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Monday, May 31, 2010

Eyewitnesses: "It was like the lynch in Ramallah"

a wounded Israeli soldier from the operation

Soldiers who were present say that for the operation they were not prepared for a violent attack upon the ship. Among the attackers: Sheikh Raed Salah

My translation from a Hebrew article on the News One website.

Reporters who accompanied the military operation at sea to stop the flotilla say that soldiers were not prepared at all for what occurred on the ship. According to them, they boarded the ship without weapons and with bare hands, equipped only with paint guns.
Upon their arrival, they said, they were beaten by the occupants of the boat. "We were attacked with slingshots, metal balls, rods, chairs and scrap. The rope-ladder was tied to an antenna on the ship. They shot at us from the hold of the ship with firearms. They tried to throw us overboard. They tried to kidnap a soldier. It was not a peace flotilla, it was a terrorist flotilla. It was like the lynch in Ramallah."

Combatants testified that amongst the attackers was also Sheikh Raed Salah*. Initially, the order was given to fire stun grenades, and only later was the command to fire live ammunition given.

[*Arab and foreign media had initially reported him dead!]

The Godzilla Flotilla, Full of Anti-Israel Agitators

Films have been shown of the faux-peace sic activists stabbing soldiers who had been prepared and trained to peacefully and non-violently take them off the ships.  The IFF was not prepared for the violence.  Somebody training them had been reading (or composing) too many Leftist propaganda papers.

Remember that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak is the same loony-Leftist who decided unilateral defense policy according to what could get him elected Prime Minister.  That's why Israel had to flee Southern Lebanon abandoning more than just the defensive position.

"Oops, sorry, I wasn't thinking."

That's a favorite "apology" excuse of Israelis. 

"I know you weren't thinking. That's what I'm complaining about."

I've had this sort of conversation too many times.

Israeli TV News Specials about the flotilla have been awful.  Nobody seems to know how to explain what was so awful about the so-called "peace" sic activists, a term the media uses like a mantra.

I call them:
anti-Israel agitators 
What do you call them?

PS Where's Bibi?

"Humanitarian, Peace Activists" Lynch Israeli Naval Men

You probably won’t find this anywhere in the mainstream media, but perhaps here is the place for the true account of what happened on the high seas in the middle of last night…
A group of terrorist-supporting organizations, comprised of the "Free Gaza Movement" - an international group of pro-Palestinian "activists;" people affiliated with the International Solidarity Movement - a pro-Palestinian group that often sends international "activists" into battle zones; and the IHH, a Turkish aid group with terrorist links, organized a propaganda blitz on Israel, in the guise of a "humanitarian aid / freedom flotilla mission" to the Gaza Strip.
Their real mission: to embarrass Israel by either forcing it to attack the flotilla, or allowing it to pass through the Israeli-imposed blockade of the waters around Gaza, in effect since the terrorist group Hamas forcibly took control of the Strip three years ago. It should be noted that under the Oslo Accords, Israel maintains sovereignty over the Gaza Coast, and does not allow ships to approach without searching them for arms.
The flotilla sailed on Sunday, more than two days later than planned and without two of the ships that did not join because of malfunctions. One of the "peace-loving" terrorists, activist Huwaida Araf, proclaimed from the ships as they set out: "We fully intend to go to Gaza regardless of any intimidation of threats of violence against us. They are going to have to forcefully stop us."
In addition, last week, the father of Gilad Shalit, kidnapped 4 years ago by Hamas in Gaza, begged the "peace-loving" flotilla to bring a letter to Hamas to transfer to his son. He even offered to mediate with the Israeli government in exchange. The flotilla "humanitarians" refused to take this letter with them or cooperate with any humanitarian gesture towards the kidnapped soldier, in any way. This includes the basic rights of Red Cross visits to the captive, which have been consistently denied for the last four years.
So last night, even though International Law allows for countries to ask suspicious boats to identify themselves, the vessels' passengers did not cooperate, and called the move "scare tactics" on their streamed broadcasts.
The Navy commander took charge of the event from a command post in the sea. He ensured that the six ships received warnings to turn back and an invitation to sail to the Ashdod Port to complete the delivery of the aid through land crossings after an Israeli security check. In all these cases they were firmly turned down.
THEN, when the naval men boarded the ships, they found that the passengers on the Gaza-bound flotilla were laying in wait for them to board.
On the largest boat, called 'Marmara', there were 570 people, who were waiting for the arrival of the soldiers armed with long clubs, metal bars and knives. The Navy fighters, who arrived with ladders and came down from ropes, encountered what they described as a near lynch. There was serious violence. It is clear from the footage on Turkish TV that as the Israeli commandos came down on ropes they were attacked with metal bars and poles. One soldier was seen trying to protect himself from the attack. Every soldier that came down was attacked.
"This is not the activity of peace activists," to put it mildly…
They then attacked IDF soldiers, opening fire on them. One IDF soldier was critically wounded. A crew member reportedly snatched a gun from an IDF soldier and then opened fire on the troops. Another soldier was stabbed in the stomach with a sharp object. In all, four Navy fighters were injured, one of them sustaining serious wounds. The injured were evacuated to Israeli hospitals by helicopters.
The flotilla of ships on its way to Gaza "was an armada of hate and violence," charged Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon at a Jerusalem press conference on Monday morning. "It was a premeditated and outrageous provocation" and its organizers had ties to global Jihad, al Qaida and Hamas, said Ayalon. "Their intent was violent, their methods were violent and their results were unfortunately violent," Ayalon said.
Is it any wonder that some of these "peace-loving, humanitarian activists" were killed?

Bibi, Get Back Home, ASAP!

What type of leaky ship are you steering?  Or who really is at the helm?

No time to blame anyone, just get here, now.  Last night would have had been better.

Bibi Netanyahu, if you're really the Prime Minister of Israel you never should have left the country at this time.  I thought you played chess.  Chess players are supposed to be able to see a few moves in advance, and you lost this game.

The Leftist Defense Minister Ehud Barak may have lulled you into thinking that boarding the "aid" flotilla would be a simple police action, but he's wrong again.  Barak's reign as Prime Minister was plagued by Arab terror, and I fear that he's trying to stick you with it now that you've given him so much free rein as Defense Minister.  Quickly sack him.  Show responsible leadership for a change.

The world is blaming us for attacking the flotilla.  The violence came from the hypocritical left, the faux peaceniks who are more violent than the right would ever dare to be.

All the NGOs which have backed this flotilla must be declared illegal, terror-supporting, anti-Israel and closed down.  Very simple, no compromise.  "Good intentions" aren't an excuse for supporting terrorism.  No more diplomatic double-talk.  We don't have to apologize or ask permission to exist.

Binyamin Netanyahu, this is your chance to repent and use your G-d given gifts for the good of your People and Country or simply leave public life.

Barak Goofs Again

**Yitz commented very correctly, that this post is not well-written and it was written while everything was going on.  It definitely needs clarification.  The reference to words, refers to the past, an earlier stage in the anti-Israel accusations that the Gazans are suffering because of Israel.  Israel incorrectly refuses to treat Gaza as an enemy.  Israel itself provides humanitarian aid, food, medical etc and even cement for building.  Does anyone in their right mind think they are using the cement for nursery schools?  There should have been a professional information campaign about this instead of offering to transfer the "aid" from the flotilla to Gaza.  Now that we know that the anti-Israel agitators on the ships were planning violent actions against Israel, we see that our commandos weren't prepared for that either.  One must meet might with might, not margarine!

While Bibi's abroad, the Israeli Government is continuing with its incompetent handling of threats against the State of Israel.  They're using, at this very moment, physical force against words, while they use words and kind gestures against terrorism.

Words, as I've written many times, do have power. That's why the Hasbara, Information War against that ship/campaign* of unnecessary "humanitarian aid" should be handled by top word-masters, not the military.  It should be rooted out by deporting all the Leftist anti-Israel agitators.  Those anti-Israel NGOs supported and mentored by the New Israel Fund should be declared illegal.  Diplomats of countries that support them financially and otherwise must be sent packing and declared persona non grata.

Of course this won't work all the time that Israel joins the peanut gallery supporting a Pseudostinian AKA Palestinian sic state.

The IDF's boarding of the ship as it approach Gaza was just the photo-op the Leftists wanted.  Multiply the canonization of Rachel Corrie by a thousand, and you'll barely get the ramifications of this mess.  The Leftists were violent.  Just because someone claims to be for peace doesn't make him/her a pacifist.  Beware of false labeling.

Israel has consistently "miss-fought" its enemies by using the wrong "weapons."

I'd like to approach it as a form of "kashering," making a cooking utensil kosher.  A pot which boils is kashered by boiling water.  A frying pan or grill needs a stronger heat.

Israel must take "kashering" as the model and use appropriate weapons.  So far, we're losing the war.  Defense Minister Ehud Barak hasn't a clue and our Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, well-known for his mastery of words and spin, doesn't know when to speak and when to fight with physical weapons.

*Once the IDF got on-board the ship it was discovered that the demonstrators were armed to fight. Therefore they should have been treated as armed invaders and not peaceful demonstrators.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summertime and the fishermen are jumpin’…

posted by Jewish Israel
Summertime and the fishermen are jumpin’:
Christian missionary campaigns are in full swing throughout the land of Israel, and counter-missionary organizations are doing what they can to contend with the onslaught.

Jewish Israel takes a look at what promises to be a hot summer on the missionary front, and we offer some suggestions...more

Jews for Jesus founder, Moishe Rosen, Dead:
For those who may have missed it, Moishe Rosen, the founder of Jews for Jesus, is dead at the age of 78. On May 19th he succumbed to prostate disease that had metastasized into bone cancer. Charisma Magazine called him "the godfather of Jewish evangelism".

Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz of Jews for Judaism has an excellent oped which is making the rounds and takes a closer look at the man and his organization:
Sadly, as a direct result of Rosen’s pioneering efforts, today there are over 1,000 missionary groups targeting Jews for conversion worldwide. With an annual budget exceeding $275 million, these groups have succeeded in converting hundreds-of-thousands of Jews in recent decades...

Unfortunately, Rosen’s legacy will be that his deceptive tactics have become the accepted protocol in the missionary Christian movement. It is now second nature for church members to tell their Jewish friends,
and Christian students to tell their peers, that they can be Jewish and Christian at the same time...

Frume Sarah's Havel Havelim

Frume Sarah is hosting this week's Havel Havelim.  It's a wide world of jblog posts.  There's lots to read and I can't wait to meet some bloggers whom I've never read before.

Just to remind you to send in your kosher food/cooking posts to the Kosher Cooking Carnival and if you'd like to host a KCC please let me know.

Chickens Out For New Zealand

Kosher chickens that is.  In another example of twisted perverse morality the New Zealand government has joined a select group of frigid to Jews European countries and banned Shechita, animal slaughter according to Jewish Law.  Is hunting forbidden in these countries, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden?

It's not a simple matter of just importing kosher meat and poultry from abroad instead of local shechita, because according to New Zealand law, unprocessed poultry can't be imported.

The Jewish community in New Zealand is trying to appeal but considering that the Prime Minister is Jewish the chances aren't good.  Successful Jews abroad generally try to downplay their Jewish allegiance.  This is a good time to make aliyah.  I have neighbors from New Zealand who are happy that they are here in Shiloh.

Israel, Get Real! "Peace" Talks Dangerous Farce

There's no nice way to say this, especially considering how much hope, man-hours and money have been hyped into this Utopian idea that there can be "peace" between Israel and the Arabs, but the truth is that there's no way in this generation and probably the next, too, that there can be a genuine peace.

I gave that long, probably run-on sentence its very own paragraph.  The CPA's pragmatic daughter I am wants to make it very clear.  Some people mock my strong religious belief as being rather "la la" or unrealistic, but I totally disagree.  It's much easier to prove G-d's existence than it is to prove that the Arabs want to live in peace with the State of Israel.

The internationally funded Appease aka Peace sic Now and all the related organizations and groups have been brainwashing Israelis for decades already.  They've made such headway; we're in a real life episode of the Twilight Zone. 

To make things simple, like the popular modern child-rearing technique of "time-out," we should declare a one year postponement of negotiations for every single rocket or missile the Arabs launch at Israel, whether the rocket kills, damages or just malfunctions executing the very terrorists who launched it.  Remind the United States, United Nations etc that this is non-negotiable.  That's what a normal, self-respecting country would do, and didn't the early secular Zionists dream of being a normal country?  I agree.  We shouldn't agree to anything that any other country wouldn't agree to.  We must ignore the bogus human rights organizations, because they consistently condemn Israel when Israel's actions would be praised if any other country had done it.

We must, at the same time, use the military to go after those who attack us militarily.  Nobody in their right mind would use body lotion on skin cancer.  Would you?  How about ointment on gangrene?

I certainly wouldn't interfere with the PA's negotiating with the United States over issues between them, but not anything concerning Israel.  United States President Barack Hussein Obama promised them a state.  Well, there's lots of unoccupied land in the continental United States without the sort of documented history that our Land has.  As I've written many times, since the western/Christian world swears on the Bible they should take it seriously.  This is Jewish Land and only Jewish Land.  If Obama sold them a can of worms, that has nothing to do with us. 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hypocrites for "Human Rights"

I finally found the article I had been looking for when I was pleasantly surprised...  G-d is good! That's for sure.

Let's say, it was happening in Boston, that a group of people calling themselves "Priests for Human Rights" was demonstrating against Catholics moving into a building there.

OK, think about it...

Now, let's change the equation to:

Let's say, it was happening in Boston, that a group of people calling themselves "Priests for Human Rights" was demonstrating against Catholics Jews moving into a building there.

Let's make another change:

Let's say, it was happening in Boston, that a group of people calling themselves "Priests Rabbis for Human Rights" was demonstrating against Catholics Jews moving into a building there.

Now another change:

Let's say, it was happening in Boston Jerusalem, that a group of people calling themselves "Priests Rabbis for Human Rights" was demonstrating against Catholics Jews moving into a building there.

I'm not a fiction writer.  Read all about it here. 

Call them hypocrites or f'kokt (great Yiddish slang, sounds better than the English translation.)  Or do you have a better term?

I agree with Nadia Matar who said it well.

Friday, May 28, 2010

More Planned for After Shabbat

I had planned on quickly writing something about the Leftist hypocrisy, but found a great article about HaGov instead of the article I had seen in the hardcopy of In Jerusalem.

Let's suffice with Nadia Matar's excellent article:

The Cat's out of the Bag
by Nadia Matar

I was happy to read the reports in the media on Wednesday, May 26,
2010, that dozens of lecturers from the Hebrew University set out with
hundreds of their students on a march to the "Sheikh Jarah" (Shimon
Hatzaddik) neighborhood in Jerusalem "to demonstrate against the entry
of Jewish settlers to the neighborhood and the removal of Arab
families from their homes."

The photographs accompanying the reports show the demonstrators with
signs such as: "Students and Lecturers against Settlements," "Thou
Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's House," and the like.

According to the report on Ynet, during the course of the procession
the students and the lecturers voiced calls such as "We will not sit
in classrooms when, outside, rights are being trampled" and "Civil
rights will not be taught with racism in Sheikh Jarah." They also bore
banners stating, among others (in a slogan that rhymes in Hebrew),
"There Is No Sanctity in an Occupied City."

The report quotes various lecturers who explain why they came to demonstrate:

Dr. David Tsafti, a lecturer in genetics: "I don't agree to the
expulsion of families from their homes. They say that the houses
belong to Jews, and maybe that is correct, but it certainly isn't
right [...] people have lost the ability to see Arabs as human

[Interestingly, five years ago Dr David Tsafti was not seen
demonstarting against the expulsion of our brothers from Gush
Katif...but let's go on to the next lecturer]

Ruti Bettler, a professor of education, said that she has been active
in this struggle [against Jews settling in Jerusalem's neighborhood of
Sheikh Jarrah] for a long time. "The attempt to expel these families
from their homes is an injustice in the human and moral plane." [She
too somehow, who is active on behalf of Arab squatters in homes they
grabbed and stole from the original Jewish owners, did not decry the
expulsion of Jews from their real homes.]

Let's go on to the next leftist professor quoted in the article:

Professor Tamar Rappaport said that no less than 10 lecturers in
education came to the demonstration. "Word of the demonstration went
though the social networks and [e-]mails, and reached people. In the
final analysis, lecturers, too, are people, and in this land it's
impossible not to be political." She made clear that the lecturers did
not come to the demonstration in the name of the university, and
rather were speaking for themselves, but she emphasized: "I think that
the struggle of Sheikh Jarah is closely connected with academy."

The professor of anthropology Yoram Bilu told that during all his
years in academe, he did not encounter such a broad and diverse
response by lecturers and students for such cooperation."

You'll be surprised to hear this, but I am very glad that such a
demonstration was held by the left. For years we have been trying to
persuade teachers, educators, and rabbis in our national camp that it
is inconceivable that they and their students would not be involved,
even during study hours, in the struggle for Eretz Israel.

During the Oslo period I attempted to persuade teachers to join the
demonstrations against the Oslo accords, together with their students,
during study times, as well. How is it possible to continue to study
when the house is on fire, we told them? And likewise during the
period of the expulsion from Gush Katif and northern Samaria, and
likewise right now: when the Arabs, who are financed by international
bodies, are stealing and grabbing thousands of dunams of state lands,
tens of thousands of yeshivah students in the state-religious or
hardal (semi-ultra-Orthodox) religious educational institutions
continue with routine life as usual, continue to study in
air-conditioned study halls - as if there were no physical war, on the
ground, for the land. Don't misunderstand me. I am not calling to stop
Torah study, or any other study, but I am calling to combine study
with the actual struggle on the ground, as I will explain in detail
below with practical examples.

Once I also tried to persuade Bnei Akiva counselors to organize
setting up new me'ahazim (outpost settlements), or to distribute
informational material against the Oslo accords and for Eretz Israel
as a whole. In all these instances described above we were confronted
by the same puzzling response: "It is forbidden for us and our members
to participate in "political" activity."

Now,after dozens of Hebrew University lecturers, who publicly
proclaimed their views, unabashedly participated in a demonstration by
the left, I want to hope that in our camp, as well, educators, rabbis,
teachers, lecturers, and their students will begin to arise and go out
to defend Eretz Israel, on the ground.

Ideas for action:

1) Each yeshivah, each school, each ulpanah (girls' seminary) will
adopt hilltops in Judea and Samaria, where they will organize rosters
of a permanent Jewish presence to defend the lands that will remain in
Jewish hands. They will plant trees, and also erect buildings, even if
only simple ones, where they will engage in their studies.

2) Each yeshivah, each school, each ulpanah, from the Gush Dan area,
too, will adopt a me'ahaz (outpost) in Judea and Samaria. The students
and teachers will aid that me'ahaz, by a duty roster, several times a
week, aiding in agriculture, construction, and maintaining a Jewish
presence. On Shabbatot, as well, come to the place and make a

3) In the event, Heaven forbid, of the destruction of structures,
studies will not be held on that day, and all the teachers and
students from the schools, the yeshivot, and the ulpanot, and the
youth movement members from the area, will come to aid in restoring
the ruins and rebuilding everything anew.

These, of course, are just examples of the activity that, in my humble
opinion, should be adopted by all the teachers and students in the
national educational institutions. The message is clear. As was said
in the demonstration by the leftists: "We will not sit in classrooms
when, outside, rights are being trampled." We are waiting for our
educators to tell their students: "We will not sit in classrooms and
study halls when, outside, the rights of Eretz Israel and the rights
of the Jews are being trampled. We will continue our studies - but
they will be combined with action on behalf of Eretz Israel."

Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)
POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel
Tel: 972-2-624-9887 Fax: 972-2-624-5380

Patronize, Don't Boycott

It's not that I think my readers would boycott Jewish businesses based or connected in some way to Jews in the Land Israel liberated in the 1967 Six Days War, Judea, Samaria, Golan, Jordan Valley etc.  I guess we should be very grateful for the Leftists and Arabs for giving us a list of companies to davka patronize.  I copied it from the Young Israel weekly email bulletin:

Israel National News has translated and abridged the Hebrew version of this list and the Yesha website has posted it in Hebrew.

Among the affected businesses are the following:

Beigel & Beigel (pretzels)
B & D (juices, rice cakes, natural spreads)
Abadi Bakery
Golan Dairy
HaSharon Fruits
Achva (halva and cookies)
Tekoa Mushrooms
Maya (spices, dry fruits)
Shamir Salads
Zahavi Yemenite Foods
Tzuriel Cheeses and Yogurts
Tara Dairies
Field Produce (nuts)
Aroma (fresh spices)
Nahar HaYarden [Jordan River] dates
Taaman (chocolates, canned foods, juices)
Achiya olive oil
Mei Eden mineral water
Adanim Tea
Super Drink
Golan Wineries
Carmel Wineries
Barkan Wineries
Rav Bariach locks and doors
Schick Design furniture
Beitili furniture
Fried blankets, towels
Carmel carpets
Palphot student aids, greeting cards
Tal-El recycling
Bianco cleaning products (Nicole, scotch-brite)
Zro’ot Barkan (electronic product stands)
Supergum rubber, plastic, insulation
Brita water filters
Gazoz carbonated drinks
Progressive kitchen utensils
Adir plastics
P.V. Ran – plastic and paper
Lipsky plastic piping
Amgazit gas products
Fibertech piping
Ay Tech computer accessories
Dr. Byte computer and office accessories
Intellinet security and marketing
Zrichah Industries
AFIC printing
Ahava mineral products
Mineral Kar

Many years ago, during the heyday of Arutz 7 Radio, I remember Nadia Matar commenting on an earlier boycott call by Arabs and Leftists.  She said that she was so happy that they finally admit that we're not some easy to remove, useless bedroom communities.  We're productive, industrial etc.  If you know of additional businesses, please add them in the comments, thanks.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Honenu, They're Still Here Helping

Honenu, the legal aid society, is still very busy, very much in need.  Unfortunately, their work isn't over.
Our organization assists soldiers, policemen and many other citizens who are confronted on a daily basis with legal issues relating to their personal commitment to the struggle for the Land of Israel.

There's more information on their site.

And just in case you're curious.  Shmuel Medad, of Hebron, the founder of Honenu, isn't a relative.

Israel Should Play "Hard to Get"

Unfortunately, the Israeli Government is continuing dangerous kowtowing to American orders.  Big deal that Obama had Rahm Emanuel invite Bibi to confer with him.  Israeli politicians will do anything to keep the United states happy, even if it endangers the security and future viability of our country.

We don't owe anything to any other country.  There is no other country in this world that takes foreign orders like Israel does.

Honestly, I don't understand.  It's not my nature.

Even politicians who speak like proud independent human beings seem to get their brains zapped and lobotomized when they take office.

Does Minister  MK Benny Begin really believe that his Likud government will approve building in Judea and Samaria when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's unilateral ten month building freeze ends according to the calendar?

I feel sorry for our youth, already made so terribly cynical by Disengagement and the restrictions on freedom of expression and unequal justice meted out against us. 

I was raised in the optimistic idealistic 1960's when we believed that anything is possible and we can change the world.  And that's why they can't knock me down...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Refuge in Judea and Samaria

Way back when, almost twenty years ago, during U.S. President Bush Sr's Iraq War, many Israelis took refuge in the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria.  The further they were in the Biblical גב ההר Gav HaHar mountain range the safer people felt. 

Yes, some of my Shiloh neighbors hosted friends, relatives and in one case a child while the parents stayed at their jobs in the unsafe coastal region.

Today there was a national emergency drill, all over the country.  I heard the sirens in stereo, through the windows and from our emergency beeper.  Security experts are trying to find safer and more effective safety measures than "hide under the school desk if an atom bomb explodes."  Yes, I'm of that generation.

Plans are being made in the Judea-Samaria yishuvim to absorb hundreds of thousands of Israelis.  If such a situation arises and refuge here is necessary, I have no doubt that we'll be able to help and welcome whoever comes.

When we first began looking for a yishuv almost thirty years ago, life in the tiny Jewish communities in Yehuda  and Shomron was very difficult.  Water was trucked in; electricity was from a generator.  Buses were infrequent and very few people had cars.  Everyone lived in tiny prefabricated huts, and shopping was complicated.  But I never heard complaints about difficulties or that hosting people would be too much of a strain.

I'll never forget how we all welcomed all of the immigrants from the USSR.  Confused, hungry and shell-shocked, many arrived as the Iraqis fired missiles at Israel.  Those whose first home in Israel was Shiloh were grateful and comforted.

I have no doubt that if faced with new challenges, we'll again do the job well.

Of course, it would be even easier if the Israeli Government would cancel the building freeze...

Trying to Clarify Religion of Rahm Emanuel's Wife and Children

A comment to a previous post of mine claimed that Emanuel's wife and children aren't Jewish, but then another commenter, Shy, included a link that he's a member of a Modern Orthodox synagogue.  That made me think that most probably his wife is a convert, Orthodox Beit Din (religious court) which required some semblance of religious Orthodox life for the family.

Here's the wikipedia report about her:
Emanuel's wife, Amy Rule, converted to Judaism shortly before their wedding.[16] They are members of Anshe Sholom B'nai Israel, a Modern Orthodox congregation in Chicago.[10] They have a son and two daughters.
Emanuel is a close friend of fellow Chicagoan David Axelrod, chief strategist for the 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign. Axelrod signed the ketuba, a Jewish marriage contract, at Emanuel's wedding, an honor that goes to a close friend.[17]
Rabbi Asher Lopatin of Anshe Sholom B'nai Israel Congregation is quoted as saying: "It's a very involved Jewish family"; "Amy was one of the teachers for a class for children during the High Holidays two years ago."[10] Emanuel has said of his Judaism: "I am proud of my heritage and treasure the values it has taught me."[10] Emanuel's family lives on the North Side of Chicago, in the North Center neighborhood.[8]

That confirms, as best as I can at this point, my guess.  I'll leave the details between them and G-d.

If It's So Bad Here, Why Are There So Many Illegals?

This sentence can be written about a lot of places.  Rush Limbaugh made the point about the United States.   And I'd say the same about Israel.

If life is so awful here for non-Jews, why do so many foreign workers overstay their visas?   Other countries, like Egypt, have no compunctions about killing off those African workers trying to get in. 

Why has the Arab population increased so much?   Actually, statistics prove that since the Zionist movement brought Jews here to the HolyLand,  Arabs have been following with great enthusiasm and even greater numbers.  Arabs from all over have no problem accepting Israeli help and medical care.

There are over twenty Arab countries, some very rich and some very poor.  Why, davka, do the Arabs want another one, right here?  We don't have oil and other material riches.  We have a difficult climate for agriculture.  They never had an independent state here.  The only People/Nation to have a national history here is the Jewish one.

No doubt this if the Arabs (and the rest of the world) got their wish, and we would somehow, G-d forbid, disappear, within a short period of time, the area would empty out, the fields, groves, orchards and vineyards would dry up and this Holy Land would be desolate, like it was pre-Zionism.

And there then wouldn't be a problem with illegals...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why Not A Simple "Mazal Tov?"

Zach son of Rahm Emanuel is here with his extended family for his Bar Mitzvah, and the Israeli media and government are giving them the royal treatment, possibly even paying for things expensive and forbidden.  I don't like the father Rahm Emanuel's ideology, attitude  and actions against Israel, but I also don't think that protesting and disturbing the family during the visit is the right thing to do.

No doubt, Rahm Emanuel likes the circus atmosphere that has been going on this visit, but shouldn't his son's Bar Mitzvah be richer in Jewish values?  Maybe that is the problem.  The Emanuels have made it big in America.  Rahm is United States President Barack Obama's right hand man.  Keeping ethnic names is very "in" in America, as we see in their names.  Obama doesn't use "Barry," and Emanuel isn't "Ray."

What lesson in Judaism have the Emanuel kids learned from this Bar Mitzvah trip?  I have no idea of the conversations among the family, but it seems to me that they and Israeli kids learned one unfortunate thing.  Jews who make it big in Chutz La'Aretz, abroad, get treated better by the Israeli authorities than ordinary Israelis.

And if the government really wanted to give to a special Bar Mitzvah, the special group Bar/Bat Mitzvah of deaf and hearing impaired kids deserve it more than the comfortably well-off and very well connected Zach Emanuel.  Too bad the Emanuel family didn't decide to share their simcha, joyous occasion, with others.  Joining that special Bar Mitzvah would be a better lesson than eating traif (forbidden) squid in Eilat.

"Drill" On! "Don't Complain. Don't Explain."

Israel's reassuring the Arabs not to worry about our self-defense drill is just another nail or two in the coffin of "deterrence."  I  don't care what the truth is about this drill. It's irrelevant.  The world knows that we've given up our de facto independence.

I write this all very sadly, but the pragmatist, the CPA's daughter in me just can't lie.

We have no genuine, true allies, and that especially includes the United States which just makes dangerous demands on Israel and supports the Arabs, including Arab terrorists.

And how intelligent is American "intelligence?"  No very.  I'm getting a kick out of the grand announcements and headlines in all the press and internet media about "secret plans." Not so secret are they?

"Report: U.S. Orders Covert Military Ops in Mideast"

As the saying goes, "with friends like these..."

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cheating, Who's Rewarded?

Arthur Goldstein brought up a very important point in his article about cheating.  Naively, most of us are against cheating.  Isn't good teaching (and parenting) supposed to mean that students do their own honest work on tests and assignments?

As a parent I was willing to guide but not to do my children's schoolwork and home work for them.  I had done my own, for good or bad grades, and I didn't need my kids' teachers to grade me.  Not long ago at a wedding some stranger came up to me, looking for an English speaker to perfect his child's school paper.  After a few minutes I refused and told him that he wasn't doing his kid a favor.  The grade had to be for his kid's work, not for mine.

No wonder kids don't see what's so awful about cheating on a test when they're encouraged to bring in PERFECT assignments and papers.

Another problem is that a teacher's success is graded according to his/her students' grades.  Those whose students get the highest grades,whether honest or cheated, are considered superior teachers.

Is that the education we want for the next generation?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

HaKarat HaTov, Recognizing, Publicizing the Good

Hat tip: IMRA

Finally the IDF Spokesperson's Office  put out something we can be proud of. So, better late than never, I'm posting this Yom HaAtzmaut, Israeli Independence Day video.

HH, Good Readng, But...

The latest Havel Havelim is hosted by the Rebbetzin's Husband.  There are lots of great posts from the wide world of Jblogging, but I'm upset by something he wrote in the introduction.

"As a new oleh to Canada..."

A "new oleh"  and an "immigrant" aren't synonyms.  Sorry, you pressed one of those buttons which gets me going.  Canada isn't the HolyLand.  This may play well in North America, but it's a real dud where the Bible took place.  I'm very disappointed to read something like that in a Torah blog, but it doesn't surprise me.  For years, decades actually,  I've said that for questions about Israel and aliyah it should be forbidden to ask a chutz l'Aretz (out of the HolyLand) rabbi.  By not keeping the mitzvah of yishuv Ha'Aretz, settling the Land, he disqualifies himself.

But don't let that stop any of you from reading Havel Havelim.  Please do read it and all the posts included.

Why Not The "T Word?"

What's a "gunman?"

Is that another PC term like "militant" when describing Arab terrorists?

And what about the Arabs who throw rocks, not small pebbles or gravel, at Jewish-Israeli cars to injure and kill the passengers?  This New York Times article is edited in such a way to create sympathy for the terrorist, yes, terrorist, before mentioning at Jews were injured in the attack and the shooting was self-defense.

Rock throwing, a popular low-tech and low-budget terror attack is not only to injure the driver and passengers with their rocks but to distract the driver, forcing him/her to get into a serious accident which the terrorists hope will be fatal.  In other cases the driver would stop and then the terrorists attack.  Instructions are now to speed away.

One famous case of Arab terrorists fatally injuring a Jew with a rock, was what happened to Shiloh neighbors, when their infant, Yehuda Shoham, HaYa"D, was murdered.

The goal of Arab terrorists is the destruction of the State of Israel.  We must take them seriously and destroy them before they destroy us.

No more euphemisms, please.  Call a terrorist a terrorist!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Becoming Religious, Tshuva and Kiruv

Today a neighbor gave the "shiur nashim," Women's Torah Class.  It was his first time.  No, he's not young.  He told us a bit about his life and how he became religious.  He had never spoken to a group before about it.  It seemed like a pretty suitable topic for after Shavuot, since it goes with the Ruth and Naomi story.

Yes, Ruth and Naomi, because it's pretty possible that when Naomi and family left Israel for Moab, they also left the Jewish Life they had once lived.  Only after Naomi and her daughters-in-law were all widowed did she return to G-d and Jewish Life.

How else could it have been that Naomi had two non-Jewish daughters-in-law who hadn't converted, pledged to live as Jews?  If they had been living as Jews, Naomi wouldn't have been able to send them back to their families.  Once someone converts to Judaism, they are Jews and it's forbidden to remind them of their past, forbidden to stigmatize or discriminate against them in any way.  If at some point, they cease to live Torah lives, they are still Jewish.

So the story of Ruth is as much Naomi's story of Tshuva, repentance as it's Ruth's conversion.

I think that in many ways it's probably harder to return to a Jewish Life one has rejected, abandoned, like Naomi did, than discover one's Judaism as a new way of living or converting.

Comments are invited.  I'm curiious if others feel the same way.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Where's Israel's Rush Limbaugh?

The American media and Democrats are in shock.  The silent majority isn't silent.  It has a leader, Rush Limbaugh.  Limbaugh has succeeded in exposing the cracks in Barack Hussein Obama's election victory, policies and presidency.  He does it with a radio microphone and an internet site.

In Israel we once had Adir Zik on Arutz 7's radio station, but the government succeeded in shutting down the radio and G-d took Zik, ZaTz"L, to the Next World, Olam HaBa.  What remains of Arutz 7 is a shadow of what it once was.  Just the internet, without strong charismatic leadership, it's a multilingual news service.  It's a salad of ideas.  I was almost going to call it a Minestrone Soup, but a soup is cooked, flavors combined, even when you can still bite into the various ingredients.  Arutz 7 doesn't have that.  Each language is run independently.  I've been blogging on the English Page for two and a half years.  There's no interaction between the languages.  I asked about having some of my posts translated for the Hebrew site and was told that the English editor has no contact with the Hebrew one.  The English page is aimed for international and multicultural and multi-religious readership.  Writers and commentators have to make sure that all Hebrew terms are translated.

Israel is suffering a great crisis in leadership.  The Left has filled the vacuum and control everything they can.  I'm not giving up.  I'm not alone.  The sparks of true Jewish-Israeli leadership may be hard to discern, but they're smoldering, burning somewhere and will grow strong G-d willing.

Shabbat Shalom uMevorach
May You Have A Peaceful and Blessed Sabbath

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Valuable Visa, The USA Plays Hard to Get

Over the years, we've gotten calls from Israelis we know begging us to use our "influence" in the United States Consulate to help them get a tourist visa.  There's no rhyme nor reason why some get it and some don't.  One case recently, the person had gotten a ten year visa a few years before, but it was on his old passport.  He had been told that even though he had more than half the ten years to go, the US Consulate couldn't or wouldn't transfer it nor give him a new one.  So the guy missed his brother's wedding.

This morning, I read about a wife who can't get visas for her and her kids to live in the states with her new husband.  They've been married over a year.

And bloggingheads of the New York Times is also talking about visas.

No wonder that "second class*" United States Citizens, like my married daughter and her freinds, are willing to fill out reams of forms and then schlep the kids to the states to get them the same status.

There are so many illegals in the USA.  Some entered on valid visas and never left, and others got in "some how."  They're in a crazy "twilight zone," because being illegal, it'll be discovered if they try to leave, and then they won't be let back in.

Davka, Americans try to be so careful about who can enter the states, but they want us, Israel, to accept Arab terrorists and to take down security check-points.

We ought to do what they do, not what they say.

*Children born abroad of "first class" United States citizens get a United States Passport and "citizenship," but they can't transfer that citizenship to the next generation unless they spend a certain amount of years in the states.

We Shouldn't Be Shy

Hat tip: IMRA

Part of the self-defeating, peculiar and perverse morality which Israeli and Jewish leaders and shakers have adopted over the generations, or should I say over the millenniums, is this tendency (more ingrained habit) to absorb and accept all sorts of slights and attacks.

Jews all over the world have been at the forefront of all sorts of battles to defend civil rights, human rights of every single persecuted, discriminated against ethnic or national group or religion except for one.  Yes, that one is ourselves, Jews and Israelis.  Somehow we have a "vision" problem, being terribly "far-sighted," we can't see anything that's close.

I'll never forget the nightmarish sensation sitting in American MO (Modern Orthodox) synagogues on the eve of Disengagement hearing the rabbis babble about Darfur when thousands of loyal, innocent Jewish Israeli citizens were about to be thrown out of their homes for the simple reason that they were Jews.  And here, in Israel, it was our elected government, elected on a pro-Jewish rights platform, which conceived and promoted that policy.  Why was the Jewish world so silent?  I don't expect the non-Jewish media, moralists and politicians to care more than Jews.

Where are the great international cries of protest and condemnation when Jews are attacked on the roads?  The Arabs list and report everything, no matter how minor or imaginary.

We Jews and Israelis are responsible for our fate and our international image.  By kowtowing and cooperating with those who want to destroy us we increase the dangers.

It's time to stand tall and proud and fight with words.   Done properly, we won't need bullets.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aim Carefully--Here's The Protest Letter

I don't blame the United States, United Nations, Europe etc for the mess Israel's in.  I'm not supporting any protests to Obama which demand that he stop forcing Israel to do things which can endanger us.  Obama isn't the problem, the Israeli politicians are. Pressure must be put on Bibi and the so-called Right of Likud and the coalition to stop listening to the Left and the foreigners. Obama only pressures Israel because he sees it working. If it didn't work, he'd stop.

Every country should do what's best for its security, economy etc, and most countries conduct themselves by that principle.  Only Israel thinks that it must sacrifice its land, security, economy for some peculiar morality.
Those of us in the opposition must not give up.  The future of our country is at risk.  We are not obligated to obey foreign dictates nor amputate our HolyLand to give the Arab terrorists a country in our heartland.
And if it's true about Shimon Peres offering the Golan to Syria, he should be arrested for sedition.  Even as Israeli President he does not have the authority to do such a thing or even negotiate.  The Israeli President is not a political position.  He's supposed to smile nicely and be polite to ambassadors etc.
Nu, so what should non-Israelis say in their protest letters to Israeli politicians:

Dear -,
I support the State of Israel, and it worries me that instead of doing everything in your power to protect, develop and support your country, you are endangering it by trying to please those who don't have your best interests at heart.
Don't obey Obama, the United Nations, Europe, the media and all of those on that bandwagon promoting the "two state solution," a Palestinian State.  If such a state comes into being, you know perfectly well that its aim is to destroy the State of Israel.  You can't negotiate with people enemies like them.
If you're strong, you'll be backed.  At present, you're only being pushed.  And all these world leaders just want to lead you into a corner, a dead end.
I promise my support if you do what's best to be strong and think of Israel first!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shavuot, Cheesecake and Blintze Holiday

I'm trying to figure out how to explain Shavuot to my father.  Moving in with us last fall was almost like being kidnapped to Mars for him.  Even as a child, his family wasn't fully religious, Torah observant.  His grandparents were.  Actually, until a few years ago when my uncle, my father's older brother, told me some stories of what he did with his grandparents, I had no idea that they had immigrated to New York from Europe.  I had been under the impression that they, like my mother's grandparents, had all died in Europe.

My father and his family went to nearby grandparents for some Jewish Holidays and sometimes Shabbat meals.  He has a strong memory for foods, flavors, sweetness etc.  Once when I gave him a baked apple, he said:

"My mother used to make baked apples.  Hers were larger and much sweeter."
Yes, I admit that I don't add sugar.

Considering my father's state, he may not quite get the explanation of Shavuot as the Holiday celebrating G-d's giving us the Torah.  The Torah never meant all that much to him.  Being a Jew was something he has always been proud of, but religious observant is less important.  When my father was in the United States Navy during World War Two, he was among the few Jews to admit to his religion.  That's why he was called "The Jew."

The chances are that he'll remember that there was a holiday in the spring/summer when they ate cheesecake and blintzes.  Maybe that will bring back some memories.

True Peace Delayed Another Generation

Arab children are continued being indoctrinated to revere terrorists.  The result is simple.  No peace in their lifetimes.
The Palestinian Authority continues to use sporting events to glorify terrorists and present them as role models for children. This week, a football tournament named after terrorist Abu Jihad was sponsored by Fatah in a town near Jerusalem, while the lottery for another football tournament named after terrorist Abdallah Daoud took place in Bethlehem. In the Gaza Strip, a football tournament featured a team named after the terrorist Majed Abu Sharar.

A Fatah representative spoke at the "Shahid (Martyr) Abu Jihad tournament," and told the children that they should see the terrorist as a role model:

"He reminded our children that we shall follow the same path of Abu Jihad and Yasser Arafat."

Abu Jihad headed PLO's military wing, and was responsible for the deaths of dozens of Israeli civilians. Among other attacks, he directed the worst terror attack in Israel's history, in which 37 were killed in a bus hijacking. (complete article)
Peace isn't dependent on Israel, Israel's policies etc.  We don't educate our children to attack innocent civilians.  All the pressure on Israel is based on inherent anti-Israel sentiments, not facts.

The world isn't going to help Israel.  The world wouldn't care if we, G-d forbid, were destroyed.  Let's stop this farcical and dangerous "peace" process now!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Time To Protest!

As far as I'm concerned the reason Israel is under pressure to stop building and stop developing and stop doing what's best for our security and future is simply because we invite the pressure.  Yes, the truth is that if Israel would just say "NO!" and refuse to even listen to all the foreign governments and leaders and busybodies, they'll quiet down and look for someone else to beat up.

I'm going to give you a section of what Arlene Kushner sent around last week.  It has phone numbers and addresses etc.

Here it is:
May 13, 2010

"Really Angry"

Because of Shabbat preparations I was going to skip a post today but circumstances have motivated me to write, although it will be brief. I'm calling out the troops.

Yesterday I wrote about what Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said regarding the fact that demolition of illegal Arab housing in Jerusalem was going to proceed. The delay in carrying out these (court ordered) demolitions, he said, was the result of "diplomatic sensitivities" but that this situation no longer applies.

Not much. And this is why I am very angry. If you were with me you'd see the steam coming out of my ears.

I anticipated that the US would protest, but it's gone further than that. The US has asked for a "clarification," and now the Public Security Ministry expects Netanyahu to put a hold on the demolitions.

Yesterday, the Ministry put out a statement that:

“Police do not destroy homes, but rather secure the demolitions, in line with court decisions. Police will carry out every mission given to it by the courts. The rule of law is not a vehicle for a Middle Eastern political and geostrategic discussion.” I had addressed this issue of rule of law yesterday, and this is a marvelous and appropriate statement coming from a sovereign democracy.

However, there was also a clarification in that statement:

“We are subordinate to decisions by the attorney-general and the government, and we will act according to their decisions.” Put simply, we know what is right, but cannot be responsible if the government overturns us.

Damn, damn, damn.

You read my description of one case yesterday. There are many others as well. Ahmed Sheikh not only built beyond what he had permission for, he made a commitment to stop building while the appeals were going on, but defiantly continued to build. The court ordered what he had constructed to be razed a full year ago. And the government is tying the hands of the local authorities in carrying out this court order and others. Because the PA will scream and yell if we act with full legal authority and Obama will be angry. This will be an "obstruction to peace," you see.


And so...

First, please, contact Prime Minister Netanyahu. Using your own words, please, but tell him that a sovereign state acts with independence and a democracy acts according to rule of law. Tell him that in caving to demands of Obama he is undermining our sovereignty and the underpinnings of our democracy. Demand that he stand strong.

Fax: 02-670-5369 (From the US : 011-972-2-670-5369)

E-mail: Memshala@pmo.gov.il  and also pm_eng2@it.pmo.gov.il  (underscore after pm) use both addresses

There are two phone numbers listed for his Knesset office -- not the best way to contact him, but the only working numbers I have at the moment: 02-6753-227 and 02-640-8457.


Contact Minister Aharonavitch, as well, and tell him that you appreciate his strength on the matter of illegal housing demolitions, and that you stand with him.

Phone: 02-640-8825

Fax: 02-649-6188

E-mail: iaharon@knesset.gov.il


When calling Israel from the US: 011-972 and then drop the first zero and continue with the number.


Then messages must go out in the US. Repeat what I said above about undermining Israeli democracy and sovereignty. Point out that the demolitions were planned only for Arab homes built illegally that the courts ordered to be demolished.

Additionally, point out that there is inequity in the response of the US government. Allude to the Palestinian Media Watch report describing the most recent PA incitement on TV that denies Israel's right to exist. I reported on this recently. It can be found at:


Promises aside, Abbas is continuing to turn a blind eye to incitement, and the US is ignoring this. If you are faxing (best) or using e-mail, include this URL.