Friday, May 19, 2006

Olmert's Resettlement Plan, "Convergence," G-d forbid!

Olmert's Resettlement Plan for us, my neighbors and I are among those he plans to exile, is very different from Disengagement.

Most people are not paying attention to those differences.*

The basic one is that we will not be welcome within the "old green line," unless we pay for our new housing with our own funds.

He plans on building new "housing" in the "settlement blocks" he plans on annexing into the ghetto, like Ariel. Olmert does not plan on wasting money for Jerusalem hotel rooms and the like. Lachish, Yad Binyamin, Ashkelon and other parts of "Israel proper" will not be welcoming us, if G-d forbid, his plan is put into action.

Olmert's plan is the pack the approved "settlement blocks" with exiled settlers. This won't be a rushed plan, no temporary housing. This will cut down on expenses, since, as I've been writing all along, the temporary "carravilla neighborhoods" cost almost the same as permanent housing. They are a real waste of money.

The new "resettlement" housing will take longer to build, and we'll soon be seeing large building projects.

*If you have any trouble getting the article on the JPost site, it's also here.

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