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Friday, May 21, 2010

Where's Israel's Rush Limbaugh?

The American media and Democrats are in shock.  The silent majority isn't silent.  It has a leader, Rush Limbaugh.  Limbaugh has succeeded in exposing the cracks in Barack Hussein Obama's election victory, policies and presidency.  He does it with a radio microphone and an internet site.

In Israel we once had Adir Zik on Arutz 7's radio station, but the government succeeded in shutting down the radio and G-d took Zik, ZaTz"L, to the Next World, Olam HaBa.  What remains of Arutz 7 is a shadow of what it once was.  Just the internet, without strong charismatic leadership, it's a multilingual news service.  It's a salad of ideas.  I was almost going to call it a Minestrone Soup, but a soup is cooked, flavors combined, even when you can still bite into the various ingredients.  Arutz 7 doesn't have that.  Each language is run independently.  I've been blogging on the English Page for two and a half years.  There's no interaction between the languages.  I asked about having some of my posts translated for the Hebrew site and was told that the English editor has no contact with the Hebrew one.  The English page is aimed for international and multicultural and multi-religious readership.  Writers and commentators have to make sure that all Hebrew terms are translated.

Israel is suffering a great crisis in leadership.  The Left has filled the vacuum and control everything they can.  I'm not giving up.  I'm not alone.  The sparks of true Jewish-Israeli leadership may be hard to discern, but they're smoldering, burning somewhere and will grow strong G-d willing.

Shabbat Shalom uMevorach
May You Have A Peaceful and Blessed Sabbath


at the edge said...

Israel has been "liberalized" for a lot longer than the USA. Its leftists have a stranglehold on the police, media, education, justice system and many knesset members. It may seem like a democracy to you but Arabs have had more "freedom" than Israelis there for many years. Just last week they arrested 2 religious families that protested the uprooting of their homes; Children and infants included. This - when but a few months ago - they dished out a House Arrest to a lady that committed high treason!

Remember the guy who tried to divulge what Israelis did to the Yemenite immigrants in earlier years? He's rotting in jail, after having been poisoned in jail.

Remember Pollard, a real Israeli hero?

So where's the Israeli Limbaugh, you ask? In Israeli jails.

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Netivotgirl said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Adir Zik Z'l was murdered.(If there is a way to induce cancer, the mossad or shin bet surely knew how to do it!)

During the expulsion I said more than once that Hashem did a chesed by taking Adir Zik before then because the sorrow of that tragedy would have killed him.

Just hearing his name brings back so many things, "Mi natan la'hem rovim?" ; "If it's not true, let them sue me;" etc. Everyone in my family knew that on Fridays I was unavailable as long as he was on air. We lost a true gibor when he was niftar, ve'yiyeh zichro baruch!

Batya said...

edge, Here the problem really started pre-state. And the religious and Right and the religious-Right never handled it well. Being "nice" won't help, it's like we're dealing with the world and terrorists.

Nice guys get kicked again and again.

Batya said...

Netivotgirl, we must have commented the same time. I wonder if we'll ever know the truth.

josh said...

I don't think the left has filled any vacuum. They are backed by the mass media and the right is continually discredited and delegitimized in print and video on a continuing basis. On top of that, the 'silent majority' continues to be gullible and patronize the leftish mass media while not supporting any right-wing/nationalist initiatives.

Frankly, Arutz7 is more powerful than ever, though we would never know it, perhaps eclipsing Hatzofe at its peak. The government closing down the 2nd rate radio station forced them to find new avenues and this gave us a strong and much more popular multilingual multinational internet sites and a weekly newspaper. I also feel that there is too much of a difference between the different languages. My Russian friends tell me of a very, very nationalist Russian A7 website. I rarely go to the English one since as you mentioned too, it is written mostly for foreign consumption. The Hebrew one could leapfrog ahead, but right-wing and religious people go to Ynet, if they even bother to visit A7 at all.

Nonetheless, thank God I was blessed to listen to Adir many times (and read him in Hatzofe too) and I also enjoyed listening to A7 on the drive to work in the mornings.

I agree that the right is in the midst of a leadership crisis (frankly though, so is the left).

In the media, we have Emmanuel Shilo and Haggai Hoberman, very good journalists, but not really promoted to Rush status (is that possible here?). In politics, we've had too much internal bickering and self-criticism to let any one leader reemerge since Hammer and the young Rav Porat. Feiglin has the guts to take the heat and a shot even if not worthy, but everyone will try to shoot him down for even trying. A few others are tagged 'extremists' and forever doomed to failure in trying to shake that image. Katzeleh has also not succeeded in taking off (does he have a media advisor?!). Our only current hope is Member of Knesset, Professor (and Rabbi) Michael Ben Ari. Eloquent, quick thinking, and out in the field willing to actually take a stand (and getting arrested for protesting while standing on an army truck). Except for Orlev who has been written off by most, the other Mafdal MoKs are a bit new to the spotlight and need a few years (not unlike the youngish Likud MoKs who might be hawks, but are getting little media exposure to build their image).

It's hard to be a leader these days. We do not give too much credit to anyone and anyone who tries to raise their head above the water is immediately hit with criticism from all angles. On top of that, the mass media is still very controlled by left and secular thinking people and people on the right are not supporting right-wing media.

Batya said...

Josh, I've too been impressed by MK Ben-Ari. NRP's Hammer was too old style Center, but since he's long gone, and history doesn't count here. The Right Likud MK's have to deal with the corrupt internal politics which tarnishes them, too.

If all the people who actually believe in agree with the National Union, Ichud Leumi, policies would vote for it, it would be a large influential party. Its plagued by poor administration, brilliant people who know nothing of politics.

JDL London Canada said...

I think Rav Kahane z"tl was 'murdered' by someone from within as well. When he was a nobody(not that he was) he wasn't a problem and when he got elected the 'phones' between Washington and Israel probably rang off the hook. Had Kach won more seats he would have been PM. The point is, - he was a strong voice and there hasn't been once since him and Adir.

There are some 'powerful' forces out there that are 'pulling the strings' concerning Israel, the naviim speak of this, and we may just have to let it play out but not give up hope. If suddenly Arutz 7 got the Adir-like chutzpah once more, I think you'd see more people 'disappear'. Kahane's son and wife got 'killed' and how do we know if that wasn't a setup from our good ole' gov't.

It's seem today your popular for being a self-hating Jew or rancorous anti-Semite, they all come out of woodwork. That said, our hope springs eternal and must push onward ....