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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Chag Shavuot Sameach and Shabbat Shalom

If I don't get to post much before Sunday, don't worry. I'm just busy with the holiday.

Taking Miracles for Granted

We're spoiled, like the rich kid who never has to wipe up the spilled milk, or miss a meal, because he wasted the allocated food.

G-d has been protecting us. During the Gulf War fifteen years ago, even though homes were damaged, somehow civilians weren't harmed. And more recently, even though the thousands of kassams were launched by the Arab terrorists on Gush Katif, very few people were murdered. And now the Arab terrorists are continuing their war, and still G-d is protecting us. Kassam Hits Sderot House; No Injuries
But how long will it last?

The latest reports state: Tel Aviv within range of new Iran-supplied Hezbollah rocket and Hizbullah Receives Iranian Advanced Rocket, The solid fuel missile is believed to be an advanced version of the Fajr-5 and can reach more than 200 kilometers (124 miles) !

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What happened to the surplus?

Olmert says that the Defense budget must be cut to pay for "social services." Now I'm positive that just a short time ago there were announcements of budget surplus. Yes, $1.7 Billion !

Who has that money now?

Monday, May 29, 2006

Let's talk Civil Rights

There was just a very controversial judicial decision in Jerusalem.

J'lem court: City must fund gay center
"Even if municipal officials have a hard time accepting the homo-lesbian community, and believe this is an unwanted phenomenon, the municipality cannot swerve from fundamental principles and ignore this community," Judge Yehudit Tzur wrote in her ruling, accepting the petitioners argument that the city was discriminating against them.
"It must treat this community with equality, out of recognition of the supreme value of equality, and out of respect for the values of tolerance and pluralism, which exist in the heart of democratic society."

If that's really the law, I'd like to use that law for something very important.
  • There is supposed to be equality under the law, right?
  • There shouldn't be discrimination, right?
  • And it doesn't matter if people's religious feelings are disturbed, right?

Then why doesn't the court support Jewish worship on Har Habayit, the holiest place in the world for Jews?

Why does the Israeli army plan its military action in a way that endangers our soldiers and protects the enemy? That's how my neighbor, Avihu Keinan, was killed. The army proudly told his family that we have a moral army which protects enemy civilians, who may just by some slim chance be innocent. When Avihu's father Moshe protested to the army and politicians, he was told that he didn't understand. I, myself, heard Yuval Steinitz try to defend the policy when he visited Moshe's protest succah.

I see a similarity between these cases. Why is it that some people have rights, but not others?

Jewish prayer at the Temple Mount must be allowed. Why are Jews discriminated against?

Carnival time!

There's quite a few to tell you about.

I found a new one the Carnival of family life, which is very family oriented and nicely presented.

Families must eat, so here's this week's Carnival of the Recipes.

And don't forget food for thought at BOMS!

Enjoy, and please tell them that I sent you...

Realigning Labels

It's no secret that Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert invests a lot in public relations experts. He also knows that properly chosen labels are the key to success.

I haven't forgotten that his (and Sharon's) "Kadima" party was first called "National Responsibility," but then the polls showed that it wouldn't attract voters. Considering its history, "Opportunist" would be a more accurate name. After numerous meetings and consultations, they finally decided on "Kadima," which really is a great name. "Onwards!" the only problem is that the party's ideology is bringing us to disaster, like the fellows walking onwards off the cliff. Though they do look so proper...

Now there's another new name. Olmert's Resettlement Plan, which he has been calling Convergence is now called "Realignment". And what's that supposed to mean? Maybe it would have had been a better, more linguistically accurrate name for his political party, instead of Kadima.

Realignment: Also found in: Dictionary/thesaurus
occurs in sports when a league decides to change which teams are in which
divisions, usually by creating new divisions. The reasons for having extra
divisons is generally that in the playoffs, with more division champions better
matchups can be made. Also, since teams generally play more games against teams
in their own divison, teams can better know their own division rivals, since
they will have less teams in their own divison to dedicate to playing. Another
reason for realignment might be to create divisions that are more equal in size,
as the NBA did in the 2004-05 season. MLB realignment however, has mainly been
for creating extra playoff teams. MLB can refer to Major League Baseball.
A playoff in sports (North American professional sports in particular) is a game
or series of games played after the regular season is over with the goal of
determining a league champion. The championship of a league may be determined by as few as a single playoff between two teams, or by an elimination tournament
involving several teams.

Now, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China or the exiling of law-abiding citizens and the destruction of their homes and communities? Does he think we're just some money-hungry pawns, willing to do anything for a price?

The good news is that if he had to change the name, then his Convergence plan of destroying the vast majority of Jewish communities in Samaria and Judea couldn't have had been doing well. It's like the Jewish custom of changing a sick person's name in order to facilitate good health.

Lehavdil, to differentiate, I see the label change as extremely propitious. It's good news for us. Add to that the recent leaks and announcements, each time listing fewer and few communities to be destroyed. And again, they're focusing more on the hilltop communities, rather than the larger yishuvim. That news is in the right direction. Of course, to clarify, I firmly believe that we have a full right, in every sense of the word, to live in all parts of Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel.

To remind you, it's illegal in the United States to have restricted housing, which discriminates against anyone because of race or religion. Jews have always been in the forefront of all civil rights movements and all support for those endangered. That is except for one. And I, for one, can't comprehend why the world accepts, condones, encourages and even legislates the discrimination against Jews.

Yes, no matter what you call it:
  • Resettlement
  • Disengagement
  • Convergence
  • Realignment
  • The Final Solution

It's all the same. It is ethnic cleansing, transfer, exile, aparthide and the Holocaust; it's discrimination against Jewish Civil Rights. It's a form of anti-Semitism, and we have to fight it, "...with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might."

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Judenrat in Eretz Yisrael

A little history, unpleasant history. The Nazis couldn't have had such an easy time rounding up the Jews and getting them to cooperate, or at least be passive, if it wasn't for the Jewish officials of the local Jewish communities who helped them, the Judenrat. They gave the Nazis the "in" the "respectability" they needed to implement their plans for destroying the Jewish population of Europe.

The Judenrat helped the Nazis carry out Resettlement, moving Jews from their homes into ghettos.

Jews should be concentrated; that is, moved from the countryside and villages into large cities, where railroad transportation was readily available. Certain parts of Occupied Poland would become judenrein (cleansed of Jews) to facilitate the resettlement of ethnic Germans. Jewish councils (Judenräte) were to be appointed and held responsible for carrying out "the exact and prompt implementation of directives."

We like to think that that sort of cooperation has been rare in Jewish History, but unfortunately that's not the case. No matter what you want to call it, unfortunately it isn't all that rare. During the Jewish struggle for independence and the cessation of the British Mandate, Haganah leaders informed on Etzel and Lechi leaders, allowing the British to arrest them.

...the leaders of the Yishuv decided to cooperate with the British by turning Etzel members over to them. Members of the Haganah submitted lists containing names and addresses of Etzel members and even participated in their capture. The period when Etzel members were pursued by the Haganah is known as the Sezon (from the English "season," referring to the hunting season).

Now, when I read the news...

Knesset Member Ariel, together with Yesha Council senior leaders Ze'ev Chever (Zambish) and Pinchas Wallerstein, spoke with Ramon - who serves as Chairman of the government's Outposts Committee - in his office for close to two hours. The discussion centered around the recently renewed orders to demolish 12 outpost communities, and the government's ultimate plans to raze dozens more.
As frequently occurs before meetings of this nature, rumors abound of a possible compromise agreement. Gush Etzion Regional Council chief Sha'ul Goldstein said this morning that he would be willing to agree to the removal of all 24 outposts built since March 2001, on condition that all of the other ones receive the long-awaited signature of the Defense Minister that would permanently legalize them.

One thing that is important to remember, when Menachem Begin gave Egypt the Sinai and destroyed all of the Jewish communities we had there, he kept saying that it would guarantee that Judea and Samaria stay in Israeli hands. Many of the towns in Gush Katif were established as compensation, replacements for the Sinai villages.

Recipes #92 and HH #71

yes, mamma's done it

Westbank Mamma presents Havel Havelim #71!
She cooked up a good one, but if you want recipes, check out the Carnival of recipes.

And don't forget to send in your kosher food posts and recipes for next the Kosher Cooking Carnival, which will be hosted by Sadie's Luncheonette .


The Israeli media is finally admitting that Olmert's U.S. visit wasn't such a roaring success. It's one of those classic "good news/bad news" stories for me.

The good news is that they don't like the plan, but the bad news is the reason why. I don't like Olmert's plan and strategy, because it endangers the security, the very existence of the State of Israel. It's based on a fallacy that by giving away our historic Homeland, the Arabs will give us peace.

According the article I linked to in the first sentence and can be found here, the reason the Americans and the rest of the world don't think Olmert's unilateral (that means doing it for nothing in return) withdrawal isn't good is that:
"A viable Palestinian state," The New York Times on Thursday wrote, "It's long been clear that getting a workable, feasible Palestinian state out of two geographically separate masses of land in the desert will be an uphill battle. Now, because of two culprits and one enabler, Hamas, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel and President [George W.] Bush, that hill is becoming a mountain."

That's right. The aim of the world is a "A viable Palestinian state," not a an independent viable State of Israel.

It's about time, or rather late but never, for Israel to face facts. We have no friends and no allies. The United States, England, Europe, United Nations etc are willing to sacrifice us, the State of Israel, for another Arab state, one whose essence, very aim is our very destruction.

This is not something one can negotiate.

Wise up!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

About Kissinger

IMRA has an "expose" about Henry Kissinger, who tried negotiating with the Arabs about making

Israel a ``small friendly country''
``We can't negotiate about the existence of Israel,'' then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told his Iraqi counterpart in a rare high-level meeting, ``but we can reduce its size to historical proportions.''

Henry Kissinger was the American Secretary of State for Nixon, during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Israel was attacked by Egypt and Syria on Yom Kippur, when most Israelis were fasting and praying. There was no build up to it, unlike the stressful month before the 1967 Six Days War.

The Israeli Security and "Information" experts ignored the first few warning signs, confident that the "Arabs wouldn't dare" and also counting on the United States to inform Israel of any real threats and dangers. As a result, the army was totally unprepared and the existence of the State of Israel was in mortal danger.

Deep in my guts and heart, I feel that our victory in the Yom Kippur War was far greater than in the Six Days War.

It brought back a story I heard from a reliable source a few years ago:

Suddenly, late summer, 1973, large numbers of American soldiers based in Europe was ordered to prepare for a "desert war." Then they stayed on high alert until...

...yes, you guessed it, after Israel was victorious.

Shavua Tov and Chodesh Tov

Sat. night misc.

I could have told him that!
Former Mossad head: Road Map plan was a mistake
According to media reports, former head of the Mossad Ephraim Halevi said on Saturday that the Quartet-backed Road Map peace plan was a mistake that went against Israel's interests.
He added that, though Israel has attached reservations it had to several articles of the plan, nobody took these seriously.

Refuah Shleimah
Youth stabbed near Jerusalem's Old City

The first female Knesset Speaker, Dalia Itzik, makes guests sit on the floor. She used her legal right and redecorated the Knesset. Since she felt that the chairs in the lobby cluttered it up, she had them removed. It never occured to her that the lobby is more than a rapid transit station. In a similarly well-thought out move, she had all of the photocopy machines banished from the office hallway. Office workers were shocked to find themselves without conveniently located equipment. To make matters worse, they weren't even properly installed. It never occured to her that she should consult with those who use them.

It shows how her mind works, how she makes decisions. One thing is that she's consistent. Her political opinions are no better thought out than her "interior decoration."

and, as usual:


ynet news

Qassam hits Negev community; no injuries reported
A Qassam rocket hit a community in the western Negev on Saturday, police said.
No one was injured in the attack and no damage was caused. (Anat Bershkovsky)

Friday, May 26, 2006

overheard in the market

IMHO "overheard in the market" is more accurate to gauge public opinion than the taxi drivers, at least here in Israel.

"not dead yet"
"Nope, he's not dead yet."
"yep, long time already"
"know why?"
"I'll tell you; the earth, Ha'Aretz, rejects him. It told G-d, he has sinned against me. Didn't repent. Let him stay hooked to those strings, tubes and wires. Let him stay on that diaper. I don't want him."
"Yes, that's what the earth, the Holy Land said."
"And when he does go, you know who will take his place..."
"Chaver mivee chaver, a friend brings a friend."

Shabbat Shalom v'Chodesh Tov


Here's a report of another rocket attack. The Arabs won't stop attacking Israel until we fight them into submission. That's the truth. You can't negotiate with them.

Uninvited guests

It's a well-known how hospitable the various Judea-Samaria and the destroyed Gush Katif communities have always been.

I remember my first visit to Shiloh...
You never would have guessed that the water was limited by what could be transported in a truck, electricity was by generator and shopping wasn't always easy. Everything was plentiful, and the people were so generous.

Then traveling was difficult, and most people were dependent on the very limited public transportation. Today conditions are much easier, and I still feel a warmth and enthusiasm for guests, most guests, that is.

Every week a group of Jews have been traveling to Elon Moreh, not for the delicious food served in the various homes, not to view Shechem and mourn that as Jews they can't go to Josef's Tomb, not to help develop that veteran Jewish town. They come to incite the Arabs against Elon Moreh. They come to cut down the trees planted by hard-working Jews and destroy whatever they can of Jewish property.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

missplaced priorities and loyalties and...

First of all, Chag Sameach, Happy Holiday. It's the 39th anniversary of the Liberation of Jerusalem and Shiloh!

Always begin with something cheerful. Then the other stuff...

OK, I'll never forget what Ronald Regan said about actors and presidents. To paraphrase: "I don't know how someone without acting experience can be president." I remember once reading it in a magazine article but couldn't find the exact words.

In congress, Olmert performed from a script written in part by famous author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. It was strong, while his policy is weak.

Now for something else. The Israeli government has been so careful and generous when it comes to sick Arab children in the PA (sic), even though everyone knows that their government has plenty of money. It's just not spent on the people, and the UN also gives lots of funds for medical needs. But when it comes to the needs of Israeli Jews, suddenly there's nothing. Cancer patients have been protesting that vital drugs are not in the "basket" of medicines and they must pay privately.

My suggestion is that they move to Gaza, change their names, and they'll get what they need.

Pathetic, it reminds me of...

Last night, close to midnight, I caught a bit of the TV news. A very excited guest-"expert" was raving about how marvelous Olmert was, because they clapped for him in Congress when he gave this speech. The "expert," who was jumping so, you'd think him drugged, kept saying that Olmert's policies make him an international statesmen, and everyone loves Olmert, since he's doing what they want.

Well, it reminds me of the girls who let the guys do "what they wanted," just to be popular. They would do absolutely anything, just so they'd be called again, to do it some more. Of course the entire school, both the boys and the girls, all laughed behind their backs. But "those girls" were oblivious to the ridicule and didn't care about the STD--Sexually Transmitted Diseases they were catching.

So when I hear or read the Israeli "spinners," political commentators, justifying the destruction of Jewish towns and the exiling of Israeli citizens just because it makes the world love us, it reminds me of the pathetic tramps and whores...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Livin' it up

Just a couple of things...

Reports have it that Olmert's having a fine time in the states. Bush approves of his plans to destroy Jewish towns and neighborhoods and transfer--exile--law-abiding Israeli citizens. He doesn't consider it a final solution. Israel must negotiate with the terrorists for that.

And to take one's mind off the madness, or worse for some of us, Blog d'Elisson offers a feast of posts in the latest Carnival of Vanities. Talking about cooking, I'm waiting for another of his recipes for the next Kosher Cooking Carnival! Maybe, he'll even volunteer to host one... hint, hint.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

backtracking, fishing or just playing poker?

Some of the most recent statement/links by Israeli government officials about how many yishuvim they want to destroy and how many tens of thousands of Jews they want to transfer, exile from their homes.

I'm included, yes?
I'm included, no?

Yes in terms of Shiloh being one of those on the first list and a few others. But now, when Olmert is discovering that the influential with the American President Bush consider him quite "mad," he's backtracking a bit, but it's probably just tactical. That's especially when he says those words we've heard before:

"It's to preserve... as part of Israel."

For those of us a bit long in the tooth (yes, I must see the dentist!) we remember very well how Menachem Begin insisted that he was giving Egypt the Sinai to keep Judea and Samaria in Israel's hands. And some of those very communities destroyed by Sharon and Olmert were the compensation, the replacements for those destroyed by Begin and Sharon (same guy.) Atzmona was destroyed twice already. Neve Dekalim was named for Moshav Dikla, and Avi Farchan of Alei Sinai was also a refugee from the Sinai.

How many times can they use the same line? Some people buy the Brooklyn Bridge once, but to buy it twice?

Who's the latest blogger in town?

Would you believe....

hint, hint
all the news that's fit to print

yes, the one and only
the one that can give a hernia on Sunday

I'm having trouble with the rhymes
Yes! It's The New York Times!


In Olmert's latest spin to make his Ethnic Cleansing-Resettlement Plan look more "humane," he's claiming that:
Only '20-30 settlements' to be removed under Olmert's plan

Here's my reply to the Jerusalem Post article. I wonder if they'll put it up on their "talkback."
OK Olmert, let's eliminate "only" three of your children, not all of them. Does that make you feel better?

Security? Kadima!?

Yesterday, the frequently attacked Israeli southern city of Sderot was visited by its "favorite son," labor leader and now Defense Minister Amir Peretz. He was accompanied by radical leftist Education Minister Yuli Tamir. They were there to inspect the damaged schools and to provide some government "spin."

Since the Sharon-Olmert Kadima Government exiled the Israeli Jews from Gush Katif and handed it over to the Arab terrorists, the Negev including Sderot have been frequently bombed by Arab-launched missiles. Just this week, a school was seriously damaged, miraculously not harming the students. Government aid was promised to reinforce the educational institutions in danger.

That's why those two ministers were in Sderot. But what do you think they said, when asked if the schools will be made safe, at least by the beginning of the new school year in September? "No way, get real." OK, maybe they used a euphemism, but that was the gist of their reply.

They can level a Jewish town in days, but they can't protect one, nor can they destroy terrorism. That's the new morality. That's Kadima, Olmert's political party which means "onward, progress."

There is opposition to Olmert and his policies in Israel and abroad. Here's more about it.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Cut those strings!

For years I've been saying that the so-called "aid" that Israel gets from the United States is damaging our economy.

As a country, an independent country, we have to live within our means. But honestly the "aid" is not money. It's mostly coupons, shopping coupons to use in "approved stores." And those stores are in America, not here. It's the way the capitalist America can "subsidize" certain industries.

There are strings attached to the gifts, conditional love to the extreme! Our military industries suffer from the strangle-hold the United States has on us. We aren't allowed to sell our products or develop competing ones with the states. This is another example of the sick Israeli psyche.

Something must be done to stop it.

The best defense...

A general principle of war tactics is:
The best defense is offense.

It's nothing new and no secret. Israel seems to have forgotten it in favor of the Christian "turning the other cheek."

How else can I describe the cosmetic "reinforcements", rather than destroying the enemy?

kosher cooking boms

HUH!? you may be saying

Here's the story. The Sixth Kosher Cooking Carnival is out of the oven.

And besides that, there's the weekly BOMS,
lots of food to eat and food for thought.


Sunday, May 21, 2006


Israeli high school seniors have been sending warnings to the government that they aren't planning on exiling, transferring Jewish citizens from their homes.

Last summer, during Disengagement we were "treated" to the sight of soldiers breaking down in tears as they pulled stoic citizens from their homes. We also saw synagogues full of praying Jews in both civilian clothes and army uniforms, arm in arm being pulled pulled apart by the government.

Today's youth is wiser. They know very well that the army can't survive as a fighting force without them. We have a small country, small population, and in recent years the bulk of the front line soldiers, certainly very disproportionate to the percentage of the nation as a whole, are coming from the "national religious sector." That's whether they're from Petach Tikva or Shiloh.

The most motivated soldiers are the ones who believe in G-d and country. If the government continues its policies it won't have a strong army. A strong army needs faith.

Our big problem is that the politicians are only out for themselves, "the me and the now."

They're putting us all in danger. I'm glad that the high school students aren't afraid of them.

News, close call

Close call in Pisgat Ze'ev!

Tragedy was averted in Jerusalem's northern neighborhood, Pisgat Ze'ev, when alert security guards realized that there was something suspicious about the young man trying to get into the mall. He was a terrorist.

Pisgat Ze'ev is part of Jerusalem, connected to it by a couple of modern roads which can be reached from the French Hill neighborhood. Its combined population with neighboring Neve Ya'akov make it as large as some of Israel's cities. And in many ways it is like a separate city.

There's a great variety of housing options between the two neighborhoods, from large multi-family buildings to a neighborhood with private homes. Both religious and non-religious live there and immigrants from all over the world. Of course there are schools of all types for all ages.

It has an excellent community center with great sports facilities, including a swimming pool, where I go when ours is closed. There are medical clinics and lots of shopping centers, in addition to the mall, which was almost the site of a terror attack last night.

It is also the northern-most border of Jerusalem, being surrounded by that concrete barrier, which reminds me of jaws. I wonder if it will soon get some government building projects to house those Jews transferred, exiled by Olmert's "convergence" plan. It's a nicely planned area, but Olmert is making it a dangerous place for Jews to live.

Carnivals... Yes

belated is better than never,
especially for this
of its name
Carnival of the Mundane!

Let's show some dignity
it's number seventy
for Havel Havelim!

So even though
I know
there's so much more to do
than blog and read and write to you

I never get bored
playing this keyboard
even when
there's no freecell

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I think it's time...

Yes, it is!

Ladies, the guys are doing a terrible job, and I think that we're going to have to find a way to take over!

Thanks to Judith for the cartoon!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Who does he think he is?

The Chief Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court thinks that the law should follow his beliefs. He makes his decisions according to what he feels is right, and he lobbies for legal changes as if he's part of the legislative branch, not the judicial.

Olmert's Resettlement Plan, "Convergence," G-d forbid!

Olmert's Resettlement Plan for us, my neighbors and I are among those he plans to exile, is very different from Disengagement.

Most people are not paying attention to those differences.*

The basic one is that we will not be welcome within the "old green line," unless we pay for our new housing with our own funds.

He plans on building new "housing" in the "settlement blocks" he plans on annexing into the ghetto, like Ariel. Olmert does not plan on wasting money for Jerusalem hotel rooms and the like. Lachish, Yad Binyamin, Ashkelon and other parts of "Israel proper" will not be welcoming us, if G-d forbid, his plan is put into action.

Olmert's plan is the pack the approved "settlement blocks" with exiled settlers. This won't be a rushed plan, no temporary housing. This will cut down on expenses, since, as I've been writing all along, the temporary "carravilla neighborhoods" cost almost the same as permanent housing. They are a real waste of money.

The new "resettlement" housing will take longer to build, and we'll soon be seeing large building projects.

*If you have any trouble getting the article on the JPost site, it's also here.

news update

The Arabs to the south of us are continuing their attacks on Israel. The miracles, no dead, are becoming routine, but who knows how long that will last. The Arab-launched kasaams have been doing a lot of damage.

At the same time, more and more Israelis are being killed in traffic accidents. Two killed in the past twenty-four hours.

Kever Rachel, Beit Lechem, which is next to Jerusalem, side-by-side, was the scene of an attack by Arabs on the Israeli soldiers guarding it. Kever Rachel, Rachel's Tomb, is the burial place of the Biblical Rachel, Jacob's wife, the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. It's a popular place for pilgrimage and prayer.

And how is Olmert responding to these attacks?

Olmert: Israel is Willing to Buy Drugs & Supplies for PA

I kid you not!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

for the information campaign

For the information campaign, here's a wealth of information!

It's the Israel White PaperIsrael's Legal Rights to Judea, Samaria, and Gaza
For the first time ever, assembling a central clearinghouse for Israel's rights to Judea, Samaria, and Gaza . . .!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Absolutely wonderful! I just read this report that 150 Jews are marching from Efrat to Jerusalem to protest the ghetto walls!

Let this movement spread!

Don't lock me in!

Actually the government is locking us out of the ghetto. Then they hope that we'll "voluntarily go" and abandon our homes and property. G-d forbid!

It's up to us, ladies!

More and more, when I'm trying to get some real opposition to Olmert's Resettlement Plan to exile us, G-d forbid!, and hand over our precious Land to the Arab terrorists, I've been discovering that the only people with the faith, strength and confidence to fight are my fellow females.

No such thing as "by chance," I ran into a friend yesterday in the bus station, and after talking a bit, kvetching, ranting etc about the horrendously dangerous state the State of Israel and People of Israel are in, we also came to that singular conclusion that we ladies must take charge of saving our Nation.

All of the early stages of "settlement" were made possible because of strong idealistic women. No yishuv could have survived if the women hadn't succeeded in running homes without proper running water, phones, electricity etc. Technology has developed so rapidly, it's hard to remember what life was like pre-cell phones. Just over twenty years ago, phone lines were still hard to get out here, and many communities were on generator supplied electricity. When we came to Shiloh, the water was literally trucked in, and remember that diapers was laundered in those days, not purchased! As if there were local stores then...

Hundreds of women, whether on hilltops or in downtown Hebron, braved tough conditions to establish Jewish communities in our Homeland. And today, it is again up to us to preserve these homes!

Join our struggle for the survival of our state, Land and People!!

new posts on Blog Free!

I've just posted a slew of important notices and articles on
Blog Free!, so please take a look.


sort of makes you wonder

There have been all sorts of rumours about the Moetzet YESHA crowd. I don't think "leaders" is really the right word. I honestly don't have any information, but I've been wondering. Think about it. Olmert's government has announced that it's destroying most of the Benjamin and Shomron Regional Councils and giving our Land to the Arab terrorists. Tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens are slated to be homeless and many will lose their jobs.

I admit that my kids have been telling me that my hearing isn't as good as it should be, but I'm sure there have been no protests, other than a few ranting blogs.

Why haven't the YESHA Council and Pinchas Wallerstein, who's head of the Benjamin Council and whoever is head of the Shomron been doing something big and dramatic?

He's joking, no?

IDF General Says Katyusha Not an Escalation of PA Terrorism

What is that general waiting for?
And what are the Knesset members waiting for?
And what are the ministers waiting for?
And what's Olmert waiting for?

Do they think we're all dumb?

The katyushas, kassams or whatever the weapons are called are being launched by the Arabs at our country, and they are causing damage. Thank G-d there has been mostly material damage, but you can't count on miracles continuing. Honestly, do we deserve such miracles? Maybe not, but we have to pray and do everything in our power to get these people out of office.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another "B'Mikreh," G-d's plan, of course

A few years ago, dear friends of ours from our Betar days, Phyllis and Yitzchak Heimowitz, discovered the hard way that the army doesn't give any emotional support to fiances and serious girlfriends of soldiers killed during army service. To correct this failing Phyllis established an organization to help those bereaved women. It is now officially recognized by the Israeli Army, and they work together.

The other night, there was a TV program about it, and I asked my husband to record it for me, which he did. Yesterday I watched it, and realized that my husband had also recorded the show immediately after it. I continued watching. The announcer introduced the subject which was about a farming village in the Galilee which was destroyed during the Israeli War of Independence. The Haganah refused to send reinforcements to protect it, because there were Betarim there. Interesting that the announcer used the term "Betarim," rather than Etzel, which was the term used in the actual film. He could not have had known that Phyllis and Yitz were also Betarim. There was no connection between the two subjects, just a coincidence that they were broadcast the same evening, one after the other.

It was Mishmar HaYarden which was an "independent" agricultural community that "dared" to absorb a unit of Etzel members during the '48 War (the Hagana even once stopped a group with reinforcements from reaching it). As the film shows, the community was literally stolen from the original residents who returned only a year or so later, after being held POWs in Damascus. The land went to Kibbutz Gadot and another moshav. (thanks, Wink)

I am still "reeling" from the horrible story, another example of the hatred of the Israeli Left towards other Israelis. It's totally consistent with the disgraceful period of the "Sezon," when the Haganah handed over names of Etzel and members to the British for them to arrest. And of course the incompresensible attack by the Haganah's Palmach on the Altalena, which had the arms and the manpower to free Jerusalem from the Arabs.

And it continues today, when Jewish communities are destroyed and our precious Land is given to our enemies, called "Disengagement" and "Convergence." And it doesn't help for Jews to be able to prove ownership as we saw in Amona and Hebron.

Last night I saw friends who live in Hebron and told them the story. One of them had read about it and told me that one of the families whose home was taken from him in Mishmar Hayarden has the same last name as one of the families recently thrown out the that Jewish-owned house in Hebron.

No novelist could write it any better...

Monday, May 15, 2006

and carnivals

Spring is here and fall on the other side of the world, but we all live in the same cyber world. So enjoy the carnivals, Havel Havelim and BOMS.

And don't be shy, you, too can participate especially if you eat, and who doesn't?! You don't have to be Jewish to contribute to the Kosher Cooking Carnival, as long as the food is kosher! Just send your links to shilohmuse at yahoo dot com or via the reminder on the sidebar. And while you're looking, you may find lots of other great carnivals to read and contribute to.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Collective Insanity

The Jerusalem Post is suffering from some sort of "collective insanity" for publishing one of the most ludicrous wastes of good, healthy trees, so at least you can read Collective Punishment online, but not on a full stomach.

The "writer" makes the most ridiculous,inaccurate and libelous analogy, maligning and inciting against me and my neighbors.

If I could get my husband to agree to it, I'd stop buying the paper and just read it for free on the internet. Libel is the nicest word I can think of to describe those lies. I'd rather live without a paper newspaper than give those people any more of my money.


B'Mikreh, G-d's Planning

I'm trying to get myself to calm down. A news item has gotten me all upset again. It says:
MK Schneller: Destruction of Israeli Towns Will be “Measured and Balanced” 18:54 May 14, '06 / 16 Iyar 5766

(IsraelNN.com) MK Otniel Schneller (Kadima) said the government’s proposal to implement the convergence plan, to dismantle and destroy Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, will be implemented in “a very measured and balanced way.”

That's an oxymoron if there ever was! How can one's exile, the destruction of one's home, ripping bodies from graves be " balanced?" Just a couple of hours ago a new "body" was buried in our local cemetery. It was the final trip for the man who knew our roads better than anyone else. Is Schneller going to come and dig him out?


I had planned on writing a very special and fitting tribute to one of the Jewish People's modern pioneers, Muli Hofbauer, ZaTz"L, and yes, I consider him to have had been a Tzaddik, a very righteous man.

One doesn't have to wear the "costume" and cloister oneself in a Beit Medrash, Study Hall, to be a tzaddik. A true tzaddik lives a pure life, keeping the mitzvot (commandments), between Man and G-d and Man and Man. A tzaddik is honest and reliable, devoted to family and friends. A tzaddik takes on jobs that may not always be popular and does them joyfully and consienciously. A tzaddik is as one of my children described Muli, "a nice man."

Muli (Shmuel Alexander) and his wife, Chana, were founding members of Shiloh. Yes, Shmuel and Chana, of course, just like the Biblical Shiloh, there had to be a Shmuel and Chana here from the start. Chana was the first nursery school teacher, and Muli gave up his engineering job to be a driver. As Rav Elchanan reminded us: "Muli was our connection with Jerusalem. Whatever someone needed, Muli delivered it."

It wasn't the traveling, the roads or terrorists who killed Muli, it was cancer. Davka, less than a week ago, another Chana was widowed, when her husband was killed in a car crash. I visited that Chana this morning, and she talked of how she's certain that her husband and the friend who was killed with him are trying to save us all from their new position in Olam HaBa, the Next World.

For all of us in Shiloh, it's so hard to imagine a Shiloh without Muli. At the funeral, one of the neighbors told us how he and Chana were comforted after her brother was killed in an accideSomeoneomone had told them that "B'Mikreh," by chance, really means "rak m'Hashem," "only from G-d." Nothing is without reason.

Then I remembered when I was their son's teacher, and I really needed to talk to them about something, but I don't like calling parents, so I hadn't. Then one day, waiting for a ride to work, who should come by but Muli. I got in, and I was the only passenger, so I knew that I had to report, which I wouldn't have done if there had been others. Later in the day, their son walked into the classroom:
"Why did you speak to my father?"
"I had no choice," I replied. "G-d set it up. He arranged the ride."

Why now, so quickly, did Muli die? G-d has his reasons, I'm sure. And we do need all the help we can get from the Tzaddikim in Olam HaBa.

In the meantime, we have plenty to do down here in This World. G-d willing , Muli won't be reinterred and we won't be exiled from our beloved home, Shiloh.

Interesting little conversation

This is about the revelation about the pathetic tv spot, where Gush Etzion's Shaul Goldstein directed his "made for tv" evacuation from Gush Catawba. My reply will be at the end:

This is from Uri Bank of NU-NRP
Scroll down for English

אני חולק על קביעתך כי אין דרך אלטרנטיבית בה אנו עשויים להצליח במאבקנו על ארץ-ישראל. אולם מדובר בדרך שמנהיגי מועצת יש"ע עד כה סירבו לאמץ, בין היתר מכיוון שקיים אצלם קושי אמיתי ואובייקטיבי של נשיכת היד שמאכילה אותם/אותנו. אבל אחרי הכישלון של הקיץ לא נותר בפנינו שום ברירה; על מנהיגי הציבור הימני כולם להתאחד סביב תכנית מיליטנטית יותר, שתכלול עידוד סירוב המוני בקרב חיילי צה"ל - שהפיקוד הזוטר והבינוני שלו נשלט לגמרי ע"י תומכי המחנה שלנו - ומרי אזרחי בלתי-אלים, הכולל חסימת כבישים ועידוד מסיבי של אזרחי ישראל להיעצר.

ברור לי שיש בכך המון בעייתיות ואני אומר את הדברים לאחר מחשבה רבה ומתוך כובד ראש. פשוט אין ברירה. את שיטתכם ניסינו ונכשלנו. לא ניצחנו באהבה והשמאל המרושע מתכוון להמשיך לעקור את כולנו מבתינו בהקדם האפשרי. מול רשעות שכזו דרושה עמידה אמיצה, גאה ונחרצת, עם נכונות לקחת את המחאה עד לקצה התהום של מלחמת אזרחים, מתוך אחריות היסטורית לעם, ארץ ותורת ישראל. לסירוב המוני בצבא ומרי אזרחי בלתי-אלים יהיו המון השלכות שליליות, אבל אין בהם אפילו הרמת האצבע הכי קטנה מצדנו על יהודי אחר. זה הרע במיעוטו וזה הכרחי. הבעיה היא שאתם ורוב הרבנים מהססים וחלוקים. בלי התמיכה הבלתי מסויגת שלכם והובלת העניין בכל הכוח והאחריות - זה כנראה נועד לכישלון. אז השאלה הנשאלת היא האם יש בכם את כוחות הנפש וההנהגה להוביל את כולנו למאבק שיציל גם את עם-ישראל וגם את ארץ-ישראל, או שהכוחות שלכם מספיקים רק למניעת מלחמת אחים בטווח הקצר, תוך ויתורים שיסכנו את עתידה של מדינת ישראל כולה?

בכבוד רב ובברכת שבת שלום,
אורי בנק
Dear Shaul,

I take issue with your statement that you have yet to see another way for us to succeed in our struggle for Eretz Yisrael. Albeit, it is a way that the leaders of Moetzet Yesha have thus far refused to adopt, among other reasons because of the real and objective problem they have with biting the hand that feeds them/us all. But after this summer's failure we have no other choice; all the leaders of Israel's right-wing have to rally around a more militant program, which will have to include the encouragement of massive refusal of orders in the ranks of Tzahal - whose lower and mid-ranking officers are almost all our supporters - and non-violent civil disobedience, including the blocking of roads and encouraging the masses to get arrested.

It is very clear to me that this course of action is problematic and I am advocating it only after giving much deep thought to the matter. There just is no other choice. We tried doing it your way and we failed. We didn't "win with love" and the ruthless, merciless left-wing intends on continuing to uproot us all from our homes as soon as possible. In the face of such evil we need to stand bravely, proudly and determinedly, with the willingness to take our protest to the very brink of civil war, stemming from our historic responsibility towards Am, Eretz and Torat Yisrael. Mass refusal to obey orders and non-violent civil disobedience may have grave consequences, but they do not entail raising even one finger against another Jew - at least not from our side of the conflict. It's the necessary best of all evils. The problem is that you, and most of the Rabbis, are hesitant and divisive. Without your undivided support and forceful leadership - it will most probably fail. So the question is: Do you have the internal conviction and leadership qualities that it will take to lead us all in a struggle that will save both Am Yisrael AND Eretz Yisrael, or are you only strong enough to keep us from short-term internal bickering, while giving in to capitulation that will endanger the very future of the State of Israel?

With great respect and wishes of Shabbat Shalom,
Uri Bank
----- Original Message -----
From: shaul Goldstein
Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2006 9:13 PM
Subject: [nevedaniel] תגובה לסרטון גוש קטיף+אנגלית

האם טעיתי בהחלטתי? סבורני שלא. האם הייתי צריך לחשוב על "איך זה ייראה" – בהחלט כן.
אין לי ספק שכל העיסוק בעניין יש לו מגמה להכפיש ולנטרל את כוחה של ההנהגה הקרויה "מועצת יש"ע". רבים חושבים שבגלל המאבק הלא מיליטנטי הפסדנו את יישובי גוש קטיף וצפון השומרון ובעקבותיהם אנו עלולים להפסיד גם את שאר יישובי יהודה ושומרון. זו דיעה לגיטימית אם היא יודעת להציב דרך סבירה אחרת – אני טרם ראיתי דרך אחרת שמצליחה. מאידך ברור לי שפילוג בהנהגת מתיישבי יהודה ושומרון והשקעת כל האנרגיות שלנו במריבות פנימיות ישחק לידי השמאל ויאפשר לו לעקור ולהרוס למיצהלות האויב הפלשתיני. כולנו עסוקים היום בהתארגנות לקראת האיומים הבאים עלינו לרעה ונידרש להשקיע בהם את כל כוחותינו!
אני רואה עצמי חייל נאמן של המאבק של עם ישראל על ארץ ישראל ומי שמנסה לגרום לי לסגת לא יצליח. אין לי ספק שנגרם לי נזק על לא עוול בכפי אבל עיסוק בענייני הציבור ימשיך להיות עיקר מאמציי. בבניין הארץ ננוחם!

Did I make a mistake? I think not. Should I have considered 'how it would look'? – Certainly.
I have no doubt that this whole episode is intended to --- and neutralize the power of a leadership called 'Moetzet Yesha'. Many think that because the struggle was non-militant, we lost the communities in Gush Katif and northern Shomron, and in their wake we could lose the rest of our homes in Judea and Samaria. This is a legitimate opinion, if it can propose another realistic plan – I have yet to see another way succeed. On the other hand, it's clear to me that dividing the leadership of the residents of Judea and Samaria, having us invest our energies in internal struggles, plays into the hands of the Left, and allows them to uproot and destroy us, to the cheers of our palestinian enemy. We're all busy preparing for the terrible times ahead, and they will demand that we invest all of our energies!

שאול גולדשטיין

Mr. Goldstein, Did I read correctly? Did you really say that your method is the only way to SUCCEDE? You lost! We lost! People are homeless and our precious Land is in the hands of our enemies.
Wake up and resign!

Priority--the Land of Israel

This morning I paid a Shiva call to a young widow who spoke of how upset her late husband had been about the Israeli government's policy concerning our Land. I really didn't know him, just his wife and young daughter. The Arutz 7 interview with Rabbi Nahum Eliezer Rabinovitch, Rosh Yeshiva of the Birkat Moshe Hesder Yeshiva in Maaleh Adumim gave me some inspiration. What follows is not the interview, just where it led my mind.

Many people forget that according to Judaism, our Land is a priority, like saving a life. Yes, those who mock us for devoting our lives and energies to settling our Land are wrong. There is even a halacha (Jewish Law) that it is permitted to buy parts of Eretz Yisrael on Shabbat. It is a transaction that supersedes Shabbat. We must do everything to redeem our Land.

In pre-State times, rabbis, yes, rabbis went out on Shabbat to buy Land when it was available. The psak (rabbinic decision) was clear. It is forbidden to wait until after Shabbat.

When we lived in Jerusalem, I had a friend who had been told by her father that he remembered going out with his father on Shabbat to pay for Land. A street in our Jerusalem neighborhood was named after her grandfather.

We are supposed to defend our Land, not give it away to our enemies. We must fight for it, because without it, we won't be safe. No other country in the world gives away their land. It is a sign of national sickness for us to give our Land to our enemies. Under no circumstances should we give anything away, not one inch!

L'Ilui Nishmato shel Mottel, killed last week in a car accident.

Baruch HaDayan HaEmet

Dr. Joseph Lerner dead at 84
Aaron Lerner Date: 14 May 2006

Dr. Joseph Lerner [Josiah ben Tessa], Co-Director
and Founder of IMRA,
died this morning at Herzog Hospital in

The funeral is expected to take place today at
Har Hamnuchot in

Details to follow.

The Lerner family - wife Sue Lerner, children
Tessa, Aaron and Berel,
wish to thanks the staff of Herzog Hospital for
their devoted and
diligent care. We would also like to take this
opportunity to thank all
of the many well wishers.

Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent
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No two the same

Each family, when being forced to deal with the new reality after one of its members is murdered by terrorists or killed in an army action or died in other less dramatic ways, reacts differently.

I've written extensively about my neighbors, the Keinans, and Moshe's annual protest march to Jerusalem.

Here is the site produced by The Roth Family, in memory of Malki.

About Hillary Clinton

I've never been a Hillary Clinton fan. I used to consider her a pathetic example of an intelligent ambitious, woman repressing her own personal potential to propel her husband into prominence. She kept reminding me of a less domestic and maternal Eleanor McGovern. In some ways I'm glad that she has finally established her own career, but it has always bothered me that she did it as a "New Yorker."

A number of years ago, when those plans were just rumors, I began writing an op-ed, which I was supposed to try to get published in "The New York Times," but I chickened out of sending it. I also didn't do what I threatened at that time. I've still never taken advantage of my rights to an absentee ballot.

I found that "article" in my computer memory, and decided to publish it here, since as her presidential candidacy is getting closer to reality, her "enemies," I think that's the best word rather than opponents since they aren't running against her, are getting more vociferous.

Here it is:

A Real New Yorker

by Batya Medad

I am fifty years old, and even though a life-long U.S. citizen, born in New York City, IÂ’ve never voted in American elections. Just after coming of age, I moved abroad and believe that although the law permits it, non-resident U.S. citizens shouldnÂ’t vote. But if Hillary Clinton runs for the Senate from New York, I will vote against her!

My New York chauvinism can’t understand why in a state as vast and rich in talented and dynamic resident-citizens, the Democratic Party is pushing a “foreigner!” No amount of position papers and baseball caps, whether The Mets or The Yankees can make Hillary Clinton an authentic representative of New York’s citizens.

The alleged precedent of Bobby Kennedy is not accurate. He actually spent his formative years in New York; though the family always kept a home in Massachusetts and their distinctive Bostonian accents. Hillary Clinton was never more than just a tourist in New York.

Those who wrote the American constitution and decided on the responsibilities of the two legislatures wanted to avoid the abuses of the English system, wherein a small homogeneous “elite” can govern. In England, even today, people who wish to be elected to Parliament check around the country for what they think will be an easy race and enter it, even if they had never been in the area before. If they mount a successful campaign, they are elected and get to know their constituents. The House of Lords doesn’t even make a pretense to represent the ordinary citizen; its membership is either inherited or awarded. Our American Senate is a representative version; therefore each state, regardless of size, gets the same number, two senators. It’s ironic that Mrs. Clinton, the First Lady is interested in a Senate seat.

I would prefer not to mention what I think of her as a woman and role model, but unfortunately, it seems like the same weaknesses and insecurities that have kept her chained to a consistently unfaithful husband have contributed to her agreeing to run for the Senate from New York. If sheÂ’s really as intelligent and talented as her supporters say, why is she so afraid to let go, live independently and build her own career?

After many years of political activism, I know how difficult it is for women to succeed in politics. I am firmly and sincerely in favor of increasing the amount of women in government, but this is not the way. Mrs. Clinton is a parody of the “modern woman.” Her candidacy is a regression, a generation or more backwards, she’s playing the dependent “bimbo” role. Her “stand by my man” line and “first lady fluff” are like silicon implants. Barbie and Ken, the “perfect” couple. Although the truth is that Bill and Hillary Clinton, as a couple, are the butts of jokes all over the world. Would she want her daughter to end up in a marriage like hers?

Mrs. Clinton did not come up through the ranks of party workers and activists. She’s a “gimmick,” somebody’s desperate brain storm after Senator Moynihan announced his upcoming retirement. I was amazed to hear that the women most active in the New York Democratic party are backing her, just so that a woman will be elected. She is being “packaged” by experienced staff to appear to be in favor of what New Yorkers want and expect from a Democratic senator, including opinions that strongly conflict with her previous statements.

Do the citizens of New York State want a senator so dependent on party hacks? I donÂ’t; therefore if Hillary Clinton runs for the Senate from New York, IÂ’ll be one of the first on line at my local U.S. Consulate to get my ballot, and IÂ’ll vote for her strongest opponent.

New York deserves an advocate of its own, from its own.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

a little respect

One of the "absurdities" of world politics is the fact that only a couple of countries "recognize" Israel's capital. I don't mean that if their "State Departments" or "Foreign Ministry" movers and shakers see a picture of one of the major landmarks they don't know where it is, I mean that they refuse to admit Israel's right to choose it's capital city. Their embassies are located somewhere else, usually Tel Aviv.

That's pretty rude. It's very rude. Israel has been the capital of the Jewish Nation since King David moved it from Shiloh to Jerusalem, and I don't think I have to tell you how long ago that was. Think of The US history at that time or where Bush's or Washington's or Kennedy's ancestors were at the time.

My ancestors were here in the Holy Land. Maybe they were in Shiloh. It's certainly possible, and that's probably why I've always felt so at home here.

Who are all those foreigners to make judgments about our capital and our rights? Talking about chutzpah! I think that the best thing would be if Israel were to put its embassy in cities other than the official capitals of countries who insult ours.

I'd like a little respect, but the problem is that Israel is ruled by people who are still stuck in their ghetto mentality, Stockholm Syndrome. I hope they recover, before our entire country is destroyed.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Constant Attacks!

Israel is under constant attack from the Arabs who were given Gush Katif. Rockets, Kassams, Qassams, missiles, however they're spelled. It doesn't matter which news you read. Though the TV ignores it most of the time, but I'm sure their excuse is that since Israel is bombed daily, it's boring to mention it so often. And also that miraculously, there are rarely any injuries, takes away the newsworthiness.

Israelis in the Negev, Sderot, Ashkelon and in the north, too, are demanding reinforced homes and schools.

Olmert's Resettlement-Transfer of Jews Plan will only bring those rockets closer to the major Israeli cities.

He must be stopped!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Army Exemptions

I figured it would be good to write this in something like the army green.

The Israeli Supreme Court just decided to continue with the Tal Law, which permits the exemption of yeshiva students from regular army service.

Some people are surprised, since the Supreme Court generally decides in ways that make religious life more difficult.

But before I go on about the court's decision, I want to make it clear that I personally do not think that it is forbidden for religious Jews to serve in the army. And I don't think it is forbidden for yeshiva students to serve in the army. And I don't think that Jews should only study Torah and expect society and their wives and families to support them.

I believe that all Jews should be self-supporting, have a job or profession. I also consider it the responsibility of all to serve in the army. There is no mitzvah to "learn" all day and all night. The only thing relating to what we're supposed to do is:

"Six days you shall work, and the seventh day is Shabbat, for the Lord your God." (Deut. 5:13)

I take that very seriously. Other religions exempt and forbid their "holy people" from the mundane of work and military. Judaism is different. Just like many of those other religions demand that their "holy people" be celibate--no sex and no marriage--it's not our way, it's not Jewish.

And by what right does a male who spends his time in a Beit Medrash, study hall, consider himself superior, holier, than a doctor who saves lives, a builder who makes homes for people, or a farmer who grows the food we all need to eat?

Judaism is the religion that combines the holy and the profane. Besides the Kohanim in the Holy Temple, it should be speedily rebuilt in our Days, no one is exempt from the military and work. Serving in the army to defend our Land and our People should be seen as a holy act.

I remember during the Yom Kippur War in 1973, when my husband was working in the Public Relations Department in the Shaare Tzekek Hospital, and because of the emergency situation, suddenly even certain office workers had to be at the hospital on Shabbat and Holiday, when they were normally forbidden. The hospital Rabbi announced that those who must travel and work on those days were doing it as a mitzvah, pikuach nefesh to save lives. And since they were doing a mitzvah, they had to dress particularly well in honor of Shabbat and Holidays. To help them "dress up," someone donated nice ties for the men to wear. And remember that in 1973, it was very rare to see an Israeli man in a tie, even at the dressiest of events.

And yes, I agree that the Israeli Army is not always hospitable to religious requirements. But the only way to improve things is to flood it with strongly religious men. Don't stand on the sidelines.

And now for the reason I think the Supreme Court wants to preserve the exemptions.

  • Not only because it really doesn't affect all that many men.
  • Not only because they don't want to deal with the demands that more religious men will make on the system

The Tal Law was upheld, because there are many non-religious males who are refusing to serve in the army for all sorts of reasons. And the judges know that if they get stricter about draft for the yeshiva students, their own sons, grandsons, nephews and friends' kids will be forced to be drafted when they don't want to.

Shabbat Shalom

Anything for money, and...

...What do they have to do in return? Another chareidi party is joining the Government of Destruction and Public Parasites. It appears a compromise deal has been reached by which the hareidi-religious United Torah Judaism Party will become a member of the coalition government.

This is not good for our Nation and People. All I can hope and pray for is that all these unlikely bedfellows will self-destruct.

And on another, though similar topic, I'm amazed that the media didn't make a fuss last summer when MK-hopeful, Gush Etzion's Shaul Goldstein directed his "removal" from the Gush Katif synagogue. But then, again, I shouldn't be so surprised, since... OK, maybe I shouldn't say it.

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from the kitchen sink
"as long as it's kosher"
tasty for one and all
the Kosher Cooking Carnival!