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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Talking of Intifada 1 2 3

Yes, the title barely makes sense, since it's a take on the movie title "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3."
Armed men hijack a New York City subway train, holding the passengers hostage in return for a ransom, and turning an ordinary day's work for dispatcher Walter Garber into a face-off with the mastermind behind the crime.
Honestly, I never quite understood the numbering of the intifada aka Arab terrorism which has plagued Israel for decades, even before the establishment of the State of Israel.

A simple reading of Modern History of Jewish Life in the Land of Israel, let's take it from the 19th century onward will show that there has always been terror attacks against Jews. And I have no doubts that similar types of attacks also happened in earlier centuries, just like antisemitic attacks happen today to Jews all over the world. It's just that about thirty years ago (sorry but don't have the time to check with Professor Google for an exact date) someone began calling the rock attacks on Jewish vehicles, which was happening a lot, "intifada." But there had been similar attacks on our roads before then.

Granted, they do happen in waves. Car owners in Judea and Samaria can get government paid reinforced windows for their cars that won't shatter if hit by rocks. This safety service has been available for years. There have been times of relative quiet, when the special windows weren't free or only free in some areas. Prior to that people used to paste clear plastic to reinforce the windows to keep the glass from injuring passengers. This was also used on the buses.  And before that there were many more injuries. Local doctors became adept at removing tiny pieces of glass from eyes with adhesive tape. One of my children had to endure that after a rock attack on the way home late one night.  The following morning I took her to a Jerusalem eye doctor and met neighbors there for the same type of injury.

The reason I don't like this numbered labeling of "intifadas 1 2 3" is that I have absolutely no memory of the Arab terrorists ever announcing that they ended terrorism. To me this is a long, ongoing situation that must be destroyed at its source.

  • Everyone, Israelis and foreigners alike, who find excuses to rationalize the terror attacks must be convicted of incitement against public order. There is no excuse for the justification of murder. 
  • All Arab terrorists, whether they succeeded in killing or injuring Israelis or not, must be executed, either on the spot instead of being captured, tried and imprisoned. It would be better than arresting them. They should be given immediate death penalty, no appeal allowed.
  • The homes of the terrorists must be destroyed and their families must be forced to leave the country and not allowed to return.

Nov. 5, 2014: An Israeli fire fighter walks at the scene of an attack in Jerusalem. A Palestinian man rammed his car into a crowded train platform in east Jerusalem on Wednesday and then attacked people with an iron bar, killing one person and injuring 13 in what authorities called a terror attack before he was shot dead by the police. The militant Islamic group Hamas took responsibility for the attack. (AP)

Anyone who thinks this terrorism can be restricted to Jews in the HolyLand are seriously delusional. First of all, and not for the first time, the Israeli killed by yesterday's Arab terrorist in Jerusalem was a Druse, not a Jew. And Dry Bones recent cartoon puts the message that Hamas Arab terrorism is spreading perfectly:

Dry Bones


Unknown said...

Batya, this is a clean edited version- can you remove the one up there now--thanks
I have three solutions to stopping the violence today in our Capital City
I would love to see the Jews of Judea and Samaria armed, a couple 100,000 pistols and rifles in the hands of Jews, so that the Arabs think twice about attacking Jews. As for the intifada, dont use it-'t is an arab term, no point adopting their terminology. I call it arab riots, or war- and it is as you say nonstop war--- The PA is at war with us and they need to be treated as an enemy. The G-d's truth is that we never won the War of Independence. and more importantly, WE HAVE STILLl NOT ESTABLISHED OUR RIGHTS TO BE THERE.
Until we do this, and it will take maximum efforts by our government and IDF, the killings of Jews will continue. At a warped speed.
The left has made a fundamental mistake- they have acted as if our rights to be in Judea and Samaria, and Jerusalem are conditional on the acceptance of others. i.e. we need someone's agreement that we need can live there. In the lefts mind, we are not sovereign .
The Solution One: For the war being waged today, we must checkpoint all Arab cities until this matter is corrected. This means NO ARAB DRIVES on an Israeli road with Arab plates. PA plates must be banned until there is an agreement to stop attacking us.
Also we have to stop the incitement These attack are being orchestrated by nonstop incitement by Abbas and Hamas. Also, they are NOT spontaneous.
Solution 2: Throw the WAKF off the Temple Mount , then throw Abbas off the West Bank (Judea Samaria) . Kill the top Hamasniks in Gaza. Why? Because both Abbas and Hamas are in coordination and are proposing to launch a religious war against us by taking the Temple Mount. Throw them out first. If you listen to all of them, including the King of Jordan, they are conspiring and working in concert against Israel.
One of the unintended consequences of leaving the Hamas alive in Gaza after the Gaza siege this summer is that they are now able to organize and cause rioting on the Judea Samaria and in our own capital, Jerusalem. This possibility was not considered or discussed by Benjamin Netanyahu publicly when he ended the war against Hamas prematurely. For good reasons that are obvious today he kept this public from the Israeli citizens. Perhaps he didn't realize that he subsequently empowered Hamas politically - and that Hamas is now a successful idea.
The Arabs have figured out that they will not get anything by negotiation, so they have decided to do the next best thing, attack Jews. .
Solution three, throw them all out and annex the lands, A b and C.
As far as the treaty with Jordan goes, having them in control of the Temple Mount by Jordan is not worth it. They have not maintained peace there, and have gone so far as to forbid Jews their human rights. Hence, they are of no value to us. If there is a Peace Treaty with Jordan, why have they fomented war with us?. They have already broken it!. Last week Bibi was running over there in secret to make nice to Husseein. This was a mistake. Appeasement is a mistake. Tolerance of violence is a mistake. Peace as the left called for is a mistake. .

Anonymous said...

To Debby:
The problem is not a lack of practical solutions but political will. The Knesset is largely controlled by the Ultra orthodox extreme left (Supreme Court (which controls the whole court system and the police) and the Media) and the court of international opinion. This is why our government won't take appropriate action. There was a molotov cocktail attack just today on a police post,trying to burn it down and the orders given were not to defend themselves, but only to arrest suspects. But in the meantime the officers can be burnt alive.
This is just one example of the problem.

As for the left's "fundamental mistakes": they are not mistakes. The extreme left is at war with Jewish Israel. Gush Katif was a war on the settlers. They sent an army! As the other side didn't fight back it passed peacefully. But it was still a war to break religious Jews. The left has many tactics. To prevent themselves from being outnumbered by religious Jews, they brought non Jewish Russians to Israel. That didn't pan out so well for them, as those "communists" turned out to be pretty right wing (They put Lieberman in the Knesset!). So now its the Sudanese, and the conversion law so they can flood the country with goyim. As you can see they have lots of tricks up their sleeves and will stop at nothing.

Until Moshiach comes, hopefully today, what we need is a change in the power structure in Israel, so that we have a truly representative democracy and an end to the ultra left stranglehold on all state organs.
The Moshiach option is of course infinitely better.

Batya said...

You both have good points. I"m too tired to go into much right now, but I must say that I believe that it's not a matter of the moshiach coming. I'm sure he/she is or has been here frequently. The problem is that the Jewish People ignore him/her. For sure he/she was here in June, 1967, but fled when Har Habayit was given to the Muslims.