Thursday, May 4, 2006


Over twenty years ago, after Menachem Begin's destruction of Yamit, along with the other Israeli communities and the gift of the Sinai to Egypt, he stopped all legal prosecution against the protestors and called a general amnesty and pardon. This was his attempt to heal the pain and schism in the nation.

Not all countries nor all politicians are so prompt to forgive. In the United States, the State of Montana has only now, 88 years after declaring 78 German-Americans as traitors, pardoned them. Of course, none of them are still alive, and the disgraceful and embarrassing stories have been hidden from most of their descendents. But they are officially pardoned for expressing their opinions.

Here in Israel, the prosecution and legal difficulties of the anti-disengagement demonstrators still goes on. Olmert, who, too seamlessly has taken over as Prime Minister, is not willing to legally pardon the anti-Disengagement demonstrators. That's because he wants to keep them mired in legal restrictions and "procedures," so that they won't be free to protest his Resettlement, Convergence, Plan. It's part of his tactics to frighten others away from the barricades. Unfortunately, it seems to be working, since I feel very alone out here trying to protest.

Olmert, raised in a Revisionist home and community, knows what it's like to live "imprisoned" due to political opinions, but instead of giving us freedom of speech and political activities, he has joined the jailers.

I wonder when the Israeli Government will officially, legally, pardon the anti-Disengagement Protestors and those arrested at Amona. And I wonder when, and if, we will ever be able to forgive the government.


beakerkin said...

Sadly I see a war on the horizon as Hamas and Iran are determined to push the envelope. No doubt the far left will do everything in its power to assure defeat.

If and when Israel and the United States are defeated it will be because of the Marxist enemies within. Communists and Anarchists are not Jews, Americans or Israelis. They are followers of a seditious idea that seeks revelutionary defeatgim to usher in their utopias. This has been the credo since Lenin.

Anonymous said...

You are not alone on the barricades!
We may be few, but we must not lose courage - as Adir Zik (z"l) used to say, a revolution starts with a small and dedicated minority.
With the help of G-d we will win.

beakerkin said...

I pray you are right Yoni.

Batya said...

Last night I was at a meeting David Bedein called to get people to start moving agaimst Olmert's Resettlement Plan.

There's lots to be done.