Monday, May 31, 2010

Barak Goofs Again

**Yitz commented very correctly, that this post is not well-written and it was written while everything was going on.  It definitely needs clarification.  The reference to words, refers to the past, an earlier stage in the anti-Israel accusations that the Gazans are suffering because of Israel.  Israel incorrectly refuses to treat Gaza as an enemy.  Israel itself provides humanitarian aid, food, medical etc and even cement for building.  Does anyone in their right mind think they are using the cement for nursery schools?  There should have been a professional information campaign about this instead of offering to transfer the "aid" from the flotilla to Gaza.  Now that we know that the anti-Israel agitators on the ships were planning violent actions against Israel, we see that our commandos weren't prepared for that either.  One must meet might with might, not margarine!

While Bibi's abroad, the Israeli Government is continuing with its incompetent handling of threats against the State of Israel.  They're using, at this very moment, physical force against words, while they use words and kind gestures against terrorism.

Words, as I've written many times, do have power. That's why the Hasbara, Information War against that ship/campaign* of unnecessary "humanitarian aid" should be handled by top word-masters, not the military.  It should be rooted out by deporting all the Leftist anti-Israel agitators.  Those anti-Israel NGOs supported and mentored by the New Israel Fund should be declared illegal.  Diplomats of countries that support them financially and otherwise must be sent packing and declared persona non grata.

Of course this won't work all the time that Israel joins the peanut gallery supporting a Pseudostinian AKA Palestinian sic state.

The IDF's boarding of the ship as it approach Gaza was just the photo-op the Leftists wanted.  Multiply the canonization of Rachel Corrie by a thousand, and you'll barely get the ramifications of this mess.  The Leftists were violent.  Just because someone claims to be for peace doesn't make him/her a pacifist.  Beware of false labeling.

Israel has consistently "miss-fought" its enemies by using the wrong "weapons."

I'd like to approach it as a form of "kashering," making a cooking utensil kosher.  A pot which boils is kashered by boiling water.  A frying pan or grill needs a stronger heat.

Israel must take "kashering" as the model and use appropriate weapons.  So far, we're losing the war.  Defense Minister Ehud Barak hasn't a clue and our Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, well-known for his mastery of words and spin, doesn't know when to speak and when to fight with physical weapons.

*Once the IDF got on-board the ship it was discovered that the demonstrators were armed to fight. Therefore they should have been treated as armed invaders and not peaceful demonstrators.


yitz said...

Ahem, Batya, but what was the big "goof" here. It was NOT "physical force against words" as you wrote at the beginning, citing the [ugh!] BBC. You apparently contradict yourself in this post, as later you quote Arutz-7 that indeed the Navy was "greeted" by a quite violent "reception." I think you should either redo or remove this post!

Batya said...

Yitz, thanks for the criticism. I wrote this too quickly and now I've added a clarification.