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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

new to the sidebar and experiment

First of all, I added something new to the sidebar.  It's a news ticker from the Jerusalem Post.  Yes, I already have one from Arutz 7, but if you're familiar with those two news sources, you'd agree that they report very different news, although they're both based here in Israel.  I hope the addition will be a good one for us all. 
I also eliminated something from the sidebar, since it hasn't been updating for a long time.  If it ever returns, I'll happily reinstate it.
And if you're wondering why the strange graphics, it's because I'm posting from yahoo mail.

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Unknown said...

The A-7 news ticker has always slowed down the loading of this blog...

Batya said...

Is it the A7 for sure?
I know that my blogpatrol counter doesn't always come up and doesn't always work. I'd trash it, but I really like it when it does.

Unknown said...

I'm almost positive it's the A-7. It stops everything else in every tab it requires so much loading power.

Batya said...

Does it happen with other blogs which have the ticker?