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Sunday, May 7, 2006

violence to increase

The police violence against peaceful demonstrators at Amona was worse than our worst nightmares. This morning's new reports more police brutality, this time in Hebron. Newly sworn in PM Olmert considers patriotic Jews to be the country's greatest enemy.

Unfortunately, there are reports that the army is recruiting violent kids for special units to fight Jews. And at the same time, patriotic Jewish kids, especailly from the yishuvim will be kept out or restricted.

IMRA: It would appear that the IDF Manpower Division has embraced the notion that its primary objective in the coming years will be to fight Jews. The new policy adds another thing for the parents of children slated to enter the army in the coming year to worry about: an increased possibility that their children may find themselves in a unit with violent kids armed with weapons provided by the IDF.

IDF to recruit violent kids - exclude right-wing protesters

TEL AVIV [MENL] -- The Israeli military plans to significantly revise recruitment policy that would accept youngsters deemed as violent while exclude right-wing protesters.

Military sources said the army's Manpower Division has drafted new standards for recruitment, particularly in combat units, in wake of the Israeli military withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank in September 2005. They said the withdrawal has spawned a resistance movement against similar military operations in the West Bank that has been joined by hundreds of Jewish youngsters.

"We are expecting to turn away many people who are deemed unreliable and accept others who need a second chance," a military source said. "It a very controversial decision that even proponents say could backfire."

The sources said the new standards were meant to avoid the prospect that Israeli soldiers would refuse orders to destroy Jewish communities in the West Bank. They said the military would play the key role in the policy of Israel's new government to withdraw from at least 90 percent of the West Bank over the next three years.
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