Sunday, May 14, 2006

Collective Insanity

The Jerusalem Post is suffering from some sort of "collective insanity" for publishing one of the most ludicrous wastes of good, healthy trees, so at least you can read Collective Punishment online, but not on a full stomach.

The "writer" makes the most ridiculous,inaccurate and libelous analogy, maligning and inciting against me and my neighbors.

If I could get my husband to agree to it, I'd stop buying the paper and just read it for free on the internet. Libel is the nicest word I can think of to describe those lies. I'd rather live without a paper newspaper than give those people any more of my money.



Esther said...

But what about Caroline Glick? Then again, I haven't read her much lately. She went postal against AIPAC and I know some of her facts were wrong, so it's making it hard for me to trust her other columns. OK, I'll boycott and remove their link from my blog!

Batya said...

She's one of the best there; though nobody's perfect.
But this "op-ed" is total slander. I wrote to their talkback and wonder if they put it up.

Batya said...

and I just checked
they didn't put up my comment!