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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Bible Contest winners and other news

In Israel, one of the highlights of "Independence" Day is the Bible contest. High school students study for two years to compete for the highest honors. Jewish teens all over the world are also eligible.

This year's winners included two young women:
The International Bible Contest for Jewish Youth was held in Jerusalem for the 42nd year running. Adi Diamant from Israel won the contest with 100 points. The second place was shared by two other Israelis, Yitzhak Berbi and Shira Rosen Gart, who won 99 points each.


For many, this year was very difficult, more so than ever. Yesterday watching all of the short movies on TV about young soldiers murdered and killed, I was struck by how many were from Gush Katif. Many more than the proportionate to its population.

Today at an army ceremony, one young soldier, in protested.

An Israel Defense Force sergeant refused to shake the hand of IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz during a ceremony honoring outstanding soldiers on Wednesday, to protest last August's evacuation from the Gaza Strip.

The ceremony was held Wednesday at the presidential residence in Jerusalem.

Hananel Dayan, a resident of the West Bank settlement Psagot
who had many relatives living in Gush Katif, was one of 120 outstanding soldiers receiving recognition at the ceremony.


yitz said...

Regarding the soldier's refusal to shake Halutz's hand, Kol HaKavod lo!!! DEBKA reported:
>>The IDF Manpower Division chief, Maj.-Gen Eliezer Stern ordered Sgt. Dayan to apologize to the chief of staff. He said he could not bring himself to do this. Some officers accused the soldier of making a political gesture and suggested withdrawing his citation.
Under military law, a soldier refusing to shake the hand of the chief of staff is not disobeying any order. He is obliged only to salute a superior officer which he did. Withdrawing his citation would contradict the traditions of the IDF which encourages military personnel to use their brains and initiative rather than behave like robots.<<
Since he didn't do anything illegal, hopefully his citation won't be rescinded. BUT IF IT IS, I would suggest that the people of Yesha [including, of course, Gush Katif] award him with their OWN citation!

Batya said...

I agree with you. I heard on the radio news that they were going to wait (or someone suggeted they wait) a couple of days, until tempers cooled. If I understood correctly.

yitz said...

Yes, Halutz said that, it's on today's Arutz 7 report. They also reported:

MK Tzvi Hendel, himself forcibly evicted from his home in Gush Katif, said he understood Dayan’s actions. He said that he recommended that Chief of Staff Halutz “examine himself and his own arrogant and pompous behavior, as well as his periodic outbursts inciting against the residents of Judea and Samaria and those expelled from Gaza.”
Dozens of people expelled from Gaza and northern Samaria have been calling the Dayan family, thanking them for Hananel’s stand.