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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dangerous Mix of Truth and Fiction

This morning I took a look at this video, Israeli settlements, explained in 8 minutes by Johnny Harris. I found it to be a very dangerous mix of truth and fiction.

Colors show Areas A, B and C

First of all, it begins its narrative rather late in History, 1948, crediting the United Nations with trying to help Great Britain to solve the problem between the Jews and the Arabs. It totally leaves out the very necessary/important/crucial fact that Britain was mandated/instructed/given the areas by the League of Nations in 1922, on the condition that they, the British, facilitate the establishment of a Jewish State there, Transjordan- the area on both sides of the Jordan River. No surprise, but no mention is made of that fact and the British invention of Jordan* which was stage one of how the Brits sabotaged the assignment.

Another term/fact left out is that the Jordanians illegally occupied the so-called west bank after the 1949 ceasefire. It was only recognized by two countries, Britain and Pakistan.

Also, Johnny Harris skips the crucial fact that the 1967 Six Days War was a result of coordinated Arab threats and aggression against Israel by an alliance of four Arab countries, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Jordan, with the cooperation of the United Nations. He gives the impression that it was initiated by Israel. And of course he leaves out the background of constant terror against Jews by Arab even before the establishment of the State of Israel.  According to International Law and historical precedent, border changes due to a defensive war are legal, and that is how the 1967 ceasefire lines should be seen.

In addition, the various villages, towns and cities where Jews live in Judea, Samaria, also the Golan and Jordan Valley (which Harris does not mention by name--another example of how he simplifies) were approved and/or established by the State of Israel.

Harris does mention that Arabs can drive on the new modern roads, but he leaves out that Jews are forbidden to drive on "Arab" roads. Also, he gives the distinct impression that only Arabs have to go through "checkpoints," when all vehicles are stopped/checked, Jewish, too. We wait on the same lines. And those checks are to prevent terrorism and uninspected agricultural products from entering. Remember that if going into the USA, you can't bring even an apple from abroad.

I do not have the time to go over every single false or misleading statement in these eight misleading minutes Harris has produced. I invite you to add more in the comments here. So, please do, thanks.

*British invention of Jordan- rule of this new invented country called Jordan was given to the Hashemites from Mecca, Saudi Arabia. There was no history of such a country/people until Britain created them to block Jewish settlement of the area.


Anonymous said...

There is only one truth and one answer - Torah truth! If you expect to get any rational and truthful answer from a non-Torah Jew or from a non-Jew, you are mistaken.
We, as Jews, know the truth. The rest of the world cannot accept the truth.

It's not because of the British or the Turks or the Holocaust or this or that. It is Jewish land because G-D gave it to His children, Israel, as an eternal inheritance. It was, is and will eternally be the Land of Israel, the land of the Jewish people. Until we learn to be true to our G-D, His Torah and His commandments pertaining to everything, and the Laws pertaining to the Land of Israel, we will live in this dilemma and troubles. H' was merciful and kind to allow us to return home and yet we desecrate all His commandments and expect to live in peace. The Jewish people must wake up and return to our Torah and all the rest will be taken care of with the coming of Moshiach Tzdkeinu. Moshiach will come any which way, but it will be the 'easy' way if we would only learn and return to our heritage.

Batya said...

Very true. But since the movie is for the general public my response must match.