Thursday, September 29, 2016

"The Peace," "השלום" "HaShalom" of Shimon Peres

OK, I admit that I'm an oddball. I love grammar and the subtle differences and nuances a tiny word, or as in Hebrew one simple letter, can achieve or signify.

I've been bothered by the word/term "The Peace," "השלום" "HaShalom" for as many years as I've heard it. In terms of grammar, the exact, picayune meaning to my mind, is that it is somehow different from plain ordinary generic "Peace," "שלום" "Shalom." Am I incorrect about this?

In all honesty, whether Right, Left or Center, nobody opposes true "Peace," "שלום" "Shalom." Our problem is that "the peace" we're being offered is no more genuine than "Fat Free Half and Half."

Peace, which shouldn't need a modifier, adjective or a definite article, because there should be no doubt as to what it refers to.
Peace is when one is not in danger from one's enemies, because there are no enemies
  • A "ceasefire" is not peace.
  • Signing a piece of paper at a fancy ceremony does not produce peace.
  • A "treaty" with those who educate their children to murder you cannot be considered a Peace Treaty.
Believing that "The Peace," "השלום" "HaShalom" of Shimon Peres is a true Peace is like those who say that it is possible to cure cancer or AIDS with the power of one's mind, positive thinking.

I trust that Gd decided on the time of Peres's death in order to have us so busy with Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Succot and Simchat Torah that the attention on his dangerous policies and ideology will be reduced.

Shabbat Shalom
Chag Sameach
Shanah Tovah
Gmar Chatimah Tovah
and Baruch Dayan Ha'Emett


Dan Kelso said...

Its very important to remember how Peres opposed Israel going into Jenin in 2002, when Israel went into there to stop the Arab Nazi Homicide bombers from murderer more Israeli civilians.
Peres is a total opportunist. Back then even with Arafat ordering terrorist atrocities against Israeli civilians, Peres still kept appeasing Arafat.

Peres was obsessed with his legacy of Oslo and didn't care how many Jews were murdered by Arab terrorists because of Oslo.
Remember this lie by Peres to protect his Oslo legacy of appeasement with Arafat.

Peres calls IDF operation in Jenin a 'massacre'
Ha'aretz ^ | 9 April 2002 | Aluf Benn and Amos Harel

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres Peres is very worried about the expected international reaction as soon as the world learns the details of the tough battle in the Jenin refugee camps, where more than 100 Palestinians have already been killed in fighting with IDF forces. In private, Peres is referring to the battle as a "massacre."
IDF officers also expressed grave reservations Monday over the operation in Jenin. "Because of the dangers," they said, "the soldiers are almost not advancing on foot. The bulldozers are simply 'shaving' the homes and causing terrible destruction. When the world sees the pictures of what we have done there, it will do us immense damage."

"However many wanted men we kill in the refugee camp, and however much of the terror infrastructure we expose and destroy there, there is still no justification for causing such great destruction."

Peres, who is feeling increasingly isolated in the government - Sharon added three hardline ministers to his cabinet Monday - believes Arafat is still irreplaceable at this stage.

He does not regard the documents that Sharon presented Monday in the Knesset as a "smoking gun" that irrefutably proves that Arafat was directly linked to ordering terrorist activity. And Israel's isolation of the Palestinian leader, he believes, only enhanced his prestige and turned him into the key player.

Despite his harsh criticism, however, and his belief that Labor will not be able to remain much longer in the government, Peres is in no hurry to quit. He is telling his closest associates that after the fighting ends and U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has visited, the decision will be made. If Powell presents a political plan, Labor will want to fight for it in the government.

Dan Kelso said...

Peres opposed bombing Iraq's nuclear facility in 81.
Peres opposed Israel going into Jenin in 2002 after Palestinian homicide bombers from Jenin were murdering Israeli civilians, including the Passover massacre.
Peres opposed killing Yassin in 2004.
Peres said this after Israel killed Yassin in 2004.
And what was it that Shimon Peres said after the Yassin assassination Peres said: “We must look terrible . . . for killing an old religious leader in a wheelchair coming out of a mosque. . . . I never thought they would dare to go through with it. . . . Had I been a member of the government I would have voted against this. . . . only by assassinating the reasons for terrorism can we assassinate terrorism.”

Earth to Peres.
Hundreds of Jews who had there limbs torn off by homicide bombers sent by Yassin.
The PR shots of Yassin in his wheelchair will be remembered by those that don’t see the crippled Jewish bodies of all those that he ordered to be bombed by Hamas.
Yassin was a mass murderer of the same ilk as Saddam Hussein.
Saddam never killed a Kurd he just inspired others to do his dirty work.
Hundreds of Jews who had there limbs torn off by homicide bombers sent by Yassin.
The PR shots of Yassin in his wheelchair will be remembered by those that don’t see the crippled Jewish bodies of all those that he ordered to be bombed by Hamas.
Yassin was a mass murderer of the same ilk as Saddam Hussein.
Saddam never killed a Kurd he just inspired others to do his dirty work.

Dan Kelso said...

This report doesn't surprise me. It just shows how deranged Shimon Peres was.
Over 1,500 Israelis have been killed in countless terror attacks by PA Arab terrorists since the signing of the Oslo Accords, but on the 20th anniversary of the signing of the accords between Yitzchak Rabin and Yasser Arafat, President Shimon Peres declared them a great success and the right thing for Israel.

In an interview on Army Radio, Peres praised the accords as “the right decision,” one which led to a “great revolution.”

Because of Oslo, said Peres, Israel is facing an Arab world in disarray, and has a true negotiating partner in Mahmoud Abbas. Without Oslo, Israel would likely have face more major wars in the last 20 years.

Since 1993, Israel has undertaken two major operations against Arab terrorism in Judea-Samaria and Gaza: Operation Defensive Shield, launched in 2002, to stem an out of control wave of PA terror that killed over 1,000 Israelis during the second intifada, and 2012's Operation Pillar of Defense, Israel's response to the firing of over 10,000 rockets in a period of just a few months against Israel by Gazan Arab terrorists.

Peres spoke with equanimity about the 2005 disengagement, in which over 10,000 Jews were made homeless when Israel handed over Gush Katif and northern Samaria to the PA. Despite the fact that hundreds of the victims of the disengagement are still homeless nearly a decade later, Peres would do it all again – and in other locations in Israel, if necessary.

The PA has declared that any territory Israel cedes in Judea and Samaria must be “Jew-free,” but Peres does not see that as a problem.

“Some Jews will want to live under a Palestinian regime or in one of the three settlement blocs that the PA has agreed to allow Israel to keep. Just like there are Jews living in Argentina, there can be Jews living anywhere,” Peres said.

Besides demanding that Israel remove all Jews from lands Israel cedes, the PA has also stated numerous times that it does not recognized the concept of “settlement blocs,” and expects Israel to withdraw from all of Judea and Samaria, with slight “border adjustments.” In any event, the PA has said, there is no way it will allow Israel to hold onto Ariel, a city of over 20,000 in central Samaria, and the center of one of the blocs Peres spoke of. The PA is also demanding that Israel had over the Barkan Industrial Zone, a large industrial center where thousands of Jews and Arabs work.

Peres added that there was no connection between the disengagement and the large number of missiles fired at Israel by Gaza Arab terrorists after 2005. “There were missiles before we left Gaza,” he said.

Peres also praised PA chief Mahmoud Abbas. “He has declared that he is not interested in Akko and Jaffa,” Peres said in the interview.

While Abbas has indeed made such statements – in English – the PA has made it very clear to its own people that as far as it is concerned “Palestine” stretches from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, and that there is no place for a Jewish state in the Middle East at all.

Batya said...

Thanks. All important. Gd willing next week I will write more ofvwhat we can call the Peres Legacy.

Anonymous said...

King of the Erev Rav and did his job well, unfortunately.

Batya said...

Gd will judge and punish when needed. He's not even buried yet.

Chrysler 300M said...

completely true, after being a patriot, Simon Oslo turned the way of fat Arik, Beilin, Halevy and the other traitors.

Batya said...

So complicated... nasty too.