Sunday, May 21, 2006


Israeli high school seniors have been sending warnings to the government that they aren't planning on exiling, transferring Jewish citizens from their homes.

Last summer, during Disengagement we were "treated" to the sight of soldiers breaking down in tears as they pulled stoic citizens from their homes. We also saw synagogues full of praying Jews in both civilian clothes and army uniforms, arm in arm being pulled pulled apart by the government.

Today's youth is wiser. They know very well that the army can't survive as a fighting force without them. We have a small country, small population, and in recent years the bulk of the front line soldiers, certainly very disproportionate to the percentage of the nation as a whole, are coming from the "national religious sector." That's whether they're from Petach Tikva or Shiloh.

The most motivated soldiers are the ones who believe in G-d and country. If the government continues its policies it won't have a strong army. A strong army needs faith.

Our big problem is that the politicians are only out for themselves, "the me and the now."

They're putting us all in danger. I'm glad that the high school students aren't afraid of them.

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