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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pathetic, it reminds me of...

Last night, close to midnight, I caught a bit of the TV news. A very excited guest-"expert" was raving about how marvelous Olmert was, because they clapped for him in Congress when he gave this speech. The "expert," who was jumping so, you'd think him drugged, kept saying that Olmert's policies make him an international statesmen, and everyone loves Olmert, since he's doing what they want.

Well, it reminds me of the girls who let the guys do "what they wanted," just to be popular. They would do absolutely anything, just so they'd be called again, to do it some more. Of course the entire school, both the boys and the girls, all laughed behind their backs. But "those girls" were oblivious to the ridicule and didn't care about the STD--Sexually Transmitted Diseases they were catching.

So when I hear or read the Israeli "spinners," political commentators, justifying the destruction of Jewish towns and the exiling of Israeli citizens just because it makes the world love us, it reminds me of the pathetic tramps and whores...


Moshe said...

Isn't that what ALL current Israeli politicos and their pundits are; cheap, pathetic tramps and whores?

Moshe Burt, Israel and The Sin of Expulsion

Batya said...

Very true.

Anonymous said...

Israeli reporters and Israeli leaders simply do not (and probably refuse) to understand who American politics work and specifically, how the presidential government/cabinet operates. They are so full of themselves, that they assume that American politicians are as 'important' as their Israeli counterparts.

In the US, when the prez speaks - that's policy. SecState, SecDef, SecInterior, etc... will all toe the party line, not run to talk shows to voice their personal opinions. This group of people also choose their words very carefully, and nuances are very important as well.

The Israeli media sold the public that Bush fully supported 'settlement blocs' in 2004, when in fact, Bush only acknowledged that they existed. This time, congress claps after every Olmert/Weisel sentence, and Bush smiles at the press conference, and few report that Bush really slapped Olmert down as a delusional retard who thinks he's running an independant country. Maybe if Olmert was actually promoting a nationalistic stance that Bush was ridiculing, I'd be talking about the bad American patron, but this time, we saw Bush telling Olmert - do what you want but a) as long as it's part of the road map, b) you can't choose your borders.

Olmert is a failure. The Americans are more pro-Israel than our leaders.