Sunday, November 16, 2014

USA- The Power of a "Lame Duck President"

Obama pushing through his agenda.
There's a lot of anger in the United States about Barack Hussein Obama's use of power, or abuse of power as president.

GOP mulls options to stop Obama from acting alone on immigration, with spending bills now in play

When I was in school, yes half a century ago, I was very impressed when learning about the beauty of the principle of "balance of power," meaning that the three branches of government, executive, legislative and judicial each have "equal vote" on laws. You need the agreement of two out of three to make a law. We never, ever learned of "executive power," that the president can override the majority, the legislature and the the courts.

Obama says he will take action on immigration by year's end

After following many stories of how people have tried to legally immigrate to the United States like Hadassa with her sons and Chaviva's husband, I don't see the morality in Obama's making it easy for those who illegally invaded the USA. All I can say is that it's typical, consistent with Obama and the Democratic versus democratic values of the Left, the Liberals who aren't liberal.

OK, full-time Americans, is this constitutional?


goyisherebbe said...

The constitution was written by people with a Biblical heritage, but it is not a sanctified document which is not capable of change. It is very unfair and unwise to ignore it rather than going to states and the people and either amending provisions or having a full-blown constitutional convention as the constitution provides. When the judges who have little or no respect for the constitution tell you what they say it means and it doesn't mean that at all, you feel like you are being had. Truth is being violated. The horse and buggy provisions such as waiting until Jan. 20 after a November election to inaugurate a president should be done away with. Ambassadors are no longer the important figures in foreign relations that they once were because of enhanced transportation and communication. The tax system has gotten way out of hand in complexity. The accountants and lawyers should be cut down to size by simplification of the legal framework.

Batya said...

goyish, the original inauguration date was in March, but the time was shortened to the January one since travel got faster. I doubt if they'd make it earlier, because the USA is Christian and they need time to plan and celebrate their holidays.