Thursday, September 15, 2016

US 2016 Elections, Ronald Reagan's Legacy
Unlike Alan Dershowitz, I'm not at all surprised at the unpredicted by people of his ilk success of Donald Trump. As I've blogged many times the past year plus, I feel that Trump's popularity, unpredicted by the usual experts and pundits, and his primaries victories are a continuation of the process begun over half a century ago by Ronald Reagan.

I remember how Reagan was mocked by the media.
"What does an actor known about politics and government?"
That was the theme of many op-eds and political speeches. But the silent, yet voting, majority loved him. In California he was elected Governor in  1966 serving for eight years, and then he was elected President of the United States in 1980 and then for a second term in 1984.

Reagan was a more popular and successful politician than actor, though no matter what he did, he couldn't rid himself of the "actor" label. One of my favorite Reagan stories is from an interview I once read in which he wondered why people thought his acting background wasn't suitable for the US Presidency. He wondered how a non-actor could succeed in the job.
Ordinary Americans trusted Reagan much more than they trusted the professional politicians who opposed him. And today's Americans seem to trust Donald Trump more than they trust the professional politicians of today. Many have gotten to know him on his tv shows on the small screen, which nowadays is pretty big in most homes. That's very much like how Americans got to know Reagan by watching his old movies on television.

Nowadays everybody knows that JFK, the fairy tale Camelot POTUS, was more Peyton Place, before the censor got to it.  Just like Reagan's marital history broke the anti-divorce "rule," Trump's personal life just makes him more attractive to ordinary Americans who now have "everything" in their families.

There's a good chance that the Electoral College will give Hillary the Presidency, while popular vote will go to Trump. Nobody can predict at this point. It's a rollercoaster of a campaign for sure.

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Hold onto your hats! And because the Electoral College can very easily distort the results of a Presidential Election, I'd like to see Congress passing a Constitutional Amendment to eliminate it completely!

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