed. When the tables finally turned and we were victorious, the Americans were no happy, because by the end of the war, we had even more land than before. And that's why they kept pushing for Israel to give it back to withdraw.

And consider all the very undiplomatic and terribly immature sounding fits we've heard from American Presidents, Vice Presidents and Cabinet members about internal  Israeli policies. That's not the behavior of an ally. 

And I don't want to hear about all those "buy in America shopping coupons" that we get. The so-called "aid" has stickier strings than a spider's web. 

As a pragmatist, I see things very clearly, and it's about time that the State of Israel totally rethink its policies by taking into account that when push comes to shove, when we really need help, we'll be left high and dry or drowning. Both mean the same. Nobody cares what happens to the State of Israel. They'll just add a room or annex to their well endowed Holocaust Museum. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

NY Times Part Right but Totally Distorted

As the saying goes, the most convincing lies have some truth in them. That's a good way of describing this New York Times op-ed called  Who Are the Real Heirs of Zionism?.
The Israeli general and politician Yigal Allon defined Zionism in 1975 as “the national liberation movement of a people exiled from its historic homeland and dispersed among the nations of the world.” Some years later, and more crudely, perhaps, another general and politician, Rehavam Ze’evi, a tough right-winger, said, “Zionism is in essence the Zionism of transfer,” adding, “If transfer is immoral, then all of Zionism is immoral.” (NY Times)
Stockade and Tower Settlement- 
 set up overnight to circumvent
Mandatory regulations.
Considering that Zionism, the modern return of the Jewish People to the Biblical Land of Israel, led by Jews who claimed not to be religiously observant of Jewish Law, was first "developed" in the late 19th Century in Europe which was undergoing a series of nationalist upheavals, it certainly predated both the Holocaust and the "Green Line." For those idealistic and hardy Jewish pioneers who came to settle The Land, there was no ideological difference between the coastal plain east of Jaffa, Samaria, Judea, the Negev and Galil.
Zionism as an organized movement is generally considered to have been founded by Theodor Herzl in 1897. However, the history of Zionism began earlier and is related to Judaism and Jewish history. The Hovevei Zion, or the Lovers of Zion, were responsible for the creation of 20 new Jewish settlements in Palestine between 1870 and 1897.[1] (Wikipedia)
The dominant Zionist group was socialist, which evolved into the Leftist Labor Party, but today's Labor ideologues and politicians have nothing at all in common with those brave idealistic pioneers. Their basic ideology has more in common with the notorious "White Paper" which claimed that there wasn't enough room in the barren Mandated Palestine for unlimited Jewish immigration.

It's interesting that the NY Times does consider "the settlement movement" as those who have inherited the mantle of Zionism, but, no surprise, they've also distorted the very essence of Zionism.
“Zionism justified a return to the holy land in terms of universalist values,” said Yaron Ezrahi, a political theorist and emeritus professor at Hebrew University. “The idea was to bring enlightenment and cultural development, to bring universalism to the Middle East. But the settlers are the epitome of particularism, of localism, and they give a bad name to Zionism. If Zionism is a European movement,” he said, “the settlers are colonialism in a post-colonial era. They’ve lost the universal values of Zionism.”
What bothers today's Israeli Left and the New York Times is that today's Zionists aka "the settlers," sic, unlike the pre-state Zionists are no longer following a schizophrenic philosophy which camouflaged their innate belief in Gd and the Bible with secular socialist and Liberal (with a capital "L") philosophies. We unabashedly believe in Gd and see Gd's hand in Modern Jewish/Israeli History.

It's totally clear to me and many others that the very early Zionists were connected to Jewish religion and values, even if they davka desecrated the Sabbath and ate forbidden foods. They were "mehadrin," extremely religious in their love of the Land of Israel. Without a strong belief in Gd and the idea that the Jewish People are the Chosen People, they could never withstood the difficulties of establishing the towns and agricultural settlements. The difficulties were Arab attackers, health problems (diseases that killed so many,) impossibly hard work and logistics impossible to imagine in today's modern world.

The "green line" which, even today, is so fanatically worshipped by most of the world led by Israel's Left, should have been nothing more than a quickly forgotten postscript in history books. Its relevance lasted barely eighteen years, from the 1949 Armistice Agreements until the 1967 Six Days War. In most of the world international borders change without causing even a headline, and Israel's miraculous victory in 1967 should have totally erased those old temporary, dangerous, hard to defend and insecure borders.

Food for thought, Shabbat Shalom, and I'd appreciate your opinions on this post, thanks.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Picture of The Day: Only in Israel!

I think this picture says a lot about life in Israel that you won't find anyplace else.

The sign on the bus is of the most basic of Jewish Prayers, the "Shma," "שמע."

Hebrew MIDISh'ma Yisra'eil Adonai Eloheinu Adonai echad.Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.Judaism 101

Shema Yisrael (“Hear, O Israel”) are the first two words of a section of the Torah that is the centerpiece of the morning and evening prayer services, encapsulating the monotheistic essence of Judaism:
“Hear, O Israel: G‑d is our L‑rd, G‑d is one.”
In its entirety, the Shema consists of three paragraphs: Deuteronomy 6:4–9,Deuteronomy 11:13–21 and Numbers 15:37–41.
Its recitation twice daily (morning and evening) is a biblical commandment. In addition, we recite it just before retiring for the night, as well as in the Kedushah service on Shabbat.
Indeed, this succinct statement has become so central to the Jewish people that it is the climax of the final Ne’ilah prayer of Yom Kippur, and is traditionally a Jew’s last words on earth. Chabad

With all the faults and sacrilegious/non-Jewish stuff that goes on here, every once in awhile something happens or there's a sight like this one to remind me that with all its faults, the State of Israel is still a Jewish Country. There is no other. And Judaism, whether one practices/observes it or davka not is still the religion that ties to the Land, and without it there wouldn't be a country here, Jewish or not.

This week in my Matan Al Haperek study group, we learned Tihillim Psalms 85, which deals with the fertility of the Land and how the necessary rain will only fall if Gd decides that we have acted properly.

Before Zionism, before the return of the Jewish People to farm and inhabit the Land of Israel, it was desolate and barren. The proof that Gd loves us, and we are His ONLY CHOSEN PEOPLE is the abundant agriculture that has characterized the Zionist enterprise and subsequent State of Israel.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Security and the So-Called "Occupation," sic

I don't know why people are so afraid to come to Israel. All and all, with the very low crime/murder rate, rather competent police and concerned/interfering private citizens, one is safer in Israel than most places in the world. Add to that top notch medical care, decent roads and a great variety of climates and places of interest etc (compared to many tourist favorites) Israel should be the number one choice for international travellers.

The frequency of terror attacks, which some people use as an excuse not to come, is lower than the murder rate in most places.

And here in Israel there isn't the "ticking bomb" that awaits, like in many places such as Europe. Dry Bones drew it right! Isn't this the 21st Century's version of the Communist "sleepers?"

The immigrant situation in Germany, according to the Gatestone Institute:
" the German government has lost track of the whereabouts of hundreds of thousands of migrants who entered the country in 2015. N24 television has reported that up to 50% of "asylum seekers" have gone into hiding; their whereabouts are unknown. They presumably include economic migrants and others who are trying to avoid deportation if or when their asylum applications are rejected. The Saarbrücker Zeitung reported that up to 30% of the migrants being sheltered in the eastern German states of Brandenburg, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt have "simply vanished." Separately, German authorities estimate that hundreds of thousands of migrants have entered the country without being registered and whose whereabouts are unknown."-more
Europe, more specifically France, has been plagued with terror attacks on massive numbers of ordinary citizens, and they have no way to stop them. In the United States, terror and shootings can never be predicted.

And more about Israel, concerning the so-called "occupation," if it was all so terrible for the Arabs here, they'd be leaving in massive numbers like the Syrians. And they'd also be clamoring to get into the P.A. -Palestinian Authority. But the actual situation is totally different. The local Arabs try to live in "Israel proper," inside the "green line." And those on "my side" of the old pre-Six Days War border, prefer "occupation" to the P.A. -Palestinian Authority.

Food for thought... Have that with your coffee or booze!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Let Them Have The Kotel- If I Can Have Har Habayit!!

Yes, Let Them Have The Kotel- If We Can Have Har Habayit!! 
And for once I'll make it clear in Hebrew, too:
תנו להם הכותל אם תנו לנו את הר הבית!!!

I think that pretty much everyone in the Jewish World has heard, at least those concerned with religion has heard the news:
Cabinet approves 'historic' decision to create Western Wall egalitarian prayer space
Women of the Wall members put on tefillin and pray during their monthly prayer at the beginning of a new Jewish month, at the Western Wall compound in Jerusalem, Israel, 08 July 2013. EPA/Abir Sultan
This is a victory for the women who have been showing up, all of once a month, harassing and interfering with the prayers of others who are there every single day of year. Those who pray at the Kotel (Western Wall) full time, and don't need the spiritual inspiration of tv cameras and newspaper photographers, may still find the WOW ladies and their "minyan" around on Rosh Chodesh (beginning of the Jewish Month,) because that group isn't happy with the government's offer to get their "own Kotel" at the southern end of that wall, where all the various non-halachik groups can doven however they wish. They want the "kotel proper," just like they want to pray like men, wearing a Tallit and reading from a Torah Scroll.

And to be honest, I think that the Kotel is overrated. It isn't really all that holy, and it's not directly connected to the Holy Temple, Beit Hamikdash.  It's the outer wall of the compound, built relatively recently, and until a few hundred years ago, it wasn't a place of worship. Har Habayit was the favored place of worship. And it's not all that difficult to figure out where it's permitted to step on Har Habayit, which actually very large.

So, if those who don't follow Jewish tradition can be allowed to have public prayer at the Kotel, I have no doubt that it is the time for us to be permitted full religious and civil rights to have Jewish Prayer on the holiest place in the world, Har Habayit!!

Voting for Hillary because She's a Woman is SEXIST!

Yes, just like I kept saying that voting and supporting Barack Hussein Obama, because he's "black," even half-black, is racist, voting and supporting Hillary Clinton because she's a woman is sexist. Is that all the Democratic Party can come up with, sexim and racism, the novelty of a category of people that hadn't yet made it to the White House? That's a campaign?

I think it's pretty pathetic to promote Hillary for her two XXs rather than great experience and accomplishments. In all honesty, her greatest accomplishment has been keeping out of jail or at least a courtroom, considering all of the charges and suspicions against her.

To be honest, Hillary, as First Lady, was cut from the Jacqueline Kennedy cloth aka Stand by Your Man. That's neither enlightened nor modern.

Is that what American Women of the 21st Century really want to support and promote?

And who's the other most popular Democrat dueling it out with Hillary, Bernie Sanders? He's from the far Left of the political and Democratic ideological spectrum. Yes, he's Jewish, but I wouldn't support him for that, since he doesn't live as an active identifying Jew, nor does he support Israel in the way I think all should, no matter what their religion.

Another interesting thing about these Democratic frontrunners is that both are past retirement age. Hillary was born in 1947, making her 69 by Election Day, and Sanders was born in 1941 making him 75 by then. Just a little food for thought...

Monday, February 1, 2016

P.A. Cop Shoots Israeli Soldiers, Act of War?

Israeli security forces standing by the body of a Palestinian attacker at the scene of shooting attack at a checkpoint near the Jewish settlement of Beit El in the West Bank before being shot dead, Jan. 31, 2016. (Flash 90)
Israeli security forces standing by the body of a Palestinian who opened fire on Israeli soldiers near the Jewish settlement of Beit El in the West Bank before being shot dead, Jan. 31, 2016. (Flash 90)

Is it just me who thinks that Israel should finally take off the gloves and stop lying to itself. The recent shooting attack by a Palestinian Authority police officer on Israeli soldiers at the entrance to Beit El should be considered an act of war against Israel. And that's especially since Abbas and cronies haven't bothered condemning it. Without a speedy and unprompted condemnation it's clear that the Palestinian Authority approves of it.
“The Palestinian terrorist who shot three IDF soldiers today near Beit El was a member of the Palestinian Authority's security forces. Mahmoud Abbas has not condemned this attack that was carried out by one of his men,” Netanyahu wrote on Facebook.
“I demand that the international community stop its hypocrisy and do everything in its power to pressure the Palestinian Authority to stop its incitement against Israel,” added the Prime Minister.
It represents the latest case in which members of the PA security forces have acted - apparently of their own accord - to carry out or aid attacks against Israelis.(Arutz 7)
It's about time that we stop this fantasy that it's possible to negotiate peace with those who are called "Palestinians," sic. And we must also recognize that all the countries that demand we facilitate the establishment of a state for them are also our enemies. AND WE MUST CEASE THE SUPPORT FOR A TWO STATE sic SOLUTION!! It would only cause war tahd the destruction of the State of Israel, Gd forbid, which is the ultimate aim of the Arabs and their allies!!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Will These Poles Really Protect Us?

Yes, it's deja vu time yet again. 

The two most popular, rather low tech, methods the Arab terrorists have been using to try to murder us of late are pretty old. 

#1- Stabbing, of course is the simplest, because every home kitchen has knives that can murder, and they're pretty easy to hide. One of the very first Arab terror murder by stabbing that made a strong impression on me was when Arab terrorists knifed/stabbed Aharon Gross, HaYa"D, in Hebron over thirty-two years ago. That's because I know the family very well. And there is nothing one can actually do, besides trying to be hyper-alert, against a stabbing attack.

#2- Ramming a Vehicle into Innocent Bystanders, for this one needs vehicle, a car or as some terrorists have used, a tractor or any other mobile weapon. It's close to twenty years since I was run over by what may have been the first terrorist to try that method. It's amazing how unprepared ordinary people waiting for a bus may be and how quickly and easily a vehicle can veer onto the sidewalk to kill and maim. There have even been unintended accidents with the same deadly results.

I remember how twenty years ago after I had been injured how quickly the government put poles up by that bus stop, and now they're at it again.

Cement barricades are used, too, on main roads.

They are all only effective if people make a point of standing behind them, but none of these methods will make any difference when it comes to knife attacks, unfortunately.

All I can say on an optimistic note is that the attacks are less common than the headlines would make you believe, and more and more times armed and trained civilians, along with official security, have managed to quickly and promptly execute the terrorist, thank Gd. That is what also happened to the terrorist who attacked me, seriously injured a couple a dozen and murdered a woman.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Has Labor's Herzog Suddenly Gotten Smart?

If you haven't yet heard...
Herzog: In current reality, two-state solution is not realistic
MK Herzog. (photo credit:MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/
The opposition leader said that absent the ability to reach an agreement with the Palestinians at this time, “there is a need to form security policy in the mold of this reality, and this reality necessitates a separation from the Palestinians.”
Herzog said he does not support a unilateral withdrawal, as he had “learned the lessons” of past unilateral withdrawals from Lebanon and Gaza.
“I say first of all to complete the security fence around all of the settlement blocs. We are here and they are there,” he said, reiterating an idea he discussed in his speech to the conference of the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. Jerusalem Post
I'd say this is as earth-shattering as when Bibi Netanyahu suddenly said he supports the Two State Solution sic. And if you've been listening carefully to what Bibi has been saying, they are actually saying the same thing, both Likud and Labor.

What Prime Minister Netanyahu always says about a "Palestinian State" is that he has demanded conditions. And he won't agree to a state for them until those conditions are met. And my gut feeling is that Herzog also envisions certain conditions that the Arabs must meet before they could have a state. It could be that they both want the same conditions.

Did you notice that Herzog also said that unilateral withdrawals are dangerous!! I'd say that is extremely important!!

But to be honest, I don't care what the conditions are. I don't think they will change anything. The State of Israel and World Jewry will be in mortal danger if Gd forbid there ever is a State of Palestine. There is absolutely no way that there will be any security for the State of Israel if another Arab state is established here.

The only way to stop the Arab terror is to stop all talk of a "two state solution." We also must strictly punish all Arab terrorists. Do not give them legal rights as ordinary criminals. All who attempt to murder Jews must be executed, even if they had failed. Send the PLO, Hamas and Fatah off to Sweden or wherever. Close down their corrupt offices and P.A.

Make sure the Arabs pay all their bills for water, electricity, telephones etc. Whoever doesn't should be deported. Make them submit building plans to Israeli authorities just like we Jews have to. If anyone wants to leave, they can. And of course Jews should be allowed to live all over, even in Arab neighborhoods.

Yes, I can dream and demand. That is how we got the State of Israel. We dreamt and we built. And we must continue!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

More American Anti-Israel Policies

Between American spying on Israeli leaders and government and its interfering in Israeli Elections by funding the "anyone but Bibi" NPOs and now threatening action against any business/product produced in Judea/Samaria with sanctions if not properly labeled, you really must wonder about their moral compass and definition of "evenhandedness."

And don't forget that Jay Pollard is still under "house arrest." He is not a free man at all.

I'm sorry to leave you with all this before Shabbat, but we must remember.

This Shabbat is the Torah Portion Yitro with the "Ten Commandments." The first one says it all:

Exodus 20:2
ב  אָנֹכִי יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ, אֲשֶׁר הוֹצֵאתִיךָ מֵאֶרֶץ מִצְרַיִם מִבֵּית עֲבָדִים:  לֹא-יִהְיֶה לְךָ אֱלֹהִים אֲחֵרִים, עַל-פָּנָי.2 I am the LORD thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.

That must be our reminder not to care what any other country says. We only must obey Gd Almighty!

Shabbat Shalom uMevorach!

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bernie Sanders: Good for Israel or Jews?

For someone of my age who grew up in the United States, the idea that a Jew is now considered a "frontrunner" of sorts to be President of the United States is rather amazing. But as an Israeli for almost half a century, I look at it with different eyes.

Friends and family of mine in the states who feel about the issues, the "situation," in Israel as I do, don't vote Democrat. And I strongly doubt that they'd change their minds to try to put a Jew in the White House. Intelligent and idealistic people vote policy not "color," religion or "pride." The novelty of having a Jew as President of the United States is not enough of a reason to have an extreme Leftist who repeats the same anti-Israel mantras as Obama and the United Nations.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders speaking at a campaign fundraising reception at the Avalon Hollywood nightclub in Los Angeles, October 14, 2015. (David McNew/Getty Images/via JTA)

In all honesty, even though your typical assimilated America-first Jew will finally feel fully accepted and relieved to finally have a Jew holding top office, my priority is how he relates to the State of Israel and its very complicated simple* security issues.

Sanders own campaign site makes it clear that "evenhandedness" is a good way to describe his policies vis a vis Israel and the so-called Palestinians, sic.
Jewish Heritage: Bernie is Jewish, but he does not favor Israel over the Palestinians, nor does he otherwise let his religion influence his positions regarding the conflict.
Two-State Solution: Bernie believes that Israel and the Palestinians can, and should, peacefully co-exist, and that Palestinians should have a country of their own.
On Netanyahu & Iran: Bernie is not a big supporter of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and believes that diplomacy, not military action or economic sanctions, can keep Israel safe from Iran.
Many presidential wannabes convincingly mouth pro-Israel platitudes while running for office, but we haven't yet seen anyone change the traditional pro-Arab and anti-Israel policies emanating from the State Department.

And we must not forget that although Sanders doesn't deny being a Jew, his wife isn't and neither are their children. It's davka Donald Trump who has Jewish grandchildren...

*I changed the adjective to simple, because in all honesty, anyone who listens with even half an ear to what our Arab enemies unabashedly say know perfectly well that they are out to destroy us, and they have the support, financial and diplomatic of most of the world, especially the United Nations and the European Union.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Arab Terrorists aren't Convinced by Kindness

I wish people would get real and stop fantasizing and projecting their own innate goodness. Even the reactions from the Jewish communities that have recently been the scenes of cruel Arab terror attacks have included some surprisingly naive statements. The spokespeople, official or not, have told the media of what good relations they try to have with the neighboring Arabs.

Knock! Knock! Get real! We're not dealing with an enemy that wants peace!

Think about it, please. Terrorism isn't caused by socio-economic problems or lack of educational and career opportunities. The problems, violence and terrorism in Arab society can't be repaired with money and classic rehab. Even amongst themselves there is a level of violence your typical Israeli, typical Jew just can't imagine. And it's no secret. And they have no problem believing the lies about Israel and the alleged plans of attacks against them.
PA TV lies to kids:"Barbaric" Israel’s goal is to kill kids - so don't walk alone!Israel is “killing people everywhere” 
(Palestine Media Watch)

We have a very dangerous enemy, and it will take decades and generations to stop them completely if that's possible. But the fastest way to reduce the violence, the terrorism,  is to punish swiftly, completely and consistently. Immediate execution is the only way. Arab terrorists are not ordinary criminals and must not be given the same rights as a criminal. They are wedded to their ideology and their culture, which is a very deadly combination.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Nostra Aetate 50th Anniversary Marked by Controversial Vatican and Rabbinic Statements

posted by JewishIsrael.com

Nostra Aetate 50th Anniversary Marked by Controversial Vatican and Rabbinic Statements

Two statements, one Papal and one Rabbinic, addressing the status of Christian-Jewish interfaith relations emerged with great fanfare last month, only to cause confusion, denial, debate, and some embarrassment among Catholic and Jewish sources. A number of evangelical leaders also weighed in with critical reviews.

With Christian-Jewish relations on the brink, as evidenced by a noticeable rise in cross-denominational church anti-Israelism, it seems that the recent flurry of frantic interfaith activity may have been created to stem the ominous tide and to protect the vision of what was largely perceived to be the new era  of Christian love, from this newest wave of Church-driven anti-Semitism

Here in Part 1 of this report, JewishIsrael explores the reaction and the misunderstandings generated by the both the Vatican and CJCUC rabbinic initiated declarations, as well as the recent attempts at damage control…more