Thursday, May 20, 2010

We Shouldn't Be Shy

Hat tip: IMRA

Part of the self-defeating, peculiar and perverse morality which Israeli and Jewish leaders and shakers have adopted over the generations, or should I say over the millenniums, is this tendency (more ingrained habit) to absorb and accept all sorts of slights and attacks.

Jews all over the world have been at the forefront of all sorts of battles to defend civil rights, human rights of every single persecuted, discriminated against ethnic or national group or religion except for one.  Yes, that one is ourselves, Jews and Israelis.  Somehow we have a "vision" problem, being terribly "far-sighted," we can't see anything that's close.

I'll never forget the nightmarish sensation sitting in American MO (Modern Orthodox) synagogues on the eve of Disengagement hearing the rabbis babble about Darfur when thousands of loyal, innocent Jewish Israeli citizens were about to be thrown out of their homes for the simple reason that they were Jews.  And here, in Israel, it was our elected government, elected on a pro-Jewish rights platform, which conceived and promoted that policy.  Why was the Jewish world so silent?  I don't expect the non-Jewish media, moralists and politicians to care more than Jews.

Where are the great international cries of protest and condemnation when Jews are attacked on the roads?  The Arabs list and report everything, no matter how minor or imaginary.

We Jews and Israelis are responsible for our fate and our international image.  By kowtowing and cooperating with those who want to destroy us we increase the dangers.

It's time to stand tall and proud and fight with words.   Done properly, we won't need bullets.


Anonymous said...

Me no shy.


Batya said...

Sure, Shy, shy, you're not.

Netivotgirl said...

You wrote, "We Jews and Israelis are responsible for our fate and our international image. By kowtowing and cooperating with those who want to destroy us we increase the dangers."

Every word you wrote is true Batya. My health is so much better since I stopped listening to "Kol Palestine" radio. Nobody listening to them could think anything other than Arabs really do run the stations!Our reporting is so totally pro-Arab it's a farce!

I've also stopped listening to BBC radio, which to be honest, has marvelous science and general knowledge programs. But they're so anti-Israeli! My hubby keeps saying that we've no right to criticize the goyim over such one sided reporting, when ours is even worse!

Keli Ata said...

"The Arabs list and report everything, no matter how minor or imaginary."

Classic propaganda to portray themselves as the victims of Israeli hate crimes, when in fact it's Israelis who are the victims of hate crimes.

Palestinians have ISM and Peace Now in their back pockets, even taking videos of so-called Israeli aggression against them. From the videos I've seen on You Tube they're nothing but provocations. Then when the Israelis respond they put the video on You Tube as an example of Israeli hate.

Disgusting but that's what they're doing.

Just curious--does Israel have hate crimes laws?



The BBC is the worst when it comes to its coverage of Israel. Trevor Asserson, a British attorney, has an organization called BBC Media Watch. I've interviewed him before.

You should check out his website.

Is Kol Palestine an Israeli radio station???

Batya said...

Netivotgirl, I agree with your husband. I wish my Hebrew writing was better.

Keli, yes. We have a long way to go and many enemies to defeat.

Anonymous said...

I learned a bitter lesson, that when it comes to standing up tall for myself and for my people here in the O.C. there is no body to stand with. (See my article, Apology of Hate) in May archive, I see the same characters from history being recycled over and over. The overall mind set now is similar to Pre-Hitler Germany, where assimilated Jews were Germans first. The ones that escaped early were the "crazy" ones. I am sure I looked crazy as well, because out of the entire outdoor crowd, I was the only shouting, calling these bastards( Norm Finkelstein) on their lies. I was cautioned by the police. That did not stop me, I just waited for a new speaker to heckle. Timing is everything.

The jewish people as a whole are lacking genuine leadership here and in Israel. Where are those that are guided by fundamental principles of morality. Deborah Lurya

Batya said...

Deborah, so true. I appreciate your comment. Thanks

Anonymous said...

so what has changed since 2010? Where have these talks gone other than weaken Israel. What is left to bargain with now, everything has been given up, almost. this leader of ours needs help but I see everyone wringing their hands and no true leadership is arising. Maybe Bennett, but not to sure. Danon is a possibility. I pray for Israel and our children.

Batya said...

It's all worse, since the aim nowadays isn't "peace" it's more on creating a new Arab terror state in the heartland of Israel.

Anonymous said...

Looks as if the BDS campaign on campuses int he USA is cooling off, but still there are stubborn blokes over at UCSC and UCLA, in California. UCLA lost the first bid on BDS for Israel, but are trying to fight and win the day. Anti Semitism is bad as ever. The Jewish leadership up there is still lackluster, including the Rabbis and some of the outfits like Stand With Us and the Federation umbrella. The Student for Jstice and CAIR are vigilant and have funding that keeps their cause alive. Anti Semitism is alive and well at the California campuses. see story below.

Check this out where the California school, 8th grade, was trying to pass off holocaust denial. if that was my kid's school I would be out there picketing with my buddies, and making a ruckus loud enough to cause concern. But you won't see many people getting involved, they just are afraid to make waves. This lack of pride and courage is going to hurt our potential for growth here in the states.