Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When in Jerusalem, Israel's Evangelical Pilgrims Feast, Prey and "Love"

Posted by JewishIsrael.com

In this Post-Feast report, which includes an extensive and disturbing video sampling, JewishIsrael covers some of the "Christian Zionist" and "interfaith" events and activities that took place in Israel over the recent Jewish holidays.
JewishIsrael feels that the Chief Rabbinate, which issued a ban on Jewish participation in an ICEJ sponsored prayer vigil last month, was more than justified in its concerns. We ask that our readers please take the time to view the related video clips and excerpts...more

Houston, we have a problem…in Israel

JewishIsrael’s Content and Research Director, Ellen Horowitz, will be in Houston from November 7-10th to discuss and take a critical look at “How Evangelical love and support is impacting Israeli society”.   
Those in the Houston Jewish community who are interested in hearing about this challenging issue, or booking an event, should contact JewishIsrael’s North American Advisor, Shannon Nuszen, at shannon@jewishisrael.com

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Ellen, thanks so much for posting this! Tizki limitzvot.