Sunday, May 21, 2006

News, close call

Close call in Pisgat Ze'ev!

Tragedy was averted in Jerusalem's northern neighborhood, Pisgat Ze'ev, when alert security guards realized that there was something suspicious about the young man trying to get into the mall. He was a terrorist.

Pisgat Ze'ev is part of Jerusalem, connected to it by a couple of modern roads which can be reached from the French Hill neighborhood. Its combined population with neighboring Neve Ya'akov make it as large as some of Israel's cities. And in many ways it is like a separate city.

There's a great variety of housing options between the two neighborhoods, from large multi-family buildings to a neighborhood with private homes. Both religious and non-religious live there and immigrants from all over the world. Of course there are schools of all types for all ages.

It has an excellent community center with great sports facilities, including a swimming pool, where I go when ours is closed. There are medical clinics and lots of shopping centers, in addition to the mall, which was almost the site of a terror attack last night.

It is also the northern-most border of Jerusalem, being surrounded by that concrete barrier, which reminds me of jaws. I wonder if it will soon get some government building projects to house those Jews transferred, exiled by Olmert's "convergence" plan. It's a nicely planned area, but Olmert is making it a dangerous place for Jews to live.

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