Sunday, September 18, 2016

Terrified World, Arab Terror?

Last night after Shabbat I read the was news of a man named Akram Joudeh attacking police with a meat cleaver near Penn Station. Apparently it had happened Thursday.

dailymail Policeman who survived the attack leaving the hospital.

Incredibly, although eighteen 18 bullets were shot at Joudeh, he's still alive, though hospitalized.

That attack happened in an area I've been to many innumerable times. It's near Penn Station, where the Long Island Railroad has its "hub."

And now, Sunday morning in Israel and Saturday night in New York, not far from that location have been two explosions.

And in Israel, after a bloody terror Friday, now Sunday began in Efrat with a terror attack.

Photo Credit: / Tchelet DOmeh Leyam

This is not a good way to start the week.


Neshama said...

The bomb was in Chelsea on east 23 between 7th and 6th aves, around the block from Whole Foods where I shopped for organics when I worked in Manhattan . . . . Once upon a time!

Batya said...

Nice neighborhood, but when it comes to terror, no one is immune.