Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hareidi Hypocrisy

The BBC TV just reported it.  The New York Times is reporting it, too.

I just don't get it.  A few years ago during Disengagement, hareidim, ultra-Orthodox Jews, were shockingly silent when the Israeli government removed Jewish graves from Gush Katif.  Israel got nothing but more attacks from the bad business unilateral decision to destroy Jewish communities and give our land to our Arab terrorist enemies.

The silence of the hareidim was chilling, deathly chilling.
So, what's being reported all over the world?  Some, granted not all, hareidim are demonstrating against the removal of ancient graves from the site where a large, modern emergency ward is to be built in Ashkelon.  Are there Jewish bodies buried in the site?  Probably not.  But for those who want to protest the government, it's a good enough excuse.  Nu, if they wanted to protest, they should have done their protests to stop Disengagement to stop the desecration of Jewish graves.

And why is it so necessary to built a top world class emergency ward in Ashkelon?  Because of Disengagement Ashkelon is on the front line of Arab terror.


Mezzuzah said...

It's enough that they are protesting now. Many were asleep during the time of Gush Katif. They have awakened. This should be acknowledged, not condemned.

So, where were the representatives of Yehudah and Shomron yesterday and today in Ashkelon. I looked and looked and couldn't find one. Maybe we all choose our battles, eh?

Netivotgirl said...

Here is one Charedit lady who went to ALL of the protests/ demonstrations to oppose the gerush. I did so with my husband's blessings. (He studied in Ponevich, and you can't get blacker than that :)

He said, "What will we say in heaven when they ask us what we did for Eretz Yisrael? You go demonstrate, and I will learn and give the merit of this learning so that the gerush will not take place."

Yes, not enough charedim protested then. But not everyone kept quiet!

Anonymous said...

No, Mezzuzah. Maybe the rest of us are aware of the Piskei Halachah that allow one to reinter the dead with dignity under such circumstances.

Hadassa said...

Mezzuzah, they weren't asleep during the time of the expulsion. Tens of thousands of hareidim were present at a prayer ralley at the Kotel. However, they didn't take to the streets because it was a "settler issue". They didn't block highways because it wasn't "their" struggle. They didn't say a word when it came to the clearly Jewish Gush Katif cemetery, which included fallen soldiers and graves less than a year old. But graves hundreds of years old that aren't even Jewish warrant a violent protest. And even if the graves are Jewish, halacha allows for their re-interment.
You may say that the settlers don't get involved with "hareidi issues", but that's not true. The national-religious crowd actively tries to reduce Shabbat desecration with outreach work, not with rocks. We should also remember that the hareidim (the rock throwing protesting ones, not the ones doing outreach work) aren't actually trying to prevent Shabbat desecration - they're just trying to keep it out of their neighborhoods. There are other examples too. In the Knesset and in local governments nat-rel politicians are no less active than the hareidim in trying to preserve the Jewish nature of the state.

Batya said...

Mezzuah, you don't get it.

Hadassa, Shy, I just can't get over that they care more for old goyish bodies than freshly buried Jewish ones.

Mezzuzah said...

Stop complaining about the other one not showing support, or not understanding or not getting it. Turn that finger inwards and see where you don't get it, where you don't show support and then understand that it is these cracks within the fabric of Orthodoxy allows the enemy a clear entry way.

A UNITED FRONT where rabbis from YOSH AND YERUSHALAYIM start bridging gaps and seeking out the common denominators - without thought of politics or MINHAG, or loss of *honor* - but to do for the sake of doing TOGETHER is what will defeat Armilus and Amalek.

Batya said...

Simply said: "First They Came For..."