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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jordan, Israeli Ally or Dangerous Enemy

To be perfectly honest, I consider the Kingdom sic of Jordan to be one of the least secure countries in the world and the most in danger of Palestinian sic uprising/invasion. First let's quickly go over the history of the country. Quickly, because it is a rather new country which isn't based on history, culture or anything. Its invention was a unilateral move by Great Britain to pacify the Hashemite clan, which isn't at all native to the eastern side of the Jordan River.
With the Great Arab Revolt in 1916 and the consequent British invasion, the area came under Occupied Enemy Territory Administration in 1917 and with the British mandate of Transjordan in early 1920s, it became the Emirate of Transjordan under the Hashemite Emir. In 1946, independent Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was formed and shortly admitted to the United Nations and the Arab League. In 1948, Jordan fought with the newly born state of Israel over lands of former Mandatory Palestine, effectively gaining control of the West Bank and annexing it with its Palestinian population.
The result is a precarious stability, and considering that its present king is married to a woman whose family is from Shechem, when their son rules, if the kingdom lasts that long, there will be what's known as a "Palestinian" sic king.

There are those Israelis and Jews who want Jordan to be called "Palestine," sic, but I'm not among them. I consider it a very dangerous mistake. That's because it gives recognition to the faux people and their faux culture and fictional history.

For quite a few years, Israel has done its best to keep a peace with Jordan. For quite a few years after the 1967 Six Days War, the Israeli movers and shakers were convinced that Jordan would come begging for peace with Israel in exchange for the so-called "west bank," but that never happened. Jordan wasn't interested in fully annexing Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley and providing it with modern infrastructure. During the nineteen years of Jordanian occupation of the areas, there had been no development.

When Israel took over after the Six Days War, it discovered a totally backwards area. Even when we moved to Shiloh in 1981, and our phones were via the nearby Turmus Aiya village, the phones had local operators like in the very early twentieth century. Every night the villages went dark about 10pm, because they turned off their generators. Piped water and sewer systems were also built by Israel.

Jordan is in many ways between a a rock and a hard place. To stay viable, it needs to pacify the terrorists without allowing them power and stay western enough to get lots of foreign aid.

Even though it allows Israelis and Jews to tour, there is a lot of tension, and many Jews do not let people there know they are Jewish.

Remember that in 1967 Jordan did join with Syria and Egypt in a war to annihilate Israel. There still are influential Jordanians who want us destroyed.
Jordanian MP Calls for Terrorism Against ‘Filthy Jews’

My gut feeling is that the decision-makers actually want Israel to stay. That's not because they want a Jewish State, but because they can encourage the Hamas and Fatah Arab terrorists to attack Israel rather than attacking Jordan. For them we are the "buffer zone." That doesn't make Jordan a reliable ally or an ally at all.  But it also doesn't make Jordan a very dangerous enemy.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Palestinian Passport?

I feel like I was just hit by a heavy truck.

Call me dumb. Call me naive.

Honestly I never thought of travel documents for Arabs who live here and aren't Israeli citizens. Before June, 1967, they were Jordanians, right? Also, lihavdil/to differentiate, during the three years we lived in Israel before being official Israeli citizens we received a special travel document from Israel. Many of the Arabs who live here and aren't Israeli citizens are from other Arab countries, or their parents or grandparents came from other Arab countries. Nu, so don't they have citizenship from those countries?

Well, I should tell you what got me floored. I read the recent notice to American Citizens from the U. S. Embassy. It said that many American citizens in Gaza want to leave and are asking for help from the American Government. And to receive help, they must register with all sorts of documents. Among those documents is a "Palestinian passport number and validity."

According to Wikipedia:
Palestinian Authority Passport/Travel Document Arabicجواز سفر‎ (Jawaz Safar) is a passport/travel document issued since April 1995 by the Palestinian Authority to Palestinian residents of the Palestinian territories for the purpose of international travel.
The Palestinian Authority passport is available to anyone on production of a birth certificate showing that they were born in Palestine. What constitutes "Palestine" for this purpose is not clear. In practice only residents of areas under the Palestinian Authority jurisdiction can apply. Whether Palestinians born outside Palestine could apply for the passport is also not clear.[1]However, the passport issuance is subject to additional restrictions imposed by the Israeli government.[1] Israel asserts that the requirement is permitted for security needs under the Interim Agreement.[2] The United States regards the Palestinian Authority as not controlling its borders, with all persons entering Palestinian Authority controlled areas being required to obtain permission from Israel.[3]
This is what it looks like.

It shouldn't be confused with this old one, from the British Mandate.

During the British Mandate, the term "Palestinian" referred to Jews, not Arabs.

Elder of Ziyon
That should give you something to think about...

Shavua Tov, Have a Good Week!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Arabs, So-Called "Palestinians" Acting Sovereign! Beware!!

The monster aka "Palestine" sic, which has been recognized as a "state" by more countries* than you'd want to guess, is acting more and more like one. This is a very dangerous thing, and it's hard to say how to stop it from getting worse. The State of Israel seems to have lost control.

This morning I spotted an article in the Jerusalem Post that says:
Turkey establishing industrial zone in West Bank

“This will not only be an organized industrial zone, but a free zone as well, offering unique and massive advantages to all investors, whether they are Turkish, Palestinian or other,” Ahmet Sekeroglu, board chairman of TOBB-BIS, a Turkish industrial parks management company, told the Turkish Anadolu Agency. “Investors will not pay any taxes. Moreover, they will be getting significant support from Turkey, Germany and the US,” said Sekeroglu.

Exported products from the zone will not be subject to taxes or quotas to various countries, including the US, Germany, France, and Saudi Arabia, he said, adding, “the businesses will be insured by the World Bank, too.”

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Isik and PA Deputy Prime Minister and National Economy Minister, Muhammad Mustafa signed the memorandum. TOBB-BIS is going to construct the industrial zone with support from the German government. It is scheduled to be completed in 2015 and will employ 6,000 workers.
Now, I think that by now we should all know that Turkey is an enemy of the State of Israel and a strong dedicated supporter of terrorism against Israel. So, for them to be involved in a project which is based on recognizing the Palestinian sic terrorists as sovereign is no real surprise, but did you notice that Israel's so-called ally, the United States and Germany, which had been in the news recently with abridged headlines about Merkel "not recognizing Palestine**" sic are supporting this project?

weapons for Gaza sent on Turkish ship Mavi Marmara, Israel MFA
While the Israeli Government continues supporting the "two state solution," insisting that only it has the authority to make conditions and grant such independence, the rest of the world is going blithely ahead acting as if such a country really exists. They don't care about Bibi's conditions and restrictions. It's time for Israel to get real and stop this dangerous farce.

The idea of a "two state solution" is really a call for the destruction of the State of Israel. And nobody really cares or will help us.

* Countries recognizing the Arab terror faux state "Palestine" sic are more than ever.

Sweden announced that it will recognize the state of Palestine, becoming the first member of the European Union to do so.

But what is really disturbing is that 80 countries recognized the fake state in  , as soon as the idea had been broached by the terrorists. That just shows how much support they have and how little Israel has in the world.

**Merkel actually said:
"... Merkel on Friday rejected the idea of Germany recognizing Palestine as a state unilaterally, saying the Palestinians and Israel could solve their long-running conflict only through negotiations." (Jerusalem Post)
The key word here is "unilaterally," emphasis mine. That means that she isn't against recognition in principle.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

American Newscast Re:Har Nof Massacre, Obama's False Symmetry

Watch and listen:

How can we still negotiate to give the Arab terrorists a state in our Homeland?

Israeli Left Wants Communist/Socialist Dictatorship

Getting real, the only way that the demands of the Israeli Left can be met would be for Israel to become a communist dictatorship. Freedom and democracy make for the Israel of today.
Herzog: Netanyahu focusing on 'Jewish state bill' because he can't lower housing prices
"You talk more and more and more about nationality in order to avoid addressing the inability of the public to afford buying a house."
As anybody with half a brain knows, housing prices are the result of supply and demand, freedom and democracy. The government does not have any real direct control over these things. Isaac Herzog, Leftist Labor Party leader, knows this perfectly well, but as a Leftist campaigning to unseat Likud leader Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu, he goes for the popular headline grabbing demands which ignore reality.

Of course, there are steps the government can do to lower some housing prices, but the process would take a long time, and we all know that Herzog himself would vote against them.

To lower housing prices, there must be low priced building in places where Jewish Israelis would love to live, such as "E1," the connection between Jerusalem and Ma'ale Adumim, linked from a 2006 article.

In the not-too-distant past, Kashriel told The Report ("Growing to Jerusalem, June 14, 2004") that "Ma'ale Adumim was established to break Palestinian contiguity," adding that "Ma'ale Adumim necessarily cuts the West Bank in two." In March 2006, however, when Kashriel meets me in his office in the impressive city council building next to the city's shopping mall, his message has been recrafted, presumably to cause as little discord with the Americans as possible, and to try to persuade me, or them, that the Palestinian and American objections to Israeli building in E1 are unfounded.
The Palestinians, he asserts, have misleadingly persuaded the Americans that E1 will split the West Bank in two, now claiming that to "not true at all." Unfurling a large map, he points out the new road, from Anata to Al-Azariya, that will facilitate Palestinian north-south traffic, and which is due to be completed in a matter of months. More roads are planned to run around the barrier to the east, in the less than 20 kilometers of wilderness the Palestinians will theoretically have between the Ma'ale Adumim bloc and the Jordanian border.

That's to show how long Jerusalem has been strangled by the Israeli Left, which in all honesty cares more for American interests than Israeli needs. If they hadn't blocked E1, prices in the Jerusalem area would be much lower today.

A few hundred more units built each year in the Gush Shiloh (bloc) would easily be full and lower prices for those who want to be a half hour from both Jerusalem and the Tzomet Yarkon (Junction.)

My area is also very popular for those who want a more rural-suburban, warm community life and easy access to Ariel and the Jordan Valley, which is a couple of minutes' east of Shiloh.

In general, building for Jews in all of the popular places in Judea and Samaria would lower prices across the board in all of Israel. And of course schools, hospitals and medical centers should also be built. Building is less expensive in all of these areas. Now that there's a university in Ariel, a hospital should be built with the required medical school (and school for nursing,) since there aren't enough spots in the existing medical schools.

But in total contradiction to their headline-soundbites, the Israeli Left has done everything in its power to stop or severely limit building where people want to buy, especially people with limited means and strong patriotic convictions.

The Israeli Leftist "solutions" to the housing problem is anti-democratic and against the principles of freedom. In Jerusalem they want to usurp ownership and control of property used for vacationing by those who live abroad. They want to fine the owners for not living full-time in their legally bought homes. The Left has been demanding that these "empty" apartments be rented to students and young families for nominal sums. That's their "solution" to the high price of housing in Jerusalem. Only fascist dictators could dream something like that up. It reminds me, if you'll excuse the expression/terminology, of when Nazis forced Jews out of their homes and when communist officials offered exit visas to Jewish owners of luxury apartments. (That's how a neighbor of mine and her mother got out of Hungary in the 1950's.)

As the "pre-election campaign" heats up, Herzog and other Left leaders are taking cheap and anti-democratic jabs at Bibi. Now, you must know that I'm not a Likud voter. I hope that this campaign with galvanize the patriotic, pro-Land of Israel for Jews Right to run and win seats in the Knesset. At present there is no Right wing party in the Knesset. Naftali Bennett's NRP newly labeled  as Jewish Home, is a Center-Right which campaigned to be in the coalition, meaning that it is more Center than Right. And the Israeli political system is supposed to be like a bell curve, with official opposition on both the Right and Left.


We do not have an opposition party on the Right which skewers the Israeli Government to the Left, especially since Leftist Tsipi Livni is Netanyahu's Minister of Justice.

Leftist policies are based on heavy government interference, which frequently goes against public will. Most Israelis oppose Leftist solutions. The Israeli "silent majority" is on the Right, while the vocal media is on the Left. That's why the Left gets disproportionate time and headlines. G-d willing things will change for the better.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

So Much Ignorance About Israel...

When I was looking for something to write about just now, I saw the strangest article on Reuters. Now, Reuters isn't just some news site. It's supposed to be news source. Not all newspapers have the budget for staff and photographers to be stationed all over the world. Reuters is a valuable news service. I got really excited by this headline:
Israel's lurch to the right dims two-state peace prospects by Luke Baker
But then I read the article, and just now I heard Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's comments on television. That article makes no sense at all.

I just heard Bibi say that he "wants a Palestinian state. The Palestinians deserve a state."  I almost lost my dinner. Luke Baker, who wrote that Reuters article just doesn't understand the situation, the history, background nor politics in Israel.

As I've written before, many years ago, when I was the main spokesperson in Shiloh, I got to know quite a few foreign journalists. I'll never forget what one newspaper editor told me:
"I generally don't hire journalism majors; I prefer hiring people with degrees in History, Economics, etc. Any intelligent, educated person can learn how to write an article, but someone who majored in Journalism didn't learn facts, only writing techniques. They frequently don't understand what they're writing about."
The Reuters article not only incorrectly describes the Binyamin Netanyahu government as "right wing" but keeps on quoting a Menachem Klein, a professor of Israeli politics at Bar-Ilan University who says:
"This is the most right-wing government in Israeli history, much further to the right than the Menachem Begin or Ariel Sharon governments..."
That's utter hogwash. Has this Klein forgotten Disengagement? That was the epitome of the Arik Sharon era as Prime Minister. You certainly can't call him or his term of office "right wing." His government was far Left. And there is nothing Right in Bibi's government. What new communities has he established in Judea, Samaria or the Jordan Valley for Jews?  There haven't even been enough new housing starts for natural growth!

And as I've written many times, I, myself heard Netanyahu in person state that his aim was to run for Prime Minister as a Centrist and establish a Centrist coalition, which is what he did.

Baker, who wrote the Reuters article seems to have a think about Fatah's  Mahmoud Abbas. In Baker's words:
"...Mahmoud Abbas, the mild-mannered, soft-featured Palestinian president."
I guess that Baker doesn't bother listening to what Abbas says in Arabic. If Arabic isn't one of his languages I suggest he check out the Palestinian Media Watch, where he'll be able to discover what Abbas says when friendly foreign journalists aren't listening. (the following form PMW)
“Fatah, the Palestinian National Liberation Movement, justified the statements of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, who condemned the Jerusalem operation (i.e. the Jerusalem Synagogue massacre) yesterday. Fatah member of PA Parliament Najat Abu-Bakr said that those statements were made within a diplomatic context.

She said that President Abbas’ behavior at this time is the height of diplomacy, since he is not required to speak like everyone else, because he is responsible for the entire Palestinian people.

Abu-Bakr said today, Wednesday [Nov. 19, 2014], in an interview to Al-Quds Radio: ‘The Palestinian President is forced to speak this way to the world, (i.e. to condemn murder of four rabbis and one policeman in the Jerusalem synagogue) and these statements result from [his] responsibility for the Palestinian People.’” 
[Quds Net News Agency, Nov.19, 2014]
I suggest that Baker broaden his information base.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Palestinian History 101, Curriculum and Essay Question

This is no joke. This poster here is probably the most valuable thing ever produced by Dry Bones.

And to give Sha'i Ben Tekoa, author of Phantom Nation: Inventing the "Palestinians" as the Obstacle to Peace, deserved credit, he opened his session I attended a few months ago by asking the university students in attendance how many had taken a course in "Palestinian History." Of course, no hands went up.

Here's the basic curriculum for the Palestinian History Course, which is probably the easiest course offered, if offered any place:

  • date established
  • early leaders, king, emperor, president, prime minister...
  • capital city/cities
  • major cities
  • borders, old maps
  • language
  • religion
  • currency
  • summarize its rise and fall
  • Please answer: Why wasn't there a rebellion against the Hashemite invaders/occupiers in 1948-1967?
And now for the bonus essay question:
What is the impetus to the rise of "Palestine" as cause célèbre since 1967?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Community Alert: Christian Evangelicals Offering Shabbat Retreat for Har Nof Orphans

posted by JewishIsrael.com
[Note: The below alert is a joint statement of JewishIsrael and Jews for Judaism East]

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ) , whose core mission is to tell the world that jesus is coming back and to spread that word from Jerusalem, has launched a widely publicized online/email campaign to comfort and support the bereaved families of the Har Nof massacre.

ICEJ states that they are "determined to be a source of comfort and healing" for the traumatized families. The Jewish communities in Israel and throughout the Diaspora should know that ICEJ is equally determined to bring the "good news" of jesus to the Jews...more

Arab Terror Victims, Family and Friends, The Wound/Scar That Never Heals

Yesterday, Rosh Chodesh Kislev was the yartzeit, the Jewish Calendar anniversary of the killing/death of our Betar friend, Eli Solomon, HaY"D, 41 years ago. That death and the one of another Betar friend, Chuck Chaim Hornstein, HaYa"D, in the early moments of the 1973 Yom Kippur War brought us swiftly and brutally into the family"club" of Israeli bereaved.

At Mount Herzl Military Cemetery, where Eli and Chuck are buried.

At Mount Herzl Military Cemetery, where Eli and Chuck are buried.
Our Betar friends have established the annual visit to their graves as an important event to perpetuate friendship, which always impresses the young soldiers assigned to augment the minyan.

Just under a decade later, we got another "membership card" with the brutal murder of Aaron Gross, HaYa"d, in Hebron. I know his parents, grandparents (li'ilu'i nishmatam) and even some aunts and uncles, and now I also know some of his siblings.

Moshe Kenan, father of Avihu HaYa"D, who was killed in a badly planned IDF operation. Moshe has been  organizing events to memorialize Avihu, ever since the killing. Here he is speaking at the grave in the Shiloh Cemetery.

Over the years, the decades since, more and more people I've known have been murdered. I couldn't even attempt to list them all. Every family deals with death differently, some more publicly and others more privately. But the scars remain embedded forever.

In Shiloh our cemetery was inaugurated/established immediately after Rachella Druk's murder.

 Shiloh Cemetery with Rachella Druk's grave in foreground

We had never thought that it would be Rachella, HaYa"D, the young mother of seven, who would be the first to be buried in modern Shiloh. Since then, so many others, terribly younger and older than her have joined her in the cemetery. Those who are terror victims are all younger. Rachella, who so loved children, no doubt cares for them in Olam Haba, the Next World.

Just barely a week ago was the Har Nof Massacre, when fathers, grandfathers, sons, brothers, uncles, cousins and friends were murdered by Arab terrorists. There are still victims fighting for their lives in the hospital. Even if they survive, their scars will be both physical and mental. Their families and friends will have to learn to cope with, live with new realities. The community/neighborhood of Har Nof is now learning to deal with the fact that they are the front line.

Nobody is immune. No city or neighborhood is immune, whether in Israel or outside of the Holy Land.

Antisemitism, today's Nazism must be recognized and fought with every weapon possible. That is the only way to stop it.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Israel as Jewish State, What's The Problem?

Almost sixty-seven years ago, Israel was established as the Jewish State, not a Jewish State, simply because there is no other in the world. Lots of countries have official religions. Growing up in the United States of America, it was always clear that it is/was a Christian country.

All of the Christian Holidays are national American holidays. Schools are closed on those days. It used to be that stores were closed and bars even for most of their day of rest on Sunday so that all people, other than the police, firemen and hospital staff could be with their families.

Public schools had budgets for large religious Christmas displays when I was growing up. In my very Jewish neighborhood, Bayside, NY, the displays were either inclusive with Chanuka, too, or just snow-oriented.

When I moved to Great Neck, as a teenager, I was suddenly in a more Christian community. A teacher in Great Neck North complained that "it was much nicer before the Jews came." When we asked how she could say such a thing and why, she replied."
"The Jews stopped the beautiful Christmas pageants we used to have in the school."
No doubt, in schools without non-Christians, these were and may still be routine. There are many European countries that are officially Catholic, Christian etc. And there are many, many other countries officially Moslem, including all of Israel's neighbors, if I'm not mistaken. So why do we here in Israel feel it necessary to change our basic national status, to water down the Jewish element?

The Knesset is voting on various bills to give non-Jews more official status.
PM Netanyahu says the bill would enshrine full equality under law to all Israeli citizens regardless of race, religion or gender, while ensuring Israel's Jewish identity.
Let us continue as a Jewish State, and if anyone doesn't want that, they can leave!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

וְאֵלֶּה תּוֹלְדֹת Vi'eli Toldot, What a Week to Host a Double Blog Carnival...

וְאֵלֶּה תּוֹלְדֹת Vi'eli Toldot, And these are the generations...

And this is what happened this week, death, terror attack, deaths, shiva calls... This has been a very hard week for the Jewish People.

There will be blog posts about it all in this combined Parshat Toldot Havel Havelim and Rosh Chodesh Kislev Kosher Cooking Carnival.

I'd like to remind you to please remember to send in more links, best with a sentence describing the post. And also please volunteer to host. And most important is to share the carnivals, read, comment and share the included posts, too, thanks.

Remember, you don't have to be blogger to read and comment and share blog posts! Enjoy and Shavua Tov to all!
The Kosher Cooking Carnival is a monthly blog carnival about kosher food, kosher cooking, anything to do with kosher food. I started it many years ago when a post of mine was rejected by a food/recipe carnival that wanted to restrict that edition to ham. Like many if not all of the ancient enemies of the Jewish People, that blog carnival no longer exists, but we're still cooking!
Nowadays KCC is organized on our facebook page. You can sign up to host or find out who's hosting there. Or just write to me shilohmuse at gmail dot com. The editions generally appear around Rosh Chodesh, which is the first day of the Jewish Month. The Kosher Cooking Carnival is more than just a recipe carnival. It includes posts about all aspects of kashrut, what makes food kosher, custom, recipes and also cookbook and restaurant reviews, kosher of course.
Please check out the posts, read, comment and of course share them and this blog round-up.
Havel Havelim is the weekly international Jewish blog carnival that has been appearing well over a decade. It was begun by Soccer Dad who no longer blogs. He coordinated it for quite a while. Now we use our facebook page to coordinate and publicize it. That's where we sign up to host an edition (Hint! Hint!) and see the latest news. Join the page and become part of the community. Next week's host is Yocheved of It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry If I Need To, please send her your link with blurb to giveretgolani at gmail dot com, thanks, before Shabbat.
I'm starting with the sad stuff. When the week starts with the death of a friend, Charley Levine, you think it can't get worse, and then the next day, the day I went to Jerusalem to pay two shiva calls, one to the family of an older woman and the other to Charley's widow and children was the day of the Har Nof Massacre. May G-d give comfort to the families and refuah shleimah, complete and speedy recovery to the injured.

Paula Stern's article (I just can't use the "O" word) about Charley Levine, Z"L, Charley Levine....and the Lessons of his Life.
My memories of Charley,  Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet, Charley Levine, Z"L.
From his Betar friends, Charley Levine z"l

gathering  for funeral
I'd rather start with this personal post, rather than the more political.
From the Women in Kiruv site about the Har Nof Massacre,  The Kedoshim of כה חשון.
Yocheved's message Reality Check: Terrorism
Elianah-Sharon, Outrage! It's hard not to have a hair trigger reaction to such evil.
From the OU site:
The Har Nof Synagogue Attack: A Personal Account, by Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
Reflections from a Har Nof Neighbor, by Rebbetzin Chaya Tavin
Real Jerusalem Streets, Jerusalem Terror Too Close to Home
Haas Promenade in
Armon Hanaziv tens of thousands
 of Ethiopians gathered for
 their Sigd Holiday celebration.
From Rickismom, by attacking non-combatants, the Arabs are Showing Their True Faces
A Soldier's Mother, Disgusting BBC Response to Terror Attack
PAULASAYS They Never Took Three Steps Back
IMHO, The Brutal Har Nof Massacre Opens The Door to Clean Out The Temple Mount

Back to the more mundane.
Real Jerusalem Streets' photos bridge the joy and sadness of the week,  Shabbat Shalom: Bitter and Sweet.
Adventures of a Chief Rabbi, Beware the Peace Offering
Yocheved, Shmita is Good for Spiritual Health!
Jacob Richman, The Chanukah Page and over 500 Chanukah Videos
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Yes, I'm on the beer panel
Jewish Book Carnival, lots of book reviews of Jewish books, Step Right Up to the Jewish Book Carnival
From Miriam, My Blessing in Disguise…… Diabetes! Read her story, and if you need help, she'll help you.
Considering the anti-Israel atmosphere in American universities, I can see our international position getting progressively worse, G-d forbid, The Anti-Israel "Atmosphere" on American Campuses is Not Due to Ignorance
Doug, the Israeli boutique beer maven, Results of the Israel Brews and Views -- Porter Beer Tasting Panel, Talman -- the friendly face of brewing and Our first year. Yes, he has been blogging a full year. See his new banner!
Gadget for sale in Center 1, Jerusalem, Chop It Gadget
It seems ironic to use the words “Ronald McDonald” and “kosher” in the same sentence, but venture out to New Hyde Park, NY, and the two go hand in hand. A Taste Of Israel At Ronald McDonald House’s Kosher Kitchen
Ruti Eastman, Memories, and the effect one person can have another after more than 40 years, Elaine and the Soda Fountain.
Tzivia,If you're younger than a certain age, you might not know what JFK said about Israel, but you should. Find out in 9 mind-blowing quotes you've never heard about Israel and aliyah.
Are you ready for a wild ride? Author Rhonda Attar spins a mystical fable that brings out kabbalistic traditions for the Harry Potter generation. Is the book all it promises to be? Check out the MamaLand Review: Elisha Davidson, the kosher Harry Potter –?
Also from Tzivia, The family tree of grief – a quote
Tzivia bakes Janis Dohmann’s (and now my) Pecan Pie
Wisdom from Sharon, Stepping Back for a Sharper Vision
If you'd like to eat something most of us would never be able to cook at home, here's the place, Hamotzi המוציא A non-Shuk Restaurant near the Shuk.
It's hard to believe what happened to our old neighborhood, Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem, Has Sure Changed
Second time, just as good, Return to Gingi, Hadar Mall, Talpiyot, Jerusalem
Dry Bones sure proves the power of a picture:

Rewriting History

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You don't have to be a blogger to be part of our blogging community.
Please share this blog carnival to all, thanks.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Yes, Islamic Jihad Against Jews, Not Retaliation!

Caroline Glick got it so right in her latest article:
Responding to the slaughter

What we are seeing in Jerusalem today is not simply Palestinian terrorism. It is Islamic jihad. No one likes to admit it.... (read her entire article)
There is no sensible, logical, intelligent, humane rationale for the total brutality of the Arab terrorists who slaughtered praying Jews in the Har Nof synagogue this week.

Unfortunately, dangerously there are Arabs wandering, working, walking freely in all Jewish cities. Having Israeli citizenship, the blue ID card does not stop an Arab from being a terrorist. Working with Jews and getting full civil, religious rights, enjoying all of the social benefits, the excellent medical care etc. does not stop the Arabs from massacring Jews, not in the street, bus stops, trains, buses or the synagogues.

The two Arab terrorists who massacred innocent Jews at the Har Nof synagogue were part of the neighborhood in that they worked there. They didn't look suspicious. Nobody could have predicted that they'd take weapons to work and attack and murder Jews in the most brutal way possible.

Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon / GPO / Flash 90
photo credit

There was no "trigger" to their murderous violence. There was no easily preventable cause. Arab society on the whole celebrates these murders of Jews and worships the terrorists.

Masked Palestinians hold knifes and axes as they celebrate an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, in front of a poster of attackers Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal, during a rally in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on November 18, 2014 ©Said Khatib (AFP)

It will take generations for there to be a real improvement in Arab society. Every time a country shows support for Arab "Palestine," recognizing it, sending the PA or Gaza aid they are aiding and abetting Arab jihad aka terrorism. The United Nations is the worst of the worst when it comes to fairness and objectivity. Its UNRWA is the most dangerous organization in that it has perpetuated the Arab war against Israel for sixty-six 66 years already.
 UNRWA Antisemitism in New PA Schoolbooks used in UNRWA schools: 2001-2014
This jihad won't stop until we recognize the source and counteract it.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Anti-Israel "Atmosphere" on American Campuses is Not Due to Ignorance

Tonight there was a news clip on Israeli television about the terrible anti-Israel atmosphere and worse on American campuses. It was blamed on ignorance, but that is not the cause.

The anti-Israel "atmosphere," I can't think of a better word, is not do to ignorance. It's due to something much more insidious. It's due to antisemitism, which goes hand and hand with the pro-Arab and pro-Palestine ideology that pervades international academia.

At an anti-Israel protest in Boston, July 2014, pro-Palestinian activists surrounded several Israel supporters, hurling insults and allegedly physically assaulting pro-Israel students (photo credit: Elan Kawesch/The Times of Israel) Read more at: http://spme.org/campus-news-climate/pro-israel-students-assaulted-boston-protest/18135/ | SPME

As part of the typical wishful thinking of many Israelis, like the fact that the government keeps on trying to negotiate with the Arab terrorists for a "peace treaty."

Considering that it's impossible to convince an antisemite to change his stripes. I think that the only thing is to call a spade a spade, tell the antisemite that he/seh is one. Tell him/her that antisemitism is the epitome of racism, totally immoral and therefore you have no respect for such a person.

Many Recent Terror Victims USA Citizens, But Obama Condemns Construction

Even though many, if not most, of the recent victims of Arab terror attacks have been American citizens, the United States Government hasn't hushed their condemnation of building homes for Jews in Jerusalem. I'd say that the American Government's reactions to Arab terrorism shows a disproportionate sympathy with Arabs over Jewish life, freedom, religious rights etc.
According to ReutersState Department spokesman Jeff Rathke stressed Washington's "clear and consistent opposition to construction activity in East Jerusalem."
"During this sensitive time in Jerusalem, we would see such activity as inconsistent with the goal of lower tensions and seeking a path toward peace," he added. (Arutz 7)
What reactions to this have there been in the USA?

A photo I took in Har Chomah a couple of years ago
A photo I took in Har Chomah a couple of years ago

Any normal country would be more concerned about condemning the terrorists who murdered its citizens but not the United States Government. It's totally focused on blaming Israel in a classic case of "blaming the victim."

The United States isn't a "normal" country. Its President, Barack Hussein Obama has made it clear that his aim in life is to facilitate the establishment of a Palestinian State in the Land of Israel, in the land that Israel liberated in the 1967 Six Days War.

Phantom Nation: Inventing the 
"Palestinians" as the Obstacle to Peace
Obama is fixated on the lie that there had been a State of Palestine sic which Israel took over/attacked and now occupies. The fact this this has absolutely no historic basis doesn't bother him one iota. Read Sha'i Ben Tekoa's Phantom Nation: Inventing the "Palestinians" as the Obstacle to Peace.  No doubt that once he's the "former president" he'll join with the unabashedly anti-Israel Jimmy Carter to work with and support the Arab terrorists who are trying to destroy the State of Israel.

Even though I was born in the United States and do have American citizenship and passport, I've lived in Israel since 1970 and do not see myself as an American citizen in terms of having the right to protest directly to the USA government. So I ask those of you who do have active American citizenship, meaning that you live and work and vote in the US, to protest to your Senators and Congressmen and your president about their policy which excuses murder of Jews and condemns building.

And don't forget that Jonathan Pollard is still jailed, thirty years, as the only condemned spy for an ally, while enemy spies have been released.

No justice for Jews in America!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pictures from Har Nof Massacre, Brutal but Protecting the Dignity of Dead and Wounded

Just like at the best of the Holocaust memorials, you must see what one doesn't want to look at.

Brought to you by My Israel

"Calm" is The Worst Reaction We Could Have to The Har Nof Massacre!

United States President Barack Hussein Obama's prescription, his statement in response to the Har Nof Massacre by Arab terrorists is totally off-topic, detrimental to the peace and security of Jews in Israel and implies that Israelis are equally guilty.
"At this sensitive moment in Jerusalem," the president said, "it is all the more important for Israeli and Palestinian leaders and ordinary citizens to work cooperatively together to lower tensions, reject violence, and seek a path forward towards peace."
"This is a tragedy for both nations, Israel and the United States," Obama said "Too many Israelis have died. Too many Palestinians have died."
Jerusalem risks entering a ""spiral from which it is very difficult to emerge," he added, noting patterns of violence he has witnessed across the Middle East as president. "The majority of Palestinians and Israelis overwhelmingly want peace."(Jerusalem Post)
I hope you read that carefully. Obama is no friend of the Jewish People!

  • It's clear that Obama equates Israelis and Arabs as equal sufferers of "violence."
  • As we all know his statement that  "The majority of Palestinians ... overwhelmingly want peace." can't be backed up by any facts or opinion polls. 
  • And he mentioned the "peace claim" by listing first the Arabs before the Jews....
  • This isn't a "spiral" of violence. Our acts don't cause the Arabs to attack us. 
  • Normal police action isn't the same as terrorism!
We must not "lower tensions" because that will not stop Arab terrorism!
We must very clearly remember what the Arab terrorists are capable of, and we must remember that they are planning more attacks.

Also outrageously "mistaken" is the BBC presenter who got MK Minister Naftali Bennett to put down a photo of the massacre. He should have responded by holding it higher, since as anyone who has visited Yad Veshem and other effective Holocaust memorials know, visual evidence is extremely convincing.

A victim of the Jerusalem synagogue terror attack lies wrapped in a prayer shawl and tefillin. Photo: Twitter.

For those who still think that Arab terrorism against Israelis and Jews is just a local Israeli problem, look at this brilliant cartoon I found on facebook:

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Brutal Har Nof Massacre Opens The Door to Clean Out The Temple Mount

Just before I got home I received this message on my smartphone:
please post something!!!
About today's pogrom in Har Nof! My emotions are too heavy, I can't write, I'm crying all day & night. Innocent men going to pray to Hashem, slaughtered like sheep, by savage animals who the world thinks deserves to take over our Land! I mean, how sick is that??? Are we back in Nazi Germany???
I wasn't home today, which is the reason I didn't get to write about the Har Nof Massacre, which I guess is the best name to call the brutal murder of innocent men praying or on their way to or from prayers by Arab terrorists. This sort of massacre, so incomprehensible for all peace-loving, tolerant people must become the Kristallnacht, the Bombing of Pearl Harbor in the saga of Israeli-Arab relations.  Those two attacks were game-changers, and the best reaction to the vicious murderous terror attack this morning should be that the State of Israel makes a swift and strong change in policy.
Worshipers were cut down as they prayed
Israeli Government Press Office
Off with the gloves, and off with the dangerous western mollycoddling of sociopathic Arab terrorists. 

"The time has come..." is not quite the most accurate way of starting what I want to say, because in all honesty, we should have done it years, decades ago. Ahh hah, what's the "it?"

The "it" is to take full sovereignty over Har HaBayit, the Temple Mount, the holiest place in the entire world for Jews. In the time of the Holy Temple, there were workers, repairmen on staff. So now, we must have Israeli police and soldiers taking full control of security. They must empty it totally of Arabs, Muslims, non-Jews and clean it totally, yes, including the mosques there. The Arab terrorists and their supporters all over the Arab and Moslem world have proven by their support of the murder of innocent Jews in a synagogue, no less, that they are not morally qualified to have any power on our holy site. And by murdering in a synagogue, and previous Arab terror attacks on yeshivot and other holy places, they have made it clear that they do not respect the holiness of houses of prayer. Since that's the case, we should take it very seriously.

Arabs in Jerusalem wield axes and guns in a macabre ceremony celebrating the attacks Reuters
Please, before anyone says that we'd be "doing the same..." Utter poppycock!" Searching for and cleaning out weapons and incendiaries from a mosque is not the same as invading a synagogue with weapons in order to murder and injure innocent people. Get real!

During this cleaning process, let Jews up to Har HaBayit for prayer, and yes, there can be security inspections. Actually there should be inspections to make sure that nobody is disguising themselves as a Jew and trying to bring in more weapons.

The friend who sent me that note compared the attack to a pogrom and Nazi Germany. And just like although the Zionist Movement began to bring back Jews to the Holy Land many decades before the Declaration of the State of Israel, many people push the theory that we have a state because of the Holocaust. In this case, too, we can use the Har Nof Massacre to explain/rationalize/justify clearing the mosques and totally changing the conditions for any non-Jew who wants to go to the Temple Mount.

Some people may not like what I'm saying and even justify their position by claiming that the Jews killed, injured and attacked today don't support my position that there must be a Jewish presence on the Temple Mount. 

We are now almost a half a century since the 1967 Six Days War when we liberated Har HaBayit from foreign rule, and it is extremely important for the Jewish People, the Jewish Leaders, including the religious leaders to understand what a game-changer that war was. Until a relatively short time ago, when we're discussing the thousands of years of Jewish History, it was perfectly acceptable for Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. Most of the area is Herod's Extension, where there is no problem for Jews to be according to most experts. 

I have a very firm, immovable belief that only a policy like this will bring the Moshiach. G-d plays matching funds with us. When we give, G-d gives. And therefore we must clean up Har HaBayit first. G-d willing, speedily in Our Days....

Second Temple Model by Catriel Sugarman 

Second Temple Model by Catriel Sugarman