Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's up to us, ladies!

More and more, when I'm trying to get some real opposition to Olmert's Resettlement Plan to exile us, G-d forbid!, and hand over our precious Land to the Arab terrorists, I've been discovering that the only people with the faith, strength and confidence to fight are my fellow females.

No such thing as "by chance," I ran into a friend yesterday in the bus station, and after talking a bit, kvetching, ranting etc about the horrendously dangerous state the State of Israel and People of Israel are in, we also came to that singular conclusion that we ladies must take charge of saving our Nation.

All of the early stages of "settlement" were made possible because of strong idealistic women. No yishuv could have survived if the women hadn't succeeded in running homes without proper running water, phones, electricity etc. Technology has developed so rapidly, it's hard to remember what life was like pre-cell phones. Just over twenty years ago, phone lines were still hard to get out here, and many communities were on generator supplied electricity. When we came to Shiloh, the water was literally trucked in, and remember that diapers was laundered in those days, not purchased! As if there were local stores then...

Hundreds of women, whether on hilltops or in downtown Hebron, braved tough conditions to establish Jewish communities in our Homeland. And today, it is again up to us to preserve these homes!

Join our struggle for the survival of our state, Land and People!!


Robin Ticker said...


Last week on May 10th, I attended (uninvited because I am not a Rebbetzin) the 7th Rebbetzins Conference ponsored by Task force to help families at risk. Accompanying me was Leah Goldsmith of Itamar and her mother-in-law Jeannette Goldsmith. Leah and Moshe her husband arrived the day before. Not knowing of their arrival to the States, I had called Jeannette, to ask her if she would want to attend the conference with me. Jeanette said she had company from Israel. I asked who came and she told me her son, Moshe and daughter in law from Itamar (Moshe is Mayor). I was so excited and begged for Leah, an excellent speaker bli ayin hara, to come with us to the Rebbetzin's Conference. The Conference's topic was "Relationships with your married children, staying closed yet keeping your distance". A main speaker was Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis giving the Rebbetzins perspective. It was a highly publicized conference, very well attended (by my low estimate at least 150 Rebbetzins) from the tri state area. I felt it was the golden opportunity to address these righteous Rebbetzins about the future expulsions. We got there early. We asked Miriam Turk, the coordinator, if Leah could say a few words and we were politely refused. I am being Dan Lekaf Zechus. My guess now is that the conference was sponsored by Shelden Silver, speaker of the New York State ASsembly and such a talk would not be on topic and on his agenda. I told Miriam that we are very upset about the expulsion of 60,000-100,000 Jews. Here there was a golden opportunity to talk to the Rebbetzins who individually have lots of power and influence. These Rebbetzins actually might make a difference for these families. I begged Miriam to reconsider her decision not to allow Leah address the Kehila a few minutes even if it was off topic and not on the Agenda. I asked Miriam, how she could make this decision unilaterally when we are talking about such a crisis. We then spoke to Rebbetzin Reisman, the main Rebbetzin organizer who was sensitive to our request and referred us to Faigy Zakheim. Faigy Zakheim was a powerful force in promoting this event (See Nachum Segal show). Faigy Zakheim told us that our message is important, it's a brilliant idea to address the Rebbetzins but it was not appropriate for this Rebbetzin's Conference. She promised to set something up for us in the future. She offered to hold a meeting for Leah to help her in her fundraising efforts for Itamar. I was happy for Leah but told her (perhaps a bit emotionally) that I was looking at the broader picture. I wasn't satisfied with just this gesture of fundraising for one yishuv or even collective fundraising for many yishuvim. My focus was not on fundraising. I wished to impress upon the Rebbetzins the importance of using their feminine charm to influence the Rabbanim (their husbands) to make a public Statement that the Land of Israel is the inheritance of the Nation of Israel and that Am Yisroel is obligated in turn in keeping the commandments. As of yet no unified Statement to stand up for the Covenant has been made from the Jews. Statements have come from Christian groups. On the other hand, there have been many unified statements from the Chareidi circles to raise money for the poor in Israel. What is sorely needed is a clarification the Torahs position that the expulsion of the Jews in the Land of Israel contradicts the Torah. The Rabbanim need to beg UTJ who is considering joining Kadima not to do so, and to protest Shas that has already did. UTJ is waiting on the Psak of Reb Gedalia Alter (Ger) and Rav Shteinman. Rav Shteinman is in America. It would be important to approach him as well. I feel that the time is ripe to do Panim el Panim with the Rabbanim. If you want to know who the most influential Rabbanim are in the Chareidi circles in Israel and the Diaspora, one needs to look simply on the Kupat Hair(16 page) multi page glossy insert, and Vaad Harabonim Le'inyanei Tzedaka B'Eretz Hakodesh (24 Purim page glossy inserts) and Havad Hartzi Lehatzalas Mispachos Bimetzuka (The National committee to Save Families in Distress) multi page glossy insert (16 pages). These tzedaka organization collect for the poor. They are struggling to provide for these worthy struggling chareidi families, including widows and orphans, many of whom have large families compounded with physical and emotional issues. Our question to these Tzdacka orgs is, how will they be able to provide for another 60,000-100,000 aniyim? The Chareidi Community has made it clear that they feel the pain of their brethren of Gush Katif, they had a fund raising campaign last month specifically for Gush Katif(ironicaly at the same time they were considering joining Kadima). THey claim in their newsletter "Inside track" that they sent Pesach provisions for the families of Gush Katif. Personally I know in Flatbush, Agudath Yisroel collected over $100,000 in just one shul and several other shuls as well had similar fundraising efforts. A special Gush Katif appeal was included in their membership newsletter.They reported that there was an unusual high return response to their Gush Katif appeal in their "Inside Track" newsletter. These funds no doubt compete with their other worthy projects. How can they sustain so many aniyim?!?! Faigy Zakheim and Miriam Turk and Rebbetzin Reisman has access to the names and address of all the Rebbetzins. It is important that they come through for us with their promise to help us organize an event to raise awareness. REbbetzin Jungreis is a leader. In this weeks Jewish Press she writes an article entitled "Holocaust Today?" She concludes with the Tochacha that because we are not keeping the Mitzvoth we are facing evils. She is not specific about which Mitzvoth we are not keeping. May I suggest that the most fundamental foundation of keeping the Mitzvoth is our claim to Eretz Yisroel through the Covenant. The Rebbetzin and the Rabbanim must be convinced to make public this claim. However such a statement is a direct contradiction to the "roadmap" and is a direct contradiction to the "convergence plan". The Covenant is quite explicit as the boundaries of Eretz Yisroel. The Roadmap and the convergence plan totally disregards the Covenant and we, the Nation of Israel and our Rabbinic leaders have been deafeningly silent. No doubt the Rebbetzin is held in great esteem with the Bush Administration and this statement would ruffle some feathers. Yet as Mordechai told Esther "Mi Yodea im Leeis Hazos Higaat Lamalchut" And who knows whether it was just for such a time as this that you attained the royal position. I challenge the Rebbetzin to take this leadership rold of all the Rebbetzins to pursuade our respected Rabbanim to courageously take a clear position regarding the Covenant.

Batya said...

Robin, for me you're better than a rebbitzen!

Your report is so moving and important. You're right. They haven't a clue.

It's more important to prevent a tragedy than give presents to the victims.

Shabbat Shalom