Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Refuge in Judea and Samaria

Way back when, almost twenty years ago, during U.S. President Bush Sr's Iraq War, many Israelis took refuge in the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria.  The further they were in the Biblical גב ההר Gav HaHar mountain range the safer people felt. 

Yes, some of my Shiloh neighbors hosted friends, relatives and in one case a child while the parents stayed at their jobs in the unsafe coastal region.

Today there was a national emergency drill, all over the country.  I heard the sirens in stereo, through the windows and from our emergency beeper.  Security experts are trying to find safer and more effective safety measures than "hide under the school desk if an atom bomb explodes."  Yes, I'm of that generation.

Plans are being made in the Judea-Samaria yishuvim to absorb hundreds of thousands of Israelis.  If such a situation arises and refuge here is necessary, I have no doubt that we'll be able to help and welcome whoever comes.

When we first began looking for a yishuv almost thirty years ago, life in the tiny Jewish communities in Yehuda  and Shomron was very difficult.  Water was trucked in; electricity was from a generator.  Buses were infrequent and very few people had cars.  Everyone lived in tiny prefabricated huts, and shopping was complicated.  But I never heard complaints about difficulties or that hosting people would be too much of a strain.

I'll never forget how we all welcomed all of the immigrants from the USSR.  Confused, hungry and shell-shocked, many arrived as the Iraqis fired missiles at Israel.  Those whose first home in Israel was Shiloh were grateful and comforted.

I have no doubt that if faced with new challenges, we'll again do the job well.

Of course, it would be even easier if the Israeli Government would cancel the building freeze...


JDL London Canada said...

Judging by the terrain it is a safe place but that my change given the fact that longer range rockets are now in the possession of Hizbollah. We have to trust Hashem to protect us and not so much trust in our military abilities.

Batya said...

The Arabs want the big cities, the ones the Zionist enterprise are proud of, like Tel Aviv.