Monday, May 31, 2010

Bibi, Get Back Home, ASAP!

What type of leaky ship are you steering?  Or who really is at the helm?

No time to blame anyone, just get here, now.  Last night would have had been better.

Bibi Netanyahu, if you're really the Prime Minister of Israel you never should have left the country at this time.  I thought you played chess.  Chess players are supposed to be able to see a few moves in advance, and you lost this game.

The Leftist Defense Minister Ehud Barak may have lulled you into thinking that boarding the "aid" flotilla would be a simple police action, but he's wrong again.  Barak's reign as Prime Minister was plagued by Arab terror, and I fear that he's trying to stick you with it now that you've given him so much free rein as Defense Minister.  Quickly sack him.  Show responsible leadership for a change.

The world is blaming us for attacking the flotilla.  The violence came from the hypocritical left, the faux peaceniks who are more violent than the right would ever dare to be.

All the NGOs which have backed this flotilla must be declared illegal, terror-supporting, anti-Israel and closed down.  Very simple, no compromise.  "Good intentions" aren't an excuse for supporting terrorism.  No more diplomatic double-talk.  We don't have to apologize or ask permission to exist.

Binyamin Netanyahu, this is your chance to repent and use your G-d given gifts for the good of your People and Country or simply leave public life.


Anonymous said...

nah. this is shaping up to be a minor skirmish, which the pr people are going to have to handle. i think he can stay in the us for this one.

Batya said...

a, sorry, you're wrong here. His absence has crated an enormous hole he may never escape from.

Daniel said...

perhaps this could force barak to resign

Sammy Finkelman said...

The next moves in the chess game will be played internationally, so Netanyahu maybe should have just gone on to New York.

I think Israel did not figure out all of their moves in this chess game.

The opening was played well, up to the boarding, but Israel did not understand that there would be "violent" resistance to boarding.

How violent? the strategy probably was not any specific acts of resistance, but to raise the level of resistance to boarding to the point that a few - BUT ONLY A FEW - of their number got killed. They wanted them to get killed but they also wanted to do the least amount of violent resistance that would bring that about.

I think the possibility of violent resistance was anticipated - that may be the reason for the video - but not just when and how this would begin. The Israeli soldiers were left with a choice of not defending themselves or defending with lethal force against a mostly unarmed crowd.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Excuse me - the video was shot by Turkish TV. If this shows the Hamas sympathizers at fault, this looks like an error on the part of the organizers. So they were taken at least somewhat out of the book.

Batya said...

Barak isn't coated by Teflon, but by silicon, which is even more protective. They guy is a danger to Israel.