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Friday, September 30, 2016

Last Havel Havelim of 5776

Yes, it's almost Rosh Hashanah, and we can count the hours left in the Jewish Year of 5776. In well under one hundred 100 hours it will be 5777.

I'd like to celebrate it by posting a roundup of Jewish and Israeli blog posts from various blogs. And as has been my custom, I will limit the number to eighteen 18 חי Chai, Life. I will only show titles and hope they will tempt you to read the posts. And since bloggers love to hear/read your opinions, then it would be nice to comment and share, too, thanks.

We have a facebook page you can join. That's where I post news about Havel Havelim.

And just to make things clear, this is a roundup of posts by various bloggers of a variety of opinions. This is not a list of my recent posts. The opinions are the opinions of the various bloggers, not my personal opinions. Some I agree with and can identify with, and others aren't mine at all. Here they are; I hope you enjoy reading them:

Amazing Challot, A Tip and Recipe
A Jealous God
Judge Yourself before Judging Others
Teshuva, Tested at The Kotel
Ani l'Dodi v'Dodi Li
The wisdom of 93-year old Shimon Peres
The Legacy of Shimon Peres
Obama’s “Palestinian Land”
Shimon Peres....The Man I Loved to Hate
What makes Uman special?
Shimon Peres is Dead and the Thought Police Are Out Guns Blazing if You Don’t Think He Was Awesome
When Judea Became "Ancient Palestine"
Who Decides the Capital of Israel?
A Whole New World - Rav Moshe Weinberger's Drasha from Parshas Ki Savo
Three Invented "Peoples," Palestine, Africa and Europe
For a Healthy Year, How about a Fruit Head!

Wishing All of You a Happy Healthy and Joyful 5777!
You don't have to be a blogger to read, comment and share HAVEL HAVELIM!
From the heydays of Havel Havelim...
May you all have a Shanah Tovah, A Happy, Healthy and 
Full of Good News Year, 5777!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

"The Peace," "השלום" "HaShalom" of Shimon Peres

OK, I admit that I'm an oddball. I love grammar and the subtle differences and nuances a tiny word, or as in Hebrew one simple letter, can achieve or signify.

I've been bothered by the word/term "The Peace," "השלום" "HaShalom" for as many years as I've heard it. In terms of grammar, the exact, picayune meaning to my mind, is that it is somehow different from plain ordinary generic "Peace," "שלום" "Shalom." Am I incorrect about this?

In all honesty, whether Right, Left or Center, nobody opposes true "Peace," "שלום" "Shalom." Our problem is that "the peace" we're being offered is no more genuine than "Fat Free Half and Half."

Peace, which shouldn't need a modifier, adjective or a definite article, because there should be no doubt as to what it refers to.
Peace is when one is not in danger from one's enemies, because there are no enemies
  • A "ceasefire" is not peace.
  • Signing a piece of paper at a fancy ceremony does not produce peace.
  • A "treaty" with those who educate their children to murder you cannot be considered a Peace Treaty.
Believing that "The Peace," "השלום" "HaShalom" of Shimon Peres is a true Peace is like those who say that it is possible to cure cancer or AIDS with the power of one's mind, positive thinking.

I trust that Gd decided on the time of Peres's death in order to have us so busy with Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Succot and Simchat Torah that the attention on his dangerous policies and ideology will be reduced.

Shabbat Shalom
Chag Sameach
Shanah Tovah
Gmar Chatimah Tovah
and Baruch Dayan Ha'Emett

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

GUEST POST: Shimon Peres never understood

Shimon Peres Never Understood
GUEST POST by Mr. Cohen

Shimon Peres (born 1923 CE, died 2016 CE) never understood that
Muslims have always hated Jews, and will always hate Jews forever,
because that is what their religion requires them to do.

Shimon Peres never understood that Muslims have always deceived
non-Muslims, and will always deceive non-Muslims forever,
because that is what their religion requires them to do.

Shimon Peres never understood that according to Islamic Religious
Law [sharia],  peace-treaties between Muslims and non-Muslims
are worthless, and should be violated as-soon-possible by
killing the non-Muslims that the peace-treaty was made with.

Shimon Peres never understood that Islam can NEVER
tolerate any Jewish state anywhere in the Middle East,
regardless of its size or the shape of its borders.

Shimon Peres never understood that Islam requires
that Jews must be constantly oppressed by Muslims
and trembling-in-fear before Muslims. 

Shimon Peres never understood that Jews in controll
of their own land and their own army is offensive to Islam,
regardless of its size.

Shimon Peres never understood that Islam requires
that Jews must be only a little-bit-better than slaves.

Shimon Peres never understood that Muslims view
any compromise as humiliation, and humiliation
is the worst thing in Muslim or Arab culture.

Shimon Peres never understood that forgive-and-forget
is NOT part of Muslim culture, especially when
dealing with non-Muslims.

Shimon Peres never understood that
the Koran describes Jews as “apes and pigs”.

Shimon Peres tried to negotiate peace with Muslims,
but with zero understanding of Muslim beliefs.

The result: The Oslo Accords were a disaster for Israel,
and the severe troubles that Israel faces now were caused by it.
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Found The Photo in Which I Appear With Shimon Peres, And Many Others

The special blogger's sessions at the Israeli Presidential Conference 2013 with Yossi Vardi and President Peres were amazing! This was the highlight. 

Thanks to my friend  The Real Jerusalem Streets for finding the photo for me!

Nobody Lives Forever, Including Shimon Peres, 1923-2016

Shimon Peres, 1923-2016, Photo by Batya Medad, yes, me, at 2012 President's Conference
Photo by Batya Medad, yes, me,
at 2012 President's Conference
Love him or hate him, Shimon Peres couldn't be ignored, and most everyone, no matter what you thought of him, thought he'd live forever. Until a short time before his fatal stroke, he acted and moved like a much younger man. The last television clips showed his gait very stiff and halting, as if he was afraid he'd fall.

Yes, Shimon Peres is dead. He did not wake up from the coma. Last night reports were that his organs were beginning to fail, and at 93, his body wasn't all that strong.

Now he's fully in Gd's Hands. Gd will weigh whatever good Peres may have done with all the bad. And as it's just days before Rosh Hashanah quickly followed by Yom Kippur, I don't think it's my place or anyone else's to do the judging.

ברוך דיין האמת
Baruch Dayan Ha'Emett
Blessed is The True Judge

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Three Invented "Peoples," Palestine, Africa and Europe


Nowadays and for the purpose of this post, I will consider "people" and "nation" to be synonyms, because that is how the terms are being used by many. As my readers and many others know, there is great debate about the origins and legitimacy and factual history of the so-called "Palestinians" sic as a nation/people. In recent days, I've heard the term people/nation used to describe others who do not fit the classical definition of either "people" or "nation." The terms are used pretty loosely nowadays, and I think it's a problem.

On a news discussion program on the BBC, I heard a man referring to the "European People," which was  a new one for me, since the various nations/countries in Europe are relatively new, just from the last couple of centuries. And borders are continually changing. Europe is a body of land with many different nations and peoples. Today's European Union in its early day was known as the "Common Market" creating closer economic ties between neighboring countries. Now it is trying to blur the national borders, laws and regulations, but Europe isn't one people.

look at the candelabra on the lower right
And in a recent post on this blog,  The USA is Not a Jewish Country!, I had mistaken the candelabra on the lower right for a misdrawn Jewish Chanukah Menorah, which has nine, rather than the seven candles. I hadn't noticed the Jewish one next to the Christmas Tree on the left. A number of people sent me messages explaining that the seven-branched candelabra was for a newly invented African sic holiday, Kwanzaa. When I first heard about it, my immediate reaction was that Africa is not a people/nation/culture. There are dozens, or most accurately hundreds of different tribes and native/ancient religions. Also, not all Blacks/Negros look the same. There is no such thing as African culture, religion, holiday or nation/people.

Chazal, the Jewish sages say that there's an importance in the number/quantity three, so when I discovered three fake nations/peoples, I decided that the situation deserves a blog post.

What's a "people" or "nation?" Here are a few definitions I found with the help of Rabbi Professor Google:

www.dictionary.com/browse/nation a large body of people, associated with a particular territory, that is sufficiently conscious of its unity to seek or to possess a government peculiarly its own: The president spoke to the nation about the new tax. ... an aggregation of persons of the same ethnic family, often ...
www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/nation Simple Definition of nation. : a large area of land that is controlled by its own government. the nation : the people who live in a nation. Nation : a tribe of Native Americans or a group of Native American tribes that share the same history, traditions, or language.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nation A nation (from Latin: natio, "people, tribe, kin, genus, class, flock") is a large group or collective of people with common characteristics attributed to them - including language, traditions, mores (customs), habitus (habits), and ethnicity.
www.duhaime.org › Legal Dictionary The legal definition of Nation is A distinct group or race of people that share history, traditions and culture.

Neither Palestine, Europe nor Africa accurately fit these. Davka, the Jewish People do fit...

There has to be an agenda behind the invention of these new fake "peoples/nations." Otherwise they wouldn't have been invented:

  • The Palestinians, along with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, were invented by Great Britain to sabotage the establishment of a Jewish State in our Ancestral Historic/Biblical Homeland.
  • The European Union/Common Market was invented to compete with the United States as a commercial power and has evolved to compete on the world scene as a political power. Davka, they are among the greatest and most enthusiastic supporters of the Palestinians...
  • The African-American "nation" was invented to supplant American patriotism among Black Americans, which is why nowadays it's becoming common for  them to kneel in protest during the American national anthem
One lie leads to another...

Guest Post: Obama’s Silence

Obama’s Silence
a complete transcript of a
YouTube video by Mr. Pat Condell
a guest post by Mr. Cohen

“The so-called Arab-Spring has been a winter-of-persecution for Christians in particular,
who are being driven-out, as Sharia [Islamic religious law] is driven-in.”

Like the Jews before them, Christians are being ethnically-cleansed from Muslim countries,
but the Western media do not want to talk about it, because it means having to focus on
the hateful supremacist doctrine of Islam; an ideology that confers inferior status on
non-believers and demands their submission as dhimmis.”

“Those noble Egyptian soldiers who refused to fire on their Muslim brothers during the Revolution, had no such qualms about shooting unarmed Christians in the street, for protecting against unprovoked Muslim violence. Such is the insanity that even in Syria, despite being murdered in their thousands by their own government, the rebels have found time to put Christians on-notice to leave.”

“Now I am no fan of Christianity, but I am a fan of civilization and justice, and both of those things seem to be in very short supply in a part of the world where Christianity is being systematically erased while the Christian President of the United States says nothing and looks the other way for fear of causing offense. He is a Christian, isn't he?”

“I know some people think [USA President] Obama is a Muslim, because his middle-name is Hussein, and because he bowed to the Saudi King like a vassal, and because he sucks-up to Islam every chance he gets, because he humiliated his country by apologizing to Islamic-terrorists, and because his administration is crippled by a chronic Political Correctness that empowers jihadis pretending to be Americans. But I would not say that makes the President a Muslim; I'd say that makes him a dhimmi, and I think he and his administration are doing their best to turn the United States into a dhimmi nation.”

“Recently he welcomed the election of an Islamist President in Egypt, a man who during his campaign, a campaign supported by the US government, made the statement:”

“The Quran is our Constitution, the prophet is our leader,
jihad is our path, and death-in-the-name-of-Allah is our goal.”

“A man who belongs to an organization that has vowed in its charter to infiltrate Western society and destroy it from within. In short, the new Egyptian President is a jihadi which is a word the Obama administration can't even bring itself to use, in case somebody gets offended.”

“It is actually quite amusing to watch an American government spokesman wriggling around trying not to say the words Islamic or Jihad, when talking about Islamic Jihad.”

“Until you realize the level of denial you are actually witnessing and you can't help wonder if it is possible to trust this person's judgment, or their word, about anything at all.”

“Oh and you might like to know that despite the First Amendment, the Obama administration is behaving on the world-stage as if free-speech is actually negotiable.”

“Right now, they are engaged in dialogue with a bunch of Islamic dictatorships to

help them find ways of curbing free speech through the United Nations Human Rights Council, when what passes for human rights in any of those places will be against the law in the civilized world, and the only dialogue any of them deserve is three short words:
GO TO HELL. Oh and PS, stop murdering Christians.”

 “[President] Obama wants to be cozy with Islam, because he has got an Islamic background himself, and because he wants to be cozy with the Third World in general. He isn't just America's first Black President, he is America's first Third-World President and that is his problem.”

“There must be a part of Obama that just feel so guilty about going to America becoming successful, and leaving all those people behind, that he just has to reach-out and say:
Hey people it’s me, Barry; You still like me, don't you?”

“But they don't like him, because they despise weakness, especially in the Islamic World. And there, he is even less popular than George W. Bush, which is something I would have thought a person would have to work at, but Obama has managed it effortlessly.”

“And he is getting less popular in the First World as well, because people can see how he deals with Islamic extremists, and they can see that he is not actually fit to be President of the United States.”

“Now don't get me wrong, he may be fit to lead another country; a European country perhaps, where fundamental rights are not quite so important. Besides, he is a European by instinct anyway:
an accommodationist, a compromiser, a dhimmi. He does not realize that the American President has a duty beyond American to the whole free world, to stand up for American values, not Third-World values, because despite all the propaganda, they are not in fact equal.”

“If Christians are being persecuted in the Muslim World purely because of their religion -- and they are -- the American President has a duty to speak out loudly and often until somebody listens.”

“Instead, this [USA] President chooses to remain silent; he chooses to continue shoveling bucket-loads of American taxpayer’s money into the Arab World without even a polite request that they stop murdering Christians.”

“And if you think that is slimy, every year the US State Department issues a report on the state of Human Rights, in all UN member countries. This year, for the first time, they removed the section on religious freedom, thus neatly side-stepping the need to acknowledge the violent persecution of Christians since the glorious revolution for freedom and democracy.”

“Who would have thought that the United States, of all countries, would so cravenly turn- its-back on persecuted Christians in their darkest hour, just so as not to offend their Muslim persecutors?
America, thanks to this President, is already a dhimmi. Peace.”
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Do Palestinians Want a Two-State Solution?
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Monday, September 26, 2016

Teshuva, Tested at The Kotel

Yesterday I found myself walking through the Old City to the Kotel. I had a few hours in Jerusalem with nothing to do. And since I'm in the year of mourning for my father, even though the Jewish Holidays, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Succot are almost here, I didn't buy myself new clothes. Actually, I still haven't worn the new clothes I had bought for Passover, because my father passed away just a few days before the Holiday. Yes, I should get someone to wear them... then I can.

So, as I've done quite a few times before, I decided to "hangout" at the Kotel, especially the small room on the side of the Women's Section. The last times I had been there it was very comfortable and peaceful, with the air-conditioner going, and nobody to bother me.

I sat in the back for various reasons. One main reason is that I don't need or want to touch the wall, which isn't all as holy as some people think. And that's besides the fact that we do not need something so physical to touch/reach Gd. I've written many times that I do not get inspired by visits to graves and tombs, no matter who's buried there.

The truth is this "western wall" is not the Western Wall of the shechina, Gd's presence. This wall that is so worshipped is none other than the most outer wall of the compound, a retaining wall, which holds up the Temple Mount and keeps it from collapsing. The Holy Temple itself was quite a distance inwards, and its walls cannot be found or seen. If you read this sign, to the very end they do admit it. As I've said many times, I feel more Kedusha, holiness, in the area of Ancient Shiloh, which had been a place of Jewish Prayer for centuries.

This time, as I entered the room, I noticed that the airconditioner was not working. And even worse, the woman next to me smelled, and one is forbidden to pray by bad odors. It took awhile for my sense of smell to become oblivious to her. Then I said my usual Tehillim, Psalms. Just as I was about to pray the Afternoon Mincha Prayer, there was a commotion in the front, and a woman began talking out loud. She began shouting, saying names, praying for people in the "name/holiness of the Western Wall..." sounding like a chassidishe Billy Graham.

I was not amused, nor was I inspired, but let's call it my Elul Teshuva Test  I did not tell her to shut up. And as she got more "inspired" and enthusiastic as some other women shouted names for her to pray for, I quietly walked out.

 I found myself a quiet corner and prayed. And then I noticed that there were some Selichot books on the nearby shelves, and I took one. During the days before Rosh Hashanah, we are supposed to say these special penitential prayers. And since there aren't too many, if any, synagogues in downtown Jerusalem with open Ezrot Nashim, Women's Sections, I can sit and pray in, I made myself comfortable and prayed.

Shanah Tovah, Metukah, Bri'ah U'Maleh Smachot!
May the New Year be Good, Sweet, Healthy and Full of Joyful Events!