Tuesday, May 23, 2006

backtracking, fishing or just playing poker?

Some of the most recent statement/links by Israeli government officials about how many yishuvim they want to destroy and how many tens of thousands of Jews they want to transfer, exile from their homes.

I'm included, yes?
I'm included, no?

Yes in terms of Shiloh being one of those on the first list and a few others. But now, when Olmert is discovering that the influential with the American President Bush consider him quite "mad," he's backtracking a bit, but it's probably just tactical. That's especially when he says those words we've heard before:

"It's to preserve... as part of Israel."

For those of us a bit long in the tooth (yes, I must see the dentist!) we remember very well how Menachem Begin insisted that he was giving Egypt the Sinai to keep Judea and Samaria in Israel's hands. And some of those very communities destroyed by Sharon and Olmert were the compensation, the replacements for those destroyed by Begin and Sharon (same guy.) Atzmona was destroyed twice already. Neve Dekalim was named for Moshav Dikla, and Avi Farchan of Alei Sinai was also a refugee from the Sinai.

How many times can they use the same line? Some people buy the Brooklyn Bridge once, but to buy it twice?

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