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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aim Carefully--Here's The Protest Letter

I don't blame the United States, United Nations, Europe etc for the mess Israel's in.  I'm not supporting any protests to Obama which demand that he stop forcing Israel to do things which can endanger us.  Obama isn't the problem, the Israeli politicians are. Pressure must be put on Bibi and the so-called Right of Likud and the coalition to stop listening to the Left and the foreigners. Obama only pressures Israel because he sees it working. If it didn't work, he'd stop.

Every country should do what's best for its security, economy etc, and most countries conduct themselves by that principle.  Only Israel thinks that it must sacrifice its land, security, economy for some peculiar morality.
Those of us in the opposition must not give up.  The future of our country is at risk.  We are not obligated to obey foreign dictates nor amputate our HolyLand to give the Arab terrorists a country in our heartland.
And if it's true about Shimon Peres offering the Golan to Syria, he should be arrested for sedition.  Even as Israeli President he does not have the authority to do such a thing or even negotiate.  The Israeli President is not a political position.  He's supposed to smile nicely and be polite to ambassadors etc.
Nu, so what should non-Israelis say in their protest letters to Israeli politicians:

Dear -,
I support the State of Israel, and it worries me that instead of doing everything in your power to protect, develop and support your country, you are endangering it by trying to please those who don't have your best interests at heart.
Don't obey Obama, the United Nations, Europe, the media and all of those on that bandwagon promoting the "two state solution," a Palestinian State.  If such a state comes into being, you know perfectly well that its aim is to destroy the State of Israel.  You can't negotiate with people enemies like them.
If you're strong, you'll be backed.  At present, you're only being pushed.  And all these world leaders just want to lead you into a corner, a dead end.
I promise my support if you do what's best to be strong and think of Israel first!


Keli Ata said...

I'm in the process of drafting my protest letter right now. TY for the important items to include.

As soon as I personalize it a bit, it'll be in the mail.

I want it to go by snail mail because the last time I wrote an email to the PM (Olmert) all I got was a rather cold response; that several other people had gotten.

Politicians tend not to send form letters to people who take the time to write out a letter and send it in the mail to someone thousands of miles away.

There's still power in a well-written and mailed letter.

Batya said...

Keli, please use all media to publicize.

Keli Ata said...

Batya: I will do all I can, email, snail mail etc. and see what I can even do at work.

BTW: I keep looking for Netanyahu's address. All I can find on the PMO website in English is the email addy and an address for comments about the website.

The write us section only lists the email address.

I found this address online. Does it sound right:

Prime Minister's Office
3 Kaplan Street
P.O. 187
Kiryat Ben-Gurion
Jerusalem 91919

Batya said...

Ye, Keli, that's the street and building.