Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Brutal Har Nof Massacre Opens The Door to Clean Out The Temple Mount

Just before I got home I received this message on my smartphone:
please post something!!!
About today's pogrom in Har Nof! My emotions are too heavy, I can't write, I'm crying all day & night. Innocent men going to pray to Hashem, slaughtered like sheep, by savage animals who the world thinks deserves to take over our Land! I mean, how sick is that??? Are we back in Nazi Germany???
I wasn't home today, which is the reason I didn't get to write about the Har Nof Massacre, which I guess is the best name to call the brutal murder of innocent men praying or on their way to or from prayers by Arab terrorists. This sort of massacre, so incomprehensible for all peace-loving, tolerant people must become the Kristallnacht, the Bombing of Pearl Harbor in the saga of Israeli-Arab relations.  Those two attacks were game-changers, and the best reaction to the vicious murderous terror attack this morning should be that the State of Israel makes a swift and strong change in policy.
Worshipers were cut down as they prayed
Israeli Government Press Office
Off with the gloves, and off with the dangerous western mollycoddling of sociopathic Arab terrorists. 

"The time has come..." is not quite the most accurate way of starting what I want to say, because in all honesty, we should have done it years, decades ago. Ahh hah, what's the "it?"

The "it" is to take full sovereignty over Har HaBayit, the Temple Mount, the holiest place in the entire world for Jews. In the time of the Holy Temple, there were workers, repairmen on staff. So now, we must have Israeli police and soldiers taking full control of security. They must empty it totally of Arabs, Muslims, non-Jews and clean it totally, yes, including the mosques there. The Arab terrorists and their supporters all over the Arab and Moslem world have proven by their support of the murder of innocent Jews in a synagogue, no less, that they are not morally qualified to have any power on our holy site. And by murdering in a synagogue, and previous Arab terror attacks on yeshivot and other holy places, they have made it clear that they do not respect the holiness of houses of prayer. Since that's the case, we should take it very seriously.

Arabs in Jerusalem wield axes and guns in a macabre ceremony celebrating the attacks Reuters
Please, before anyone says that we'd be "doing the same..." Utter poppycock!" Searching for and cleaning out weapons and incendiaries from a mosque is not the same as invading a synagogue with weapons in order to murder and injure innocent people. Get real!

During this cleaning process, let Jews up to Har HaBayit for prayer, and yes, there can be security inspections. Actually there should be inspections to make sure that nobody is disguising themselves as a Jew and trying to bring in more weapons.

The friend who sent me that note compared the attack to a pogrom and Nazi Germany. And just like although the Zionist Movement began to bring back Jews to the Holy Land many decades before the Declaration of the State of Israel, many people push the theory that we have a state because of the Holocaust. In this case, too, we can use the Har Nof Massacre to explain/rationalize/justify clearing the mosques and totally changing the conditions for any non-Jew who wants to go to the Temple Mount.

Some people may not like what I'm saying and even justify their position by claiming that the Jews killed, injured and attacked today don't support my position that there must be a Jewish presence on the Temple Mount. 

We are now almost a half a century since the 1967 Six Days War when we liberated Har HaBayit from foreign rule, and it is extremely important for the Jewish People, the Jewish Leaders, including the religious leaders to understand what a game-changer that war was. Until a relatively short time ago, when we're discussing the thousands of years of Jewish History, it was perfectly acceptable for Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. Most of the area is Herod's Extension, where there is no problem for Jews to be according to most experts. 

I have a very firm, immovable belief that only a policy like this will bring the Moshiach. G-d plays matching funds with us. When we give, G-d gives. And therefore we must clean up Har HaBayit first. G-d willing, speedily in Our Days....

Second Temple Model by Catriel Sugarman 

Second Temple Model by Catriel Sugarman 


yitz said...

WOW, Batya, what a fantastic idea & beautifully written. After a VERY trying day, after four of my neighbors were killed, leaving 4 widows, 24 orphans, 20 grandchildren & countless friends & family behind, this was a very soothing reaction to it all! Thanks so much for posting this!

Feige Rochel said...

Batya, I am torn between anger and grief!
We Israelis have long dreamed of living in peace with our Arab neighbors.It is hard to let go of such a dream, however, there is no choice.
One of the attackers worked for the synagogue the other worked in a minimarket across the street. This was a plan, they knew what they were doing and it was not about freedom for the "Palestinian" people. It was to kill people they hated-Jews. Not settlers,Chareidim, JEWS!
With this attack I hope it is clear to every Jew in Israel (including Livni and Lapid)that they want to kill us. I hope this massacre makes it clear to every Jew, no matter what their politics,that Arabs ALL Arabs want us dead. there is nothing we can do to make them happy.
What we must do is BE JEWS! We must have our country, free of Arabs (and anyone else who wants to destroy us)
We must train ourselves in self defense use of weapons,if nothing else carry pepper spray! We must protect ourselves. Let them know that any attack on their part will be met with 10 times their attack.
Did you see the story about several armed Arabs entering a yeshivah to do the same thing to yeshivah students? The potential attackers were met with pepper spray and they "saved the day."
No other country would put up with this type of rampant terror. Maybe I am wrong, the French are fleeing France in droves, I imagine the Ukrainians would be fleeing if they could get out.
those courageous Non-Jews who are being targeted, murdered, beheaded, raped are fighting back with very little support in the whole world, including the USA.
Anything we do that is in the best interest of Israel and Israelis will be deemed as WRONG. So why not do what is best for us. What are our leaders not getting? Why are they indulging in ghetto mentality?
Take over Temple Mount, why not, there is already rioting going on. All the Arab leaders are watching their backs (and their monarchies) to prevent the take-over of ISIS.
Annex Judea and Samaria.Maybe we should build back the walls that Arabs lived behind before 1967 when they couldn't visit their families(maybe that wasn't a bad idea).
Terrorists that kill Jews should be killed. They violated the civil rights of Israelis (Jewish and Non-Jewish).
Maybe blowing up all those tunnels that were found when we were looking for "Our 3 Sons", blow up the houses they were found in, arrest the people living in the houses and blow up houses where weapons were found.
Batya, it takes alot of energy, alot of commitment with too many Israelis leaving to find work in Europe, too many Israelis who think that keeping their stores open on Shabbat will earn them more money, and (correctly maybe) too many Israelis that have too much war and who "want to be like everyone else."
What we are seeing all over the world is proof that we CANNOT be like everyone else.No matter how secular and open-minded and caring and just we are, People all over the world want us dead.
If that is not going to happen we have to fight back in the media, take back our Knesset, we have to be proud we are Jews. We have to act like Jews.
One person told me,"its easy to fight with other people's blood." The people who will be fighting will be my grandchildren, my friends, my friend's children. As for me, I am 64, but will do anything the State of Israel asks me(not the big no-nos okay) so I can help the very people who are protecting me. I have no intention of returning to the USA. I am safer here! Here we are family. This is my family. This is my country. We are in desperate times that call for desperate solutions.
Am Yisroel Chai!!!!!

NormanF said...

People think the Arabs hate Zionists.

Newsflash for them: they didn't seek out secular Jews in Israel.

They wanted to butcher Jews at prayer and pious rabbis were particular game for their murderous rampage.

Its a war on Judaism. What does a synagogue in Har Nof have to do with Zionism?

A Zionist is not perceived by Arabs as a threat. But a pious Jew who prays to G-d is so dangerous to them he must be cut down where he is standing.

The Arabs have sent a message: its not the Temple Mount, or settlements or the Israeli army that disturbs them.

Jews who have emunah - who are close to G-d provoke them in a way like no one else on earth does. You can explain anti-Zionism in logical terms. This is impossible with anti-Semitism.

Its more than even a pogrom. Its a religious war, a total war upon Judaism. In the past couple of weeks to today, we have come full circle, indeed.

That is what today's horrific, indescribable and indelible images of the massacre at Har Nof should impress upon all of us. The Arab hatred of Jews is grasping, complete and ugly to an extent never seen on this earth.

Jews have to decide how to respond to it. After today, it couldn't be any clearer.

Unknown said...

Not only do the Arabs want you frauds dead but the black Hebrew peoples on whom land you occupy. Peoples don't hate you peoples because you are Jews, they hate you because you are not. Much food for thought. Yeshua, I am for real.

yehonatan said...


I am completely in disagreement with what you write. The threats to the Al Aqsa Mosque by people like you and the arson attack a couple of days ago presumably by your near Jewish neighbours on a village Mosque very near to where you live on Arab land seem to me to be the provocations that have led to the horrible murders in Har-Nof.

I expect you will edit this message and not show it on your blog as people like you are not very democratically minded. At least you will read it.


Yonatan Shmuel

Batya said...

yitz, Norman and Feige Rochel, I'm glad I hit the right note for you. This is a very serious problem we are having, and we must do what's best for us. That is the only way to solve it. Trying to please those who really don't care if we live or die isn't going to help.

As for Yonatan Shmuel and chalklite7, you have it completely wrong.

About clearing the weapons etc from Temple Mount, any normal country would have done it long ago and have stopped the unlimited access we give the Arabs.

Yonatan said...

Yehonatan, the mosque fire is suspected to be an electrical fire. "Our threats to the al asqa mosque"? What threats? Oh, you mean that we want to peacefully walk up to the mount and bow our head in prayer - without going into the mosque at all. That's a real threat. Take your hate elsewhere.

Batya said...

Yonatan, amen!

Sammy Finkelman said...

There's an attempt to convert this into a religious war. There's even an ISIS affiliated terror group in the Sinai now that calles itself Ansar Beit al0Mikdash.

Does that mean what I think it means?

Anyway I tend to suspect Iran is behind this and with its double-dealing ally, Qatar, and others, has spent a lot of money getting this thing going.

I would recognize that the hand of God is outstreched AGAINST rebuilding the Temple (because we're not good enough to be a symbol of everything that is right)

And the temple is supposed to be house of prayer for all people, that is, accepted by all, and that's clearly not in the cards right now.

But full credit for forbearance, instead of accusations, must be given. Insisting on that is the right approach to take. This will help a great deal.

Sammy Finkelman said...

The secularists don't want to do anything anyway, so, for the molst part, they don't insist on or even notice this point, but Netanyahu has started to say something. Which is good.