Friday, May 28, 2010

Patronize, Don't Boycott

It's not that I think my readers would boycott Jewish businesses based or connected in some way to Jews in the Land Israel liberated in the 1967 Six Days War, Judea, Samaria, Golan, Jordan Valley etc.  I guess we should be very grateful for the Leftists and Arabs for giving us a list of companies to davka patronize.  I copied it from the Young Israel weekly email bulletin:

Israel National News has translated and abridged the Hebrew version of this list and the Yesha website has posted it in Hebrew.

Among the affected businesses are the following:

Beigel & Beigel (pretzels)
B & D (juices, rice cakes, natural spreads)
Abadi Bakery
Golan Dairy
HaSharon Fruits
Achva (halva and cookies)
Tekoa Mushrooms
Maya (spices, dry fruits)
Shamir Salads
Zahavi Yemenite Foods
Tzuriel Cheeses and Yogurts
Tara Dairies
Field Produce (nuts)
Aroma (fresh spices)
Nahar HaYarden [Jordan River] dates
Taaman (chocolates, canned foods, juices)
Achiya olive oil
Mei Eden mineral water
Adanim Tea
Super Drink
Golan Wineries
Carmel Wineries
Barkan Wineries
Rav Bariach locks and doors
Schick Design furniture
Beitili furniture
Fried blankets, towels
Carmel carpets
Palphot student aids, greeting cards
Tal-El recycling
Bianco cleaning products (Nicole, scotch-brite)
Zro’ot Barkan (electronic product stands)
Supergum rubber, plastic, insulation
Brita water filters
Gazoz carbonated drinks
Progressive kitchen utensils
Adir plastics
P.V. Ran – plastic and paper
Lipsky plastic piping
Amgazit gas products
Fibertech piping
Ay Tech computer accessories
Dr. Byte computer and office accessories
Intellinet security and marketing
Zrichah Industries
AFIC printing
Ahava mineral products
Mineral Kar

Many years ago, during the heyday of Arutz 7 Radio, I remember Nadia Matar commenting on an earlier boycott call by Arabs and Leftists.  She said that she was so happy that they finally admit that we're not some easy to remove, useless bedroom communities.  We're productive, industrial etc.  If you know of additional businesses, please add them in the comments, thanks.


Anonymous said...

hah! well-done.

Keli Ata said...
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goyisherebbe said...

This boycott is of businesses over the green line and does not apply to Teva.

Batya said...

goyish, thanks

Keli Ata said...


I'll remove the comment. Don't know too much about which parts of Israel are on which side of the green line.

Batya said...

t's ok, Keli. Most people haven't a clue.

Hadassa said...

The earlier boycott on which Nadia Matar commented boomeranged. Peace Now published a list and YeShA supporters used it more than the left-wing did. The businesses reported an increase in sales. G-d willing we'll see a repeat now.
And how about the Arabs banning Arabs from working for Jews in YoSh? Perhaps we'll see a drop in Jewish unemployment too.

Batya said...

G-d willing!