Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cameron Paraphrases Camelot

Great Britain's new young (or should it be young new) Prime Minister David Cameron, flanked by his pretty dark-haired and pregnant wife gave the same message to his country's citizens as John F. Kennedy had done long before he was born:

“And I want to help build a more responsible society in Britain — one where we don’t just ask ‘What are my entitlements?’ but ‘What are my responsibilities?’ ” Mr. Cameron said, “One where we don’t just ask ‘What am owed?’ but ‘What can I give?’ ”

Kennedy's inaugural address:
"And so my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."

Obviously, I'm not the only person who noticed it. Anyone who didn't see that they said the same thing flunks basic reading comprehension.

I'm going to ask one thing from Cameron.  Please butt out of Israeli affairs.  I hope your country will keep you busy enough so that you won't interfere.  If you want to do something for world peace, go after the Iranians.  They are the greatest danger to peace and security.


Anonymous said...

jfks remark always bugs me. why should i do for my country? i have to do for me and my family. i can see no inherent reason for an individual to support a country for its own sake; a country is there for for the individual, the individual does not exist for it. [this smacks of communism.] the individual only needs to support a country insofar as if he doesnt, the country would not be there for the individual.

Batya said...

a, interesting point. JFK was very Left leaning, and Left admired certain socialist ideas. The media adored him. Being assassinated before the honeymoon fully ended gave him a very lofty pedestal. Also, don't forget that JFK campaigned as a wounded war hero which also put him to the Right.

The sixties was a time of idealism, the Peace Corps etc.

You may be misinterpreting his sentiments.

Keli Ata said...

Seems as though Cameron is jumping on the Obama/Camelot/JFK bandwagon.

BTW, I think you're right about JFK's remarks. It was a time of idealism, especially the early 1960s.

The US went downhill bigtime in the mid-late 60s and we haven't come back to our former glory. Will we ever?

Batya said...

The American economy is sinking, and it's backing its own enemies. Going down-hill for sure.