Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Security? Kadima!?

Yesterday, the frequently attacked Israeli southern city of Sderot was visited by its "favorite son," labor leader and now Defense Minister Amir Peretz. He was accompanied by radical leftist Education Minister Yuli Tamir. They were there to inspect the damaged schools and to provide some government "spin."

Since the Sharon-Olmert Kadima Government exiled the Israeli Jews from Gush Katif and handed it over to the Arab terrorists, the Negev including Sderot have been frequently bombed by Arab-launched missiles. Just this week, a school was seriously damaged, miraculously not harming the students. Government aid was promised to reinforce the educational institutions in danger.

That's why those two ministers were in Sderot. But what do you think they said, when asked if the schools will be made safe, at least by the beginning of the new school year in September? "No way, get real." OK, maybe they used a euphemism, but that was the gist of their reply.

They can level a Jewish town in days, but they can't protect one, nor can they destroy terrorism. That's the new morality. That's Kadima, Olmert's political party which means "onward, progress."

There is opposition to Olmert and his policies in Israel and abroad. Here's more about it.

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